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This year might actually be the first year (at least the first in a long time...) that I try to do NaNoWriMo and don't succeed. The short version is that I've got some positive-but-distracting home stuff going on, I'm taking on new responsibilities at work and taking a leadership class there as well, which will require homework once I've got through the first session this Wednesday, and today, my big day for catching up, I felt pretty sick and didn't get nearly as much done as I needed to so far. I was hoping to get 5,000+ words today (5,000 to catch up to par for today, and then additional words to make up for the fact that once again I'll probably be low on words during the work week). So far I've only done 2,870. Which is pretty good given the afore-mentioned sick feelings, but not nearly as much as I need. So... blah.

And I've got an executive board meeting for the local editors guild on Tuesday night, so not much will be getting written then. At least I have my hour long lunches at work back this week? Maybe I can get something in then, if I'm quick about it.


Nov. 28th, 2010 05:13 pm
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I am stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck stuck STUCK. 45,785 words, and I have absolutely no clue what happens next in any of the scenes that I'm in, or in any of the scenes that I've just got a few-word outline for.

Cannot be happening. Cannot be stuck with less than 5,000 words to go. Cannot stop.


Edit: PROBLEM SOLVED. Apparently all I needed was to flail at the internet, take a deep breath, and then... essentially put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Turns out, sometimes that fixes things. ;) Or, you know, at least makes them temporarily fixed.
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I'm at 37,280 (more than a whole day ahead!), and, remarkably, am feeling like this story doesn't entirely suck! It needs a LOT of editing, but it might actually be somewhat worthwhile! Oh my god!

...Bringing in my antagonist as a more active participant in things seems to have really, really helped matters. Amazing how that works. And my characters are seeming less like paper cutouts! I actually sort of feel like this thing might be worth polishing into something that I could eventually maybe stand to let other people read! Considering that only yesterday I was driving The Boy crazy with my doom-and-gloom "I don't know why but I'm just not having fun and I just don't care about it!" thing, feeling like this today is a Christmas NaNoWriMo miracle! ♥
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Dear universe (or possibly just LJ):

Would you please stop thwarting my efforts to reward myself? I've been a good girl this morning, I have written over a thousand words *beyond* my required word count for the day, today is Sunday, and I would damned well like to go through this random person's nice BSG fic. And possibly related posts. Please? I'm asking you this because every time I hit their tags for the relevant subjects, you give me three entries and nothing more, even though the tag system says they have 58 entries under that tag. Excuse me, I would like my shameless fangirl happiness, now, please.

...Come on, please? I've already finished my lunch and should get back to work, but I really want some nice quiet time with my fangirl brain. Pleeeeease...?

(*Coughs* So, yeah, if anybody else has had this problem and knows how to make it work, I'd love some advice... I thought it was her layout maybe, but style=mine is not solving the problem... DX)

Edit: Problem somewhat solved for the moment (archives are a good thing, as is viewing with no style), but I'd still love to know wtf was going on there. ...And also why my stomach suddenly hates me, but that's an unrelated (albeit very disturbing) issue.
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28,630 words - on schedule, as I've been for the last few days - and I've had my first big "oh, that's not at all what I expected to happen" moment of this draft. Nothing too earth-shattering, but I always enjoy the moments when the writing takes on a little life of its own. Particularly since nothing has come particularly easily in this thing since, oh, about the first chapter. It's not quite pulling teeth, but it's definitely not a walk in the park, either.

Still, it's a draft, and I kind of like the damned thing from time to time. That's a good thing.


Nov. 14th, 2010 05:15 pm
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Went icon-hunting this afternoon, as a break from NaNo. Newest fandom now much more properly represented.

I feel better, now.
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NaNo going well (current count is a health 13,141, which puts me a fair bit ahead of today's goal but not quite at the full extra day that I was hoping to have by the end of the day... but, I do still have a few more hours to work!), but I am somewhat amused to notice that I was right to give myself a concept that could slip into borrowing from fandom if I wanted it to. My idea this year, based on my success last year at writing full length fan-fiction (and getting out of it something that was actually complete rather than my usual NaNoWriMo result of about 25K of something that could plausibly have become a novel with more planning and then 25K of either random planning on that idea that I would otherwise have done before writing the novel if I'd had any sense, or random planning and/or bits of other ideas), and based on my desire to write something original that actually, you know, is slightly cohesive and at least the beginning of something that could be continued onward... was to start out with a concept that said "let's just take a few aspects of (fandom) and change the setting, change situations, mix in a lot of mythology and legend from a few different sources, and see if that helps us to stay on track."

So far, it seems to be working. I'm not overly enthused by what I've got so far, but it has a plot that I actually know the beginning, middle, and end of, it has multiple characters who I feel confident in writing consistently (because, ha, they are very familiar to my brain), and so far I've only hit a few minor stumbling blocks like "what the hell, am I writing this in first person, in third person, or is it inexplicably only in first person from Character A's standpoint, and third person from everyone else's?"

Things that can be fixed by later drafts. And by me getting my head on straight at some point, hopefully. So far, though, this theory of hanging on to familiar characters as a sort of security blanket (I get nervous feeling like I need to create brand new characters whole cloth, and end up casting around helplessly, indecisive about what they ought to sound like/talk like/feel like) is working out fairly well for me.

Apart from the fact that I'm fairly certain that if most of you picked up this novel, you'd look at me and go "...so you're writing AU fanfiction."

Which, yes, I more or less am. Shuttup. It's totally working for me, and someday I might even be able to take off the damned training wheels. :P

This post brought to you by 2 characters I did not intend to bring with me on this little adventure, but who seem to have stowed away in my suitcase anyway. Good to see you, guys. Now... please to be carrying on the plot, and not just trying to derail things in your own directions, okay? Please?

Also by a desire to prove that I can in fact still post about things that aren't BSG.
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I can't seem to find the right tone for my NaNo project. Usually this sort of thing sorts itself out by about 4,000 words in, but I'm still struggling this year. I just can't seem to get comfortable in how I'm telling the story - nothing sounds right. ARGH.
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There was a chocolate lab puppy in the laundry room when we went down to get our clothes out of the dryer. Her mummy and daddy were dealing with their laundry, and the instant she saw The Boy and I she launched herself at us like we were her Very Best Friends Ever. Which of course we were, because to a lab puppy strangers are just best friends they haven't met yet. Ohmygod she was the cutest thing ever and I wanted to steal her. She's at that fantastic age when they're all legs and soft floppy ears and huge eyes, and they're big enough that they're like dogs but not yet big enough that they're going to actually bowl you over when they jump up and put their paws on you, um, even if you're as short as I am. She was all wiggles and belly and snuffling my socks and so happy she could hardly sit still to be petted, and I had no idea how much I missed having a dog until I had one right there rubbing her head on me. AUGH. WANT DOG.

...Not until we have a big enough condo or a house or something. But AUGH. DX

In NaNo news, I've broken the ice and got through my first 1,713 words. Hoping to push through a few more after I wash my face and all, but I really do need bed fairly early tonight, since I didn't sleep all that well last night.
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I'm back on NaNoWriMo for another exciting November, signed up with the same user-name as here. If you're planning to participate this year, please friend me so that I can goad myself by looking at your count through the month have company! ♥
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Do you ever get the feeling that you know you're getting close to doing something right (not to mention finishing) when the document keeps getting shorter rather than longer every time you edit it?

Writing, pruning, and writing again... )

Also, does anybody have any truly brilliant theories on how to title a piece? My method tends to be either to come up with something utterly random that seems to me to sort of fit, to read through poetry until I find a phrase I like, or to run a quote search with some word that I think might fit (and really that only works when I've got a particular word that I want to focus the title around, like with some Doctor Who fic when I want "Time" in the title).
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Still up to date on NaNo (woohoo!), though I haven't yet gotten around to updating on the NaNo website.

Story has plot (minor miracle), though apparently my subconscious took my decision to write a Gothic (for the record, that's as in "19th century Gothic," not "people in black with vampire fangs etc" style Gothic) sci-fi novel... very seriously. Meaning that I seem to be channeling my 19th century lit class in aspects of my writing style. Not really what I was going for, but it definitely helps to fill out the word-count, so I'm not complaining. Anyway, it's being fun. And there's a huge twist coming. Which I will hopefully figure out before it's time for the reveal. XD

I need a writing icon again. I got rid of mine at some point. Hmm.
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I was doing really well on NaNo until this morning when, after finishing about half my required wordcount for the day, I was suddenly ambushed by a rabid ficbunny. I now have 3,000+ words of said ficbunny. I'm telling you, if I could get that kind of attention and speed on my original work... *Sighs*

[livejournal.com profile] nekokoban, regarding what we were talking about at work the other day... Neil says in his blog that he was talking to the BBC about some TV work over there, but now has to speak with the WGA to find out whether the strike precludes his continuing to speak with them. I swear to all the gods, if What We Discussed was on the verge of happening and somehow gets screwed by the WGA, I will be angry at them forever. I'm all for strikes and unions and all that, but that'd be just wrong.

...In other news, I was randomly accosted in the most random of random ways yesterday. While headed toward my hairstylists (I have my hair back to normal now!), I passed a guy who gave me kind of an odd look and then said, just as he was passing me, "Bonjour." To which I naturally replied (in my best accent, partially because I was trying to recall if the fellow was a TA I'd had a class with or something), "Bonjour." And immediately had the guy asking me in French if I speak French (always an odd thing to ask in the language one is asking in, because obviously if one doesn't, they won't understand the question), and we had a very nice chat, during which he explained that I somehow "looked French" to him. I'm still trying to decide how crazy and/or complimentary that is. But he seemed like a very nice guy, randomness aside.
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Alright, people - this year, I am Planning Ahead for NaNoWriMo, mostly because I suspect it may be the only way I will actually get anything done. And I am bound and determined to actually finish this year. So.

Here's my dilemma: the last few years, I've actually managed to accumulate a couple of vague notions about things that I want to write, and I don't know which I should go for. So, inspired by a couple other writerly folks on my lovely f-list, I am soliciting your help in deciding which damned novel I should spend this fall desperately trying to write.

[Poll #1047093]
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It's that time of year again...

Who from my lovely f-list signing up for NanNoWriMo this year?

I've succeeded one year, tried (I think) two other years... maybe this year will be my big come-back! As always, my user ID over there is rosalindjen. ;)


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