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Oct. 15th, 2010 03:41 pm
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I don't normally talk about presents (not sure why, exactly, it just feels odd), but I thought a lot of people here would appreciate the gift [ profile] tavern_wench1 gave me. Kraken Rum!

It's rum *with a Kraken (or octopus) on* - how can I not love it? )

So... anybody have any really good mixer ideas for dark spiced rum? Preferably something that doesn't involve Coke, as I probably shouldn't have that much caffeine or sugar. :P
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Hey all - I'm alive, I'm just a little out of touch right now with work and spotty internet connection and a writing project that needs some serious work. Fun stuff!

The weekend was awesome, brilliantly sunny and warm, and I had a blast at [ profile] ursule and [ profile] glasseye's wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous and fun. Yesterday contained a bit of fail, since my intention of going to the art museum before my doctor's appointment was cruelly foiled by said art museum not being open on Mondays, apparently. Oops. But I met up with [ profile] maymargaret for happy hour at this awesome French restaurant after, so that was all good.

Oh, and my heart is completely normal. That's probably supposed to be the important thing, isn't it? But compared to oysters and mussels and cheese plate and French martinis... anyway. My heart is normal, my cardiologist is fully convinced that I am normal except for an unusually low tolerance for caffeine and stress-activated atrial-fibrillation, so I am officially clear to go on about my life as normal, so long as I stay hydrated, take baby aspirin, and keep away from lots of caffeine. Yay!

Oh, and I bought a bunch of fall clothes. Because I am a clothes-whore, and fall is my favorite season. ♥
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Friday night there was dinner with my dad, which was fun, and then watching Bride and Prejudice with [ profile] maymargaret, which was also fun. Jane Austen via Bollywood, quite entertaining, and very true to the original novel. And then we cleaned the kitchen, which, while not exactly fun, was kind of weirdly amusing. And I made a few new icons.

Saturday was a Day of Shopping - [ profile] maymargaret and I went up to Capitol Hill for breakfast at our favorite creperie, and then downtown for assorted shopping, including a run through Nordstroms, Macy's, and the high-end hat-shop, as well as Nordstrom Rack and a few other things along the way. I tried on tons of autumn coats and ended up with a beautiful chocolate brown wool thigh-length coat that I adore, for a very sensible price, as well as a pretty brown and white herringbone vest, several new knee-high socks, and some new solid-color t-shirts that may or may not end up getting stenciled as time goes on. I did not buy a gorgeous faux-leather jacket exactly like Gwen-from-Torchwood's, despite loving it, because... the wool coat was more practical, and they cost exactly the same amount. But it felt like butter, and it fit me perfectly, and I haven't had a good leather/faux-leather jacket in a long time, and used to get so many compliments on my old one... so I might go back and get it. Because really, I was way too in love with it. But I'd also spent too much money on clothes that day.

And then today was Writing Day, with a side trip to the Ave because I needed to get out and get my head on straight after staring at a computer for hours on end. While on that trip, I bought a gorgeous red skirt (yes, I can't actually go shopping without buying something) and a book on fishkeeping, because all the damned research I've been doing on fish lately has reminded me that I really miss keeping fish, and we walked through the tropical fish store near us, and I got totally wibbly and decided that I want to keep a tank again. Not tropicals - even freshwater tropicals are more money and effort than I want to spend right now - but I really like the idea of keeping just a few fancy goldfish. Just a small tank, 2-3 fish and maybe a cold-water snail to help keep the tank clean, but I'm really excited anyway. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed our old tropicals until recently, and ever since then I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. And after that I wrote for a while longer, and then we went out to the pub with [ profile] zinjadu and [ profile] miss_arel and [ profile] lunapome, and it was lovely, and the beer I had there accounts for this entry's slight tendency to ramble.

...And now I'm going to go drink some water, and try to write a bit more before I collapse into bed. I don't want tomorrow to be Monday!
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So, several years ago my friends (including [ profile] theladyfeylene, [ profile] nekokoban, [ profile] zinjadu) and I found a book in this little cubby-hole in the wall of the house we were renting at the time. Alas, it was not an exciting and ancient tome that did anything wonderful, as it would have been if my life was the fun little urban fantasy I occasionally wish it would become, but was rather a dull and embarrassingly twee romance novel called something like Savage Winds. Or maybe it was Savage Promise. Or something like that. Something was Savage, anyway, you can be sure of that, because the writer in question has made a career out of writing tedious, sententious and entirely mind-numbing romance novels meant to Honor the Native People of the United States. No, really - she went on at length about this in the author's notes and in her bio.

I wanted to spork my eyes out at all of this, but I was too busy laughing until tears ran down my face because the writing was THAT BAD. Especially the sex. We had a few Read Aloud sessions around the dinner table (because that's how great my friends are - they make me read aloud from bad porn at the dinner table!), and then tucked the thing carefully back into the wall for the next group of people, who presumably are even now wondering why the hell there's a romance novel tucked into the wall next to the basement staircase. Or possibly why the toilet seems to be on a little throne. Anyway.

Come to find out today, that horribly boring writing? Not even hers! Sure enough, Cassie Edwards has been outed as a plagiarist, causing a delightful storm of wank around the internet in the manifold groups of people who somehow haven't yet discovered that they can get better, more interesting porn for free on various fanfiction sites. It's fantastic!

Edited to Add: Incidentally, according to the office health fair lady my blood pressure is 127 over 80 (good, apparently), and, nothing to do with the health fair, I had another weird Buffy-related sex dream last night. Except this time it wasn't Xander. It was Anya. ...The Doctor was there, too, but of course my brain latched onto Anya for the smutty bits. *Sigh* Whatever.


Jul. 7th, 2007 09:43 am
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Today is the day - the big MOVING day!

[ profile] maymargaret and I are picking up and moving to our brand new apartment, and it will probably take a few days (weeks, etc...) for us to get fully ensconced there... by which I mean that I anticipate a period of home-internet-blackout. I'll still have access at work, but depending on workload and the length of time it takes me to get through my f-list, I may go somewhat LJ silent for a while. Email will be the best way to get hold of me.

Wish us luck! ♥ If the muse is good to me, there will be fic-posting when I get back.
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Almost a week since my last posting and, really, not a whole lot exciting to tell. Worked, worked, worked... and then on the weekend I played perhaps a little overly-hard. ;)

Saturday [ profile] maymargaret and I did our shopping at the farmer's market, then went out to Pride on Capitol Hill - a first for me, actually making it to the festival, even though we still missed the parade by about an hour. Then it was onward to [ profile] nekokoban and [ profile] miss_arel's new place, where we watched the first two episodes of 3rd season Doctor Who. Yay! ♥ I really don't have much to say aside from that I miss Rose, like Martha quite a bit (these two do not negate each other, and at the moment that's one of the things that's making me happiest about this show), and still adore David Tennant and the tenth Doctor just as much as before. Even if he is an idiot. *Fuzzles him* I also would like to register the incident in "Runaway Bride" as my all-time favorite freeway chase. The poor, poor TARDIS. ♥

Where was I? Oh, right! After that, Kendra and I continued to Greenwood to meet with [ profile] wanderingbeyond and our old friend Amy and her new-ish roommate. It was a relatively short visit, but it was wonderful - I miss all my old CSS buddies!

Sunday, I tried (and failed) to get my hair cut, tried (and sort of succeeded) to start the cleaning/packing process in my bedroom, and tried (and succeeded, I hope?) at getting [ profile] narsilion hooked on Doctor Who. Did shopping. Bought winter coat that will hide cat-hair beautifully (for $2!). Had salmon dinner with the best cider EVER. And, last but not least, made a new t-shirt stencil and worked up Dalek t-shirts for Kendra and I. I'll try to get pictures of them (and the TARDIS t-shirts the preceded them) in the next few days. Needless to say, I'm very pleased... and already plotting a few other designs I want to make. T-shirt stenciling is officially awesome.


Aug. 22nd, 2006 10:14 pm
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I have some pictures to show you... *g*

Pirates, and the Lady Washington )

I think eventually the first pic will be an icon. I really like it, I'm just not sure how it'll come out when it's cropped down to 100x100.
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I am so very tired. Couldn't sleep last night (don't know why), got all the way out the door before I realized I didn't have my glasses on... but I have my keys again! I've never been so happy to see them, let me promise you.

Also, I'm pleased to say that some plans are starting to fall into shape for the coming years.

The Shapes and Hopes of Things to Come )

And of course somewhere in all of that I hope to find a group to sing with again, maybe a guitar teacher so I can actually make some damned progress on that front, and write. Maybe even - gasp! - write original stuff.


Aug. 21st, 2006 10:14 pm
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Oh my god this day just gets more and more annoying.

First, the toilet was fucky again, and then when [ profile] nekokoban and I went out to dinner because we were both tired and bitchy after our long days, this annoying crazy lady at the restaurant bitched me out for answering my phone. You know, I don't like when people answer their phones in restaurants, either, but it's just as rude to snipe at them (loudly) from across the room as it is to answer it in the first place. If she had just asked nicely, that would've been no problem at all, and I would have felt quite sorry about it. The way she sniped and griped and was soooo sardonic and rude, I just wanted to give her a piece of my mind about how rude she was being. Bitch.

Then when I got home the toilet overflowed (of course). And despite many efforts on my part, I can't get it to unplug. And I have to get up early tomorrow. Argh. Fuck all of this, I'm going to bed. And my cat won't quit yelling at me.

There were actually a few good things about this day, but... argh. Argh argh argh argh argh.

Please, please, please let tomorrow be better.
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So, because we're insane, [ profile] maymargaret and I have set ourselves the goal of studying Old English together. On our own. The old fashioned way, meaning we get a bunch of books together, hopefully find a dictionary that one or the other of us can buy, and start working it through. We've got a bunch of texts from the library so far, and I mean to go hunting for books at Magus and such this weekend. Yes, this is probably the most spectacularly impractical choice I could possibly have made for a language (and I do mean to keep up on my French, and hopefully pick up some Norwegian, as well), but... damn it, I love this language. And if I really mean to go into archaeology or ancient-world anthro, it's not like having a grounding in Old English could possibly hurt me. It makes me happy, in any case, just to dabble in it. We've also started a tiny little folklore discussion group with [ profile] nekokoban.

Why yes, we are the geekiest set of geeks you ever could hope to meet. You should have heard Kendra and I going nuts over the translated Old English riddles in one of her books. We were very proud of ourselves for figuring most of them out.

The song of the day is apparently "Mad About You," by Sting. I made the mistake of putting it on last night while trying to write, and it not only attached itself to the writing, but possibly to the character. Straaaange combinations.

Wow... I don't think I've ever linked to the Sports section of a paper before. I'm vastly amused that one of the defenders for DC United is from Renton, and went to the UW. That's kind of awesome. And yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing this game. :D
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Fic/writing rant below. Argh.

Why does my mind feel so drained? )

In other news, the guy who plays Dr Kelso on Scrubs was on one of the B5 eps I watched tonight. And earlier today we went out to Ballard to see PotC2 again, and wander their Sunday market. Very fun stuff. Also ogled much fabric. Am thinking of commissioning [ profile] maymargaret to make me a brocade dressing gown. I've always kind of wanted one, as silly as that sounds. They're just so classy and pretty, and brocade is on sale at the Ballard JoAnne's right now.

Update: I'm just going to try to remember these words: If you want to write something, just write it - it clearly wants to come out. And if you're going to suck at something, do it boldly.

Also, I kind of want to cut my hair. Like... chin-length. I must be insane, after all the work it took me to grow it out. But I'm feeling kind of "blah" about it, lately, and my facial shape works really well with a shorter cut... Meep?
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No Contra last night. [ profile] maymargaret and I set out at 7:30 (after a few mini-crises that always seem to hold us back when we go somewhere together - somehow, our two brains near each other make us impossibly scatter-brained and silly), and decided, as we left, that rather than doing the really dumb circuitous bus-routes over to Phinney Ridge, we'd just walk. It's more direct, we told ourselves. Also, we were kind of... to borrow a phrase from my cat, we were zoomy. I, for one, was ecstatic to be outside after a full week in the damned office.

And so we walked. And got messed up because the roads don't connect right. And got turned around because of various things. And finally arrived at Phinney... and realized we were really too tired to dance, and that at the point we were at there wouldn't be much point in paying, going in, waiting until we felt up to dancing again, and then dancing for something like two songs. I'm torn - I feel crummy for not dancing, but I also feel good for having taken a nice long walk outside, which seemed to be, in large part, exactly what I needed. I needed to recharge in the outside... it's just too bad I couldn't have recharged in both ways at once.

And now, I feel icky (argh, womanhood) and have a slight dehydration headdache (argh, forgot to drink water last night) but I think I'll be okay for going out to the Farmer's Market as soon as I've had a shower and some breakfast.

Have you ever read something you didn't want to know, then forgotten it, then remembered and really really wished you could un-remember? Fandom. Spoilers Blargh. I can't even remember where I stumbled onto this one, but I'm pissed that it came back to me.
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Hey, [ profile] theladyfeylene, weren't you looking for info on the cat at the Algonqian Hotel a little while ago? NPR has an article on their main page today.

Had a nice, relaxed weekend of random fannishness. Friday, [ profile] maymargaret and I set up a complete scene-by-scene breakdown for a stage opera of Lord of the Rings (yeah, the whole thing, and no, I don't know how we did it, either), and then watched half of the extended Return of the King because, what the hell, at that point what else made sense?

Most of Saturday marathoning the end of B5 season 3, for me, followed by a lot of flailing and a reasonably significant amount of writing and reading (Night Watch and Pledged). Sunday I went out to breakfast with [ profile] narsilion, inflicted a few episodes of B5 on her, and wrote for a while longer before dinner with [ profile] coramegan and the housemates, attacking a neighborhood fig tree, and an evening walk with [ profile] maymargaret. And then more writing.

Regarding the "what would my characters say about me" meme, [ profile] nekokoban made an interesting point - maybe this meme would be better asked of the 'audience' for one's writing. So, I ask you all, out of curiosity - what do you think my characters would say to me, if they could? No holds barred - if you think Zoe'd chew me out for putting her through that spate of post-Serenity mourning fics, go for it. ;)

And now, I'm going to go make more tea. Because I don't think I'll survive the day without it.

b5, plans

Jul. 25th, 2006 10:22 am
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It was bound to happen eventually - sooner or later, I always dream about my fandoms. But why, I ask you, is it necessary for me to dream semi-sexual stuff about characters I want least to see in those situations? Naked Londo? Not top of my list to think about. Argh.

In the interest of putting all of that out of my mind (thanks be to my subconscious, it was at least kind enough to give him the Dogma-angel groin treatment...), I give you a list that I put together while watching my few episodes last night: Quotes and Thoughts )

There really is more in my life than that show... I just can't seem to think of much to talk about right now. Still cranky about work-P, still nattering away at my writing, trying to figure out what graduate schools and programs I'm going to look into... One bit of exciting news, though. Tonight, I'm going out with [ profile] theladyfeylene to the Wild Rose (lesbian bar) on Capital Hill. Unless I wimp out in some kind of existential "I'm afraid of bars during singles' nights and what if nobody likes me and I'm a horrible wimp" angst. Which I don't mean to do. I can be brave. Brave uke. >@.@<

Although I might have to stop off at home and change my shoes. These things are adorable, but they're kind of bothering my feet. They were a lot more comfy when I wore them without nylons, but I've been too lazy to shave lately.

Update: A UW Extension catalog was in this morning's mail here at work. I'm trying very hard not to regard this as a Sign from the Universe. They have certification programs in editing, technical writing, and museum studies... and scientific illustration, which is a total love of mine, but which I don't think I either have the knack for or can afford (it's a massively expensive program). But... the editing one is actually pretty affordable - the museum studies program less so, but... still do-able. Night classes. I could do that.

One month out of college and I'm chomping at the bit to get back in. But a certification would be a good step...
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I know this sounds crazy, but I'm sooo freaked out about going to work tomorrow. I have to a) find out what happened with the whole scary cancellation fiasco on Friday (NW Airlines hadn't gotten back to me when I left), and b) tell my boss about what happened and whatever aftermath I discover.

I hope I still have a job (and my sanity) by the end of the day. I so much hate confrontation, especially when it is definitely more or less my fault for not noticing that the flights weren't refundable. Predecessor-lady is very blase about the whole thing, but predecessor lady has been with the company for something like four years. Besides, it's not her job. And it wouldn't matter if it were, since she's leaving in a few weeks to go to grad school anyway. Which, it should be noted, leaves me entirely without the handy safety net of having somebody who actually knows what the fuck is going on to ask about things.

I wish I'd gotten a simpler job as my first Real Job. Hell, I pretty much just plain wish I was going to grad school this fall like she is. Turns out, I kinda hate the real world. It's stressful in a way that doesn't just mean me beating my head over a bunch of essays. I can handle that kind of stress. I'm pretty good at it, in fact. Making (and breaking travel arrangements for a bunch of execs? Arranging every damned thing in an office? Not something I'm good at. I've arrived at 'why the fuck did you guys hire me, anyway?' and 'holy crap, I kind of wish you hadn't hired me.' Because maybe whatever job I would've found next would've been less stress-inducing.

Also, my heart has decided that the fact that I have a month before my new insurance kicks in means this is a great time to start fluttering occasionally. Fabulous for my stress levels, I assure you. Although, now that I think about it, given how it only really happens when I'm alone, things are quiet, and it's evening (AKA stress time), it probably is caused by my stress levels. Regardless, I think I'll be skipping the caffeine tomorrow, just in case.

Long story short, good energy would be much appreciated at this time. *Hugs to all* The fireworks have stopped, now, so I'm going to bed.


Jun. 28th, 2006 10:08 am
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Good things:
New dishwasher in the office
Good book to read on the bus
Plenty of sleep last night
Lots of really wonderful and wise friends
Thai leftovers for lunch!
Looking at my student loans and realizing "hey... that's not too bad!"
New icon :D
Added: ooo, I forgot - I'm wearing the prettiest hand-made lace choker, which the talented and lovely [ profile] maymargaret gave me!

Bad things:
Finally writing Marc to say this isn't working

Process corollary to above:
Convincing myself that it's not my fault, I'm not messed up, it's okay if it just doesn't work with someone.
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Today, after another fun-filled day putting out metaphorical fires mostly involving people's travel arrangements to business conventions that I know next to nothing about, I was informed by a slightly unhinged gentleman that I should work to be president of the United States. My only guesses about the basis of this decision are that I was wearing a pin-striped brown suit jacket over my jeans and sweater, and was wearing my over-priced reading glasses and reading a book on the bus.

Said book was entitled "Autobiography of a Fat Bride." Nope, it's not even that the guy caught me reading something deeply intellectual.

Anyway, the last few minutes of my bus-ride were much enlivened by a discussion of how we need a woman president, especially a blonde, and how I would have those foreign prime ministers eating out of my hands because I would be, I quote, 'a bombshell.'

Considering the monumentally bad condition my skin has decided to be in the last few days, I'll take my compliments where I can. At the very least, it gave me a laugh.

In other news, congratulations to [ profile] coramegan, who as of this afternoon has finished the first portion of the medical school boards! I know you'll know them dead, hun, but no matter what I hope you know how proud I am of you.
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I'm so sorry I've been absent the last few days, and slow to reply on everything for the last week - obviously, I've been busy.

Yesterday was my departmental (anthropology) graduation ceremony. Everything went really well, I saw lots of people I knew from classes who I was thrilled to get to talk to again, and my mom, her parents, my dad, and my stepmom were all there, which was wonderful. Got a beautiful certificate, even, which I think is sooo much better than the standardized diploma. Then it was out to dinner with mom and grandparents, back home for a bit, and out to a party at Amy's, with [ profile] miss_arel, where I had far too much to drink, and also a lot of fun.

Then today was the family deal with my dad's side, preceded by going out to buy my graduation present with my dad. A bit of confusion, since he'd decided not to go with the original plan (a laptop) and had instead decided that he wanted to buy me a piece of Real Jewelry. I was initially dubious (I just don't own expensive clothes or jewelry, it's just not something I do), but he was convinced that it would be a better long-term gift, and I really do love the sapphire and diamond pendant I eventually chose. I also got a cookbook and a bunch of new skin-care stuff from my stepmom, some potted chicks-and-hens and another pendant from my dad's parents, and money (too much, really!) from my mom's parents.

And then, after the barbecue at Dad's, we went out to my second-cousin's party in Fremont. She's finally finished remodeling her house (eight years, but it looks great!), and she's leaving on the 20th to adopt her baby in Guatemala! And I got to see a friend/ex-girlfriend of hers (Cindy - [ profile] narsilion, you remember her!), who is quite probably the sweetest woman alive, as well as owning the best-behaved dog I have ever met. I hope my friends and I end up like Brenda and her friends when we're their age - although I think I slightly disturbed my stepmom when I said that. XD

And now... I'm going to go panic about the fact that Mark called today. I swear, I'm sooo tired of things that just don't work out. I'm so tired of the mess that comes of one person or another not being interested, of being totally "blah" about the whole thing, of not being in the right mental place for things... the whole deal. And I have a headache. But that's probably because I've had more alcohol in the last two days than I usually have in a month.

what a day

Jun. 7th, 2006 04:02 pm
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I just finished my last ever undergraduate final at the University of Washington. Yay!!! It was an essay test. My essay consisted, in fairly large part, of an extended metaphor comparing "life chances" to gambling. It was a tad surreal, especially since I don't gamble.

What was more surreal was walking out of the test and getting annoyed for the umpteen-billionth time today that while my left shoe is nicely clicky (very low heel - I love the sound of clicking heels), my right shoe doesn't click. Guess why? 'Cause it's a totally different fecking shoe. It took me until 4pm to realize that I was wearing mismatched black leather shoes.

I'm going to go print out the application-to-rent from [ profile] maymargaret (that's right, house-folks, she sent it!), check in at the anthro department office and maybe at my old work office, and then go home. Because wow.

(It's only been a week since I 'left,' but I already feel weird being on campus again - like the job at That Company has been a dream. I used to get like this whenever I'd go home to visit my parents after I moved to Seattle, or when I'd come home after a period of traveling, but it's still... kind of surreal. This campus has been the center of my life for so long, it feels weird being back after being away for even a short while.)
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I have a (borrowed) set of UW graduation robes hanging in my closet, and my first final is this Wednesday. I guess that means it's really happening. The fact that I've been planning for it all year does surprisingly little to make this less surreal.

Since I spent most of the day visiting with [ profile] shadawyn and helping her move, I'm excusing myself from essay-writing for the rest of the night. I'm going to make some herbal tea and work on my fun-writing for a while before bed.

I really need a new writing icon - I got rid of my old one because it didn't meet my standards once I got a little better with GIMP, but now... hmm. Must make a new one. I need to redo the Methos icon, too. Not satisfied anymore. Ah, the unending cycle.


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