Nov. 10th, 2010

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The Telegraph profiles Seattle as a destination. Quite favorably, I should add.

I would add that I hope the author is aware that Frasier wasn't a real person (and really, since when was he a Seattle icon apart from being the only way people outside the state are aware of us?), and that my fair city pulls that "no rain for your whole first visit" trick on almost every tourist. It's a trap. But it's true that it really doesn't rain all that much during the summer. ...It's just near-constant drizzle for the rest of the year. ;)

I'm not sure why he liked the t-shirt shops so much, though. Or maybe I'm just jaded from seeing them all the time.
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Getting waaaaaaaaaay too close to the end of the series for my comfort, and we seem to be gaining more and more questions rather than answering them, which makes me wonder if the last episode isn't going to just be 50 minutes of the writers scrambling to clear things up... or, you know, totally not.

'Islanded in a Sea of Stars' )

In other news, hormones are evil, and I hate them. I really wish my mood would stop taking sudden veers toward random free-floating panic and/or depression. And I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to keep taking ibuprofen every few hours, either. Stupid hormones. Can't I just put my uterus and all other associated bits in a box until I'm ready to use them?
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It seems from other peoples' entries that it's That Time of Year Again - time for me to see if I can actually manage to not only send out cards, but put the correct postage on them for everyone, this time!

If you want a card or postcard or something like that for the holidays this year, please leave a comment to let me know what (card or postcard) and your address.

Comments are screened, but if you'd like you can, of course, PM me instead or shoot me an email. ♥


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