Oct. 24th, 2008

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Gmail is scary sometimes. So, today, I wanted to find a link that [livejournal.com profile] ratzeo sent me yesterday, to send to another friend. So I searched for his name in Gmail. Found the conversation, sent the link to the other friend, and returned to my inbox. All normal.

Of course the ads at the top of my inbox have changed, since I returned to it after the search.

I should point out - the link that I was looking for has nothing to do with Spiderman. Nothing about Spiderman was said in the conversation. Nothing at all was said in this conversation, in fact, except the URL, and me saying "oh, that's awesome."

And yet, Gmail still knew that [livejournal.com profile] ratzeo is, in fact, Spiderman. You might have to kill it, Sean. It knows. XD

Sure, it probably really just saw that the link in question was to a webcomic. But... Spiderman. ♥
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I was looking over my schedule for the next week, and I might have to give up the idea of having the Nuala costume finished in time for Halloween. I've just got too much work to do cutting and sewing the actual costume costume bits, and too little time left to do it in without worrying about screwing something up due to my relative inexperience at sewing.

I can still plan to have the costume in good shape for NorWesCon in the spring, as I originally meant to do, and it probably would be more suitable for that in a lot of ways. But I'm still sad and annoyed at myself for not having been more proactive... I just didn't realize how busy this month was going to be for me. The real bugger of it is that I still feel like I might be able to fit it in... but I just don't know. If I'd been able to get the full day of the 31st off I would be fine, maybe (aside from potential panic re: sewing machine, since I have an amazing ability to cause sewing machines to do strange things, and no ability to coax them to work again after), but... with how busy we've been, I'll be lucky if I can even get off a few hours early that day. :P

All of this would have been so much easier if I'd just been able to find the pieces (skirt and dress/robe) already made. Sewing just makes me nervous. I can make the patterns, that's no problem, but when it comes to the actual sewing, I panic a little bit, especially with nice fabric involved.



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