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Two questions on the subject of cross-posting and imports to and from LJ:

1. When I post something with cross-posting enabled, DW tells me that it will send a request to LJ. Presumably this means I have to somehow allow the post on LJ. How do I do that?

2. Why, for the love of all that's good and holy, do all my comments that were imported from LJ show an icon that, yes, I definitely remember having once upon a blue moon about a million years ago, but which I have long since replaced with other icons, and which is no longer uploaded on either DW or LJ? I can understand (quite easily) that it reverts all my main post icons to my default on DW, because I don't have the same keywords for my icons on both systems, but... why this random icon that doesn't exist anymore? (And apologies to anyone who thinks I've gone utterly mad and am still using an icon of 20-years-ago Sarah Mclachlan... I swear, I'm not... at least not intentionally...)

This post not cross-posted, for obvious reasons.
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So, in the process of twiddling about with the outline for a possible novel that I've been thinking about (or, in the case of today, staring blankly at in between sneezing fits...), I noticed that my Inner Editor and I are having a little fight about something, and that the general world of sci-fi around me isn't helping much. So I appeal to you, f-list, for your opinions on these things.

Aliens in sci-fi - over and done, just over-done, or just not especially 'in' right now? Or, you know, am I just hanging out in the wrong corners of sci-fi lately?

I ask because I can't help but notice that the majority of sci-fi that I've seen or read lately (and keep in mind, I have a chronic problem with not keeping up on current trends as well as I'd like) tends to forego any kind of aliens in favor of humans alone in the universe, doing our thing. Which, okay, great. Love it. It's very interesting. But... I kind of miss the sci-fi of my childhood, sometimes? With aliens? *Points at icon* And as much as I was underwhelmed by the time all the hype was through, Avatar was a pretty clear example that this kind of thing is not totally unappreciated by contemporary audiences, either, right? But the only other recent time I've run across aliens in anything was watching The Boy play the Mass Effect series... and giddily loving every minute of it because it reminded me of my sci-fi roots, damn it. ♥

So why do I feel like the instant I start to consider including aliens in my universe, I'm turning it into a bad space opera? Overactive guilt complex? Obsessive terror of vomiting all my childhood sci-fi pet-loves (what is the opposite of pet peeve?) all over my would-be novel in such a way as to make it utter crap? An unspoken acceptance of the lit-fic nonsense that says that sci-fi and fantasy can only be good and literary and serious if it includes only the faintest twinges of anything we don't see in modern life?

...I'm placing my bet on that last one, with a few shades of the others, myself. But talk to me, oh f-list. What do you think about this subject?

The cats insist that they're starving, and now it actually is almost their dinner time, so I'd better disentangle myself from the blankets and go feed them.
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Anybody have a good alternative to LJArchive?

I hadn't updated my archive since I had to wipe my computer, so I reinstalled the program... and now it returns a server error whenever I try to archive.

So. Alternatives? So far all Google's tossed up is that we had the same problem a few years ago and it got fixed eventually, but... really? *Sigh*
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The last day of [livejournal.com profile] babylon5_love for this year is almost upon us, and since I'm still all a-wobble with fandom love, I want to do one more thing for the fest this year, for the free-for-all day. But I can't seem to figure out what I want to do. The headache I've had for half the day finally went away, but it seems to have left me somewhat brainless. And so I apply to you, LJ hive mind.

[Poll #1612133]

Keeping in mind, of course, that if something actually grabs me, I'll be doing that, and that this is all dependent on my actually finding time before Wednesday to actually finish whatever it is. But hey - I'm curious.


Aug. 25th, 2010 09:13 am
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If anyone out there has a favorite source or sources for semi-obscure medieval legends, particularly around either King Arthur or the knights of Charlemagne, I'm in the market for some recommendations. ♥

And in return, if you want a recommendation for the perfect antidote to all the Twilight silliness, I'm really enjoying "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. High literature it ain't, but it's a fun, if predictable, suitably disgusting take on the vampire mythos, and fellow fans of Del Toro's cinematic work won't be disappointed by the visuals and the way scenes are set up.
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So, I was going through some old files of mine, and I found an icon that I really liked... but which totally needs to be remade now that I, um, know a lot more about graphics and editing. I really want to redo it, but I can't remember what episode it's from, and can't seem to find any decent screencaps from season 3 or 4 in which to find it. Can anybody help?Image is mildly spoilery for B5 season 3 or so... and a really crappy old icon )
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I wish I could make music videos. But I have enough hobbies that I don't spend enough time on already.

So I apply to you, f-list: Someone should make a video to Mitch Benn's "Doctor Who Girl" (sorry for the video link, but it's the best I can do to give you the song) using all the times the (especially classic) companions didn't fit the stereotype. Romana rolling her eyes and ignoring the Doctor, Ace being badass, Liz Shaw taking charge, Sarah shooting a rifle... whatever. New Who inclusions are awesome, but it'd be so awesome to focus on how the old stuff is... well, in a lot of ways, less sexist. :P

Also, I'm horribly behind on replies. I'm sorry. I'll catch up someday, I just haven't had much time on the computer lately, outside of work. ♥
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The Boy and I are arguing over who's more of a light-weight after both of us got drunk at Blue C sushi and decided not to see Clash of the Titans as planned. I contend that I am more of a light-weight... in part because I can't fucking type. Therefore, it must be me.

[Poll #1549053]
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So, I've been putting off posting about this, because, hah, slightly embarrassing, but. We have bedbugs. I had what I thought was an allergic reaction to something in the new apartment shortly after I moved into this apartment (several months ago), but recently we've confirmed that it's bedbugs.

East coast friends, I hear the resurgence in these little bastards started out on your side of the states - any advice? We've already bought ultra-tight-weave covers for mattress and pillows and put those on, but I'm getting from the various websites I've read that this is not enough by far. I've heard 120 degrees is the magic temperature for killing off the bugs and their eggs, but I'm not sure how the hell to accomplish that with a lot of our stuff.

And to make matters worse, we're moving in 2 weeks, so... kind of busy right now. And yet also unwilling to drag an apparent infestation into a theoretically-uninfested apartment.
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So, today, [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban and I were whining about the difficulties we're having with our respective writing projects, and she pointed me in the direction of Scrivener. At which point we both whined for about 10 minutes about how absolutely awesome it looks and how much we both wanted it, if only it would be available for Windows.

Let me be clear: I do not want to buy a Mac. I do not want to be involved in any way with Mac. I do not like the practices of Mac as a company - I have a Sansa mp3 player, a Windows laptop, a Windows netbook, and I am strongly considering getting pretty much any smart phone that is not an iPhone. I simply do not like the way the company works, and refuse to give them money, point blank, end of story, and I refuse to be cajoled, proselytized to, or otherwise convinced. Just fair warning.

Anyway. The bad news is, I want Scrivener like burning. It is beautiful. I lust after its gorgeous, gorgeous storyboarding feature. I wants it precious.

So. Does anybody know of a Windows-friendly alternative to Scrivener? I already use RoughDraft (and have become intensely annoyed at how buggy it gets when a document reaches about 50,000 words), and I think I tried YWriter a few years ago and was unenthused, although that was probably several versions ago as well, so perhaps I should give it another try. Right now I'm using RoughDraft and Open Office sort of interchangeably, and not being particularly thrilled with either.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a steak to be eating. ♥

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything?
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Dear LJ Hive Mind:

Does anybody here has experience buying wigs online and could direct me toward a vendor that a) will not expect me to pay more than I paid for my last computer, or b) send me a wig that turns out to be even crappier than the $26 cheapass thing that I bought last Halloween?

Also, something with reliable color choice would be very much appreciated. Yes, I understand this is a bit like asking for a miracle.

It's for a costume, but I am compulsive and have spent a lot of money on this costume already, so am likely to be willing to spend a moderate sum for this. Because, frankly, I'm insane. Suggestions welcome. ♥


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