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A few brief and spoilery thoughts on this episode under the cut.

Things and Spoilers )
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Hey folks, I just found out (probably very belatedly, knowing me) that John Hightower's Jumpnow.de has disappeared / gone private, and taken its extremely useful Adronato glossary with it. I can probably muddle through on my own records / memory as much as I'm currently writing B5 fic, but someone over on Ao3 asked whether I knew of any mirrors, copies, or alternatives that might be available... and I admit that I'd love to just have a record of it all for nostalgia's sake, if it's out there.

Any ideas?
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Fandom: Babylon 5
Characters: Delenn and Mayan (friendship)
Rating: G

This could be read as AU, given that as far as canon is concerned we only know that Mayan visited B5 twice, both times in the first season, first in "The War Prayer" and then again (off-screen) in "Eyes." This fic posits a third visit, at the beginning of the second season.

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Hey, remember how in last week's episode of Discovery things happened - spoilers for last week and this week under the cut! )

new icons

Feb. 2nd, 2019 09:22 pm
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I've been meaning to make some new icons, but, unsurprisingly, the last episode of Discovery was what finally pushed me to it. I have an Emperor Georgiou icon, as well, but this one... I am very proud of how this one came out.
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This episode was all the kinds of space-soap-opera bonkers, and I am so happy right now.

Spoilers for 'Point of Light,' all Disco up to that point, and a very specific 2nd-season episode of DS9. )
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I gave my fourth school tour at Seattle Art Museum today, and it went very well! The block that I'm in this quarter includes three different tours that teachers can choose from, all geared toward students from grades four to about twelve (realistically, most high school groups that come to the museum are self-guided - the oldest kids I've had so far have been eighth grade), and by chance I had all three types of tours in my first three weeks, so today was my first repeated tour. Hooray! Finally I get to start feeling like I really know what's going on! This was especially the case since the tour I did today, Perspectives (designed to mix art with science, technology, engineering and math), was the same tour I gave last week, albeit for 5th graders today instead of 8th graders last week. That was a bit of a mental shift, and it's always tough to get a sense quickly of where the kids are at and what they already know (for instance, this group already knew parallel vs. perpendicular lines, which I had very much not counted on from 5th graders), but we made it through.

My one sticking point on tours so far has been keeping track of my time at each stop, and this time I was especially nervous since we started a bit late, but I managed to effectively trim a little extra off the first stop and keep things moving well enough through the rest that I could allow the kids a few minutes at the end to just wander some of the upstairs galleries -- a big relief to me, since one kid had expressed particular interest in taking pictures of some of the African art for his family, and a little Muslim boy was very curious to see the Islamic art collection, neither of which we're able to use much while focusing on perspective (though I do use an Egyptian piece for metric perspective).

Next week is a week off, then I have a Living Histories (Native Northwest Coast art) tour the week after, and the rest of the quarter is mostly that tour, with the occasional Perspectives tour thrown in. Not many teachers select the last tour, Artistic Choices, which is too bad because that's the one where we can really show off the breadth of the collection and have fun with more abstract pieces that kids tend to really love. Ah well. I got one of those in, at least, this quarter.

So far I've been really pleased with all the groups of kids I've had - every now and then kids get pretty squirrelly, but they've all been really good-natured and can generally be coaxed into engaging with the material if I'm patient with them and occasionally bring up comparisons to things like video games and comic books. I'm honestly more likely to resent a teacher who's too uptight about museum conduct than otherwise, so far -- while I appreciate that they have to deal with the kids every day and I only have them for an hour, it was hard when I had a class a few weeks ago whose teacher wanted them literally whispering in the galleries, because then I have a tough time hearing the kids when they answer or ask questions. I don't want kids yelling or running wild, and I certainly have to maintain safety for them and the art, but normal indoor voices are fine, and I will tell them if they're getting too loud or rowdy. Ah well. Everybody's got their own style with these things...

icon meme

Jan. 25th, 2019 05:08 pm
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[personal profile] ursula asked me to talk about my Brave Little Toaster icon (seen above). Happily, it is an icon I actually have a fair bit to say about. XD

Contains childhood movie obsessions, Battlestar Galactica, a stray cat, and animism... )

Comment if you would like me to ask you about one (or more) of your icons!
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So, when I saw this episode's trailer I may have audibly sighed and said something like "Oh no, not this episode," but I wound up quite liking the actual episode, despite finding the initial premise kind of tired and predictable.

New Eden spoilers under the cut )


Jan. 3rd, 2019 08:55 pm
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 That awesome feeling when you think someone else has made a dumb work mistake but actually YOU are making the dumb work mistake right then and there by trying to fix that other person's supposed mistake, which is not actually a mistake.

God fucking damn it.
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[personal profile] deborah_judge asked for "Some meta about a character you love in Discovery," and since I already threw a lot of my ideas/feels about L'Rell at her over on her journal a while back... I figured I'd better round things out and talk about my broken angel, my Lieutenant Bambi, my reluctant Klingon... Ash Tyler.

Way back when Discovery was still a pile of rumors that I misinterpreted so badly that [personal profile] gaslightgallows and I have a whole AU where Sarek and Michael are contemporaries who grew up together on Vulcan and Amanda Greyson serves with them on the Shenzhou as a sort of visiting teacher and translator, one of the many swirling bits of information that I took in at some point was that there was going to be a Human POW named Ash Tyler and (if I recall) there was some hint that he might be of romantic interest to Michael Burnham.

I disliked this whole idea immediately and intensely.

It's been a very long and complicated ride... )
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So, there's going to be a Dark Crystal TV series, apparently.

My feelings on this are... mixed but largely detached, because I am a very strange geek-child of the 1980s in that while I have extremely strong feelings of love for Labyrinth and a number of other Jim Henson-related properties, I... don't actually like The Dark Crystal. I found it too scary when I was a child (I was a huge weenie when I was little), and when I tried to watch it again as an adult it somehow hit all my embarrassment squick buttons and I had to turn it off. I think it was mostly that the gelf were too twee and that they were puppets. I don't even know. I found the whole thing very uncomfortable and never looked back.

I do, however, have some bets to lay down right here on this timestamped DW entry, based on nothing other than some familiar names on the cast list and the complete lack of creativity on the part of casting directors.

You're all my witnesses to this non-monetary actor-related bet. )
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I forgot to post for the solstice yesterday, but I'm wishing everybody who celebrates it or something around it the very best.

Today we went out to breakfast at our favorite local hippie restaurant and did a crossword, then came home and wrapped presents (with some "help" from the cats, of course), then broke for individual projects -- The Boy found a "Make your own NES game" thing online, so he's animating sprites right now, and I did some digging around for new DW icons (didn't actually wind up with much success, but I still have a lot of spaces to fill, so it's an ongoing project) and listened to some of my favorite holiday music.

Tonight, we watch Love Actually. I am not interested in hearing The Discourse about why it is not a good movie, because a) I love it, b) I really don't care if it's #problematic, c) I have literally watched this movie every December but one since the year it came out in theaters, and the year after the one I skipped it did not go well at all (see our current presidency for some evidence). I'm not saying these things are connected, but I'm not taking any chances, either.

And, speaking of #problematic things that make up my holiday tradition list, if you at all like "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (which I do, and I'm not particularly interested in arguing about it), do yourself a favor and watch Audra McDonald and Stephen Colbert sing it. Apologies for linking to my own Tumblr, but I can't seem to figure out how to embed this video, and Viacom in their infinite fucking wisdom have removed it from everywhere else I can find. Still, it's worth the trouble.
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Saw the trailer for the new Hellboy movie today.

Nope. Not my Hellboy.

I had a few mild hopes, y'know? I liked David Harbour in Stranger Things, and I thought, personality-wise, he made sense for Hellboy. I liked Ian McShane in American Gods, and I thought he was... an interesting choice for Professor Bruttenholm. Probably a truer one to the comics than John Hurt. I... sort of wanted to like that they were bringing in Daimio (and do like that they brought in Daniel Dae Kim to play him, I just never really got attached to Daimio in the comics because as far as I'm concerned he's BPRD, not Hellboy, and he came in at exactly the same time as the artist I didn't like), and I was sort of charmed to see on IMDB that they were bringing in Lobster Johnson. Particularly since the guy they cast for him looked exactly right.

But the way they've done David Harbour's prosthetic for Hellboy makes his face totally the wrong shape, and, let's be real, in my heart Hellboy will always be Ron Perlman. And there's no Abe here, and I love Abe. And I just... don't like the style of this new movie. It's too much "THIS IS A COMIC BOOK MOVIE."

I know, I know, Hellboy is a comic. But as far as I'm concerned, it's not that kind of comic. It's moody and weird and heavily mythological and folkloric, and the humor is usually more "well, fuck" than it is "HA HA, QUIPPING ONE LINERS, BAM!" This complaint may be faintly ironic, coming from me, given that I came to the comics off Guillermo Del Toro's movies, which I freely admit were also heavily out of character from the comics. But in a different way, and a way that, at least in the case of the second movie, fit perfectly into my personal subconsciousness.

Which this movie very much does not. So. I'm sure it will make some other people happy and hopefully bring them to the comics, but otherwise... Meh. I'm out. Call me in another decade when we do another adaptation, and I'll see if that one hits my buttons.
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[personal profile] eye_of_a_cat asked "What you thought about (staying vague here!) the direction Discovery went in with Lorca."

Spoilers for Discovery season 1 under the cut! )
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The Boy and I watched Solo: A Star Wars Story last night, and, honestly? I would not have thought I could be disappointed by something that I walked into thinking "What I'm hoping for out of this is a moderately entertaining movie with Donald Glover in it."

And yet.

I feel like so many things went wrong with this movie... )

In short... I would rather have watched an extra long episode of Community where Troy and Abed drag the rest of the study group into playing Star Wars with them.
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[personal profile] nenya_kanadka asked: "Writing fic: Do you prefer open or closed canons, and why?"

And the answer is... I've never really thought about this before. When I think about the things that I've done the most writing for, though, I come to the conclusion that I prefer open canon... but that my definition of open canon is almost always "I am currently watching this thing in an ongoing manner, or recently finished it" rather than necessarily "this thing is currently ongoing in the rest of the world."

What is an open or closed canon, if you're the kind of person who almost always comes to shit late? )


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