Apr. 4th, 2017

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Dear Fancy-Pants Neighbor,

Under most circumstances it would really annoy me that you had your landscaper tearing out your still-blossoming spring bulbs yesterday because that's a serious waste and it makes me sad, but since I was able to snag a bunch of the ones he'd left laying on the sidewalk and hustle them home to an empty planter on my balcony and a day later it looks like I'll probably have a number of cute little bluebells for a little while and possibly some hyacinths (which hadn't even opened yet, you monster), I guess some degree of thanks are in order.

Your neighbor who hates watching plants die

Dear Cat,

I know you hate your e-collar (aka Cone of Shame). I know it makes you miserable and sad, and you don't understand why you can't lick your leg. The thing is, you had surgery. Remember that day when we took you to the scary place and then when you came home you were really wobbly and drunk and sore? Yeah. They had to cut a big tumor out of your back leg. You can't lick your leg because we'd like you to not tear out the sutures and reopen the incision. If you manage not to tear or otherwise damage anything before then, you should be able to have the sutures removed this Saturday, and then we can all go back to life as usual.

Until then, please try not to knock the guard-wall off your litter box and then forget where your fuzzy butt is supposed to be in relation to the box, get litter on your collar, or, worse, get poo on your collar. None of us have any fun when you do these things. None of us.

Your Humans
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I think I need to make some new icons. A lot of my existing ones are nice, but they're from ages ago and (in a few cases, at least) fandoms I'm not really connected to anymore. I love my Daleks, but I haven't been in Doctor Who fandom for years. I'll have to think about what my new icons should be and let myself work on them as a reward for finishing work in the next few weeks.

Also need to figure out the custom mood theme thing, and maaaaaaaybe play with my layout. I've never done custom layouts, but while I like the stars the black background on this one is maybe a bit much for me. We'll see.

...Oh, and remove my automatic cross-posting so it doesn't throw errors when I stop paying attention to it.


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