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Theo is completely healed up from the surgery to remove his tumor, so now it's time for the other cat, Random, to have an eye infection of some kind. Yay, more vet visits! (Booooo.)

And this time won't be with the cat who turns into a melted marshmallow at the vet, but the one who makes even experienced vet techs and veterinarians think that we picked up an angry feral on the way to the clinic.

In unrelated news, American Gods is predictably (and, occasionally, unpredictably) fantastic, iZombie continues to be delightful, and I got a part time job as the administrator for the editing guild that I've been on the board of for the last few years, which means I can continue my freelance editing career with slightly less guilt and panic about regular income.

Also, I had a very cute but slightly harrowing tour group at the museum today. It turns out that it's very difficult to run a tour for a group that runs the gamut from three late-teens all the way down to what I would guess were second graders. Super nice kids, really lovely, but trying to gear the tour to such a broad group really put me off my game. I'm very glad the tour next week and the two the week after that are supposed to be more traditional single-age groups.

And now, back to the transcription client.

(I am very glad that Mother's Day is going to be over soon. I'm hoping someday it won't be a thing I dread, but... so far, definitely still a dreaded thing.)
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My beloved Pacific Science Center here in Seattle is officially a city landmark. ♥
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That's right - I just turned in my final project for Museums Studies. Woohoo! I'm done!
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Today is the first of my museum-work days (wish me luck that the director actually remembers a) who I am, b) that I was coming in today, and c) what I was coming in for - bless him, but he's one of the most scatter-brained people I've ever known, and when I showed up to arrange my practicum with him he a) forgot to tell me the museum was having a party that night even though I arranged the meeting well in advance, and b) completely forgot why I was there until I finally reminded him). So, um, yeah. Also, my mp3 player still has no batteries because I couldn't find my charger, so... it's going to be a quiet day down in the archive basement, unless I find a radio. The Boy offered to loan me his iPod, but he's going to need that for the walk to and from work, and there's no sense in him being punished just because I don't have the sense to keep track of my charger cord. :P

Anyway. It's kind of nice not having to be there before 10am. Although I am sliiightly boggled by an industry in which that's normal. Hell, my days at the science center started at 9am, at least. And they're only open until 4? Welcome to working at a tiny museum, I guess....

Wish me lots of luck getting a lot of photo archives organized (and not losing my mind without music)!
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I have achieved a practicum! I"m going to be organizing and recording the photo collection at this local house museum, about which I'm terribly excited. The process was a bit amusing - I'd scheduled an appointment with the executive director (who also happens to be my exhibit design professor), and got off early from work to go to it, and of course ended up a bit early because I'd been nervous about the buses. Showed up at the house/museum, said hello to one of my classmates, and my professor and his wife (who spoke briefly to our class about... something I've forgotten, because she works at another local museum), and his response was pretty much "Hi, great to see you, no trouble at all that you're early, do you feel up to blowing up some balloons?"

Apparently he had forgotten to tell me that the museum was having a big fund-raiser/open-house thingy this evening. And had consequently, in all the hubbub, had forgotten that I was there to talk to him about the practicum, not to help out and hang out at the fund-raising thing (as the classmate was, although she's also (unrelated to the party) doing her practicum there). So I blew up balloons and festooned an abandoned vespa and the front gate with them, and carried plates and things to various rooms, and helped his wife put together hors d'ouevres and then we set up my practicum. All of which was terribly fun. That's part of what I love about museum work, honestly - you literally never know what you're going to be doing next. And after that I accepted the insistent offer of a beer and then trooped home, despite sort of wanting to stay (because I do enjoy myself a good schmoozing party, when I know the grounds I'm on), but I thought it'd be better to delay that sort of thing until I'm more prepared and know more about the museum. Besides, as casual as it was, I didn't really feel like I was dressed for it, and...

I'm coming down with a sinus thing. All the symptoms are in line - I've had plugged ears the last few days when I wake up, I've been sneezing, and now I have a sore throat. Bleh. So I will go in tomorrow and survive the last day of the week, and then I shall, most likely, sleep all weekend. But now I'm drinking tea and will go to bed early (possibly with something hot and alcoholic in my system), and all is more or less well. Except my throat, which is scratchy.
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I have a Starbucks peppermint mocha. I'm probably going to regret this later (hahaha, hyperactivity!) but it's only a tall, and I have to go back to the university after work tonight to use their library so that I can access a non-public website for my final project. Which... is progressing. Slowly, but sort of surely.

I will not be sorry when this Saturday is over and I get a break from the class for a while. It's been fun, but it's also nice to, I dunno, have actual 2-day weekends like a normal person. And not have to do homework in addition to regular work and all the other stuff I love to do.


Sep. 25th, 2009 02:21 pm
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Saw Wicked last night at the Paramount for, yes, the first time, because I was dumb last time it was in Seattle and managed to not get tickets. This time we managed, and it was lovely - great singing, great sets, great costumes, great effects... teeeeeeny problem with the sound system, but it's possible that was to do with the fact that Elphaba was being played by the (quite talented and very fun) understudy. I'd rather believe the issue is making changes to fit a new lead than that one of the most prestigious venues in Seattle has somehow gone three weeks into touring Broadway run without quite figuring out how they ought to manage their sound levels. :P

Anyway, loved it, had a total blast.

And now I'm really happy it's Friday. Tomorrow I have a museum visit for an assignment prior to my first day of class (next week, eeeeeee), a Steampunk Swap-Meet that I'm hoping to at least stop by, textbooks to buy, and then Sunday we're going out to Leavenworth with my dad and stepmom. Crossing fingers that the weather will continue to be gorgeous for that, and that the leaves will have started changing up in the mountains. We might be a bit early, and that would be sad.


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