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The Boy and I had four of our closest friends over to watch the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery this evening, and I would say that it (both our party and the premiere) was a success.

Random, Disordered Thoughts and Spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 )
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The world is a mess, my country is currently being driven 110 MPH the wrong direction down the freeway by a drunk toddler with a bad spray-on tan, and, oh, I'm pretty sure I'm about to get my period. Which means that I'm still not pregnant. Oh, and I get to spend a week in the middle of nowhere with my in-laws at the end of this month, assuming we all live that long!

Which we had damned well better, because at this point one of the main things getting me through all this is writing ridiculously AU OC fanfic for Star Trek: Discovery, and if I don't get to at least see the fucking pilot before this trash fire of a global situation goes critical, I am going to raise motherfucking hell in the afterlife.

All of that said, work is going pretty well for the most part, my cats are still cute, and The Boy and I are generally doing well. And I've been enjoying writing the afore-mentioned ridiculously AU OC fanfic for Discovery. Also, I'm giving some tours this weekend. So, hey, good things.


May. 17th, 2017 03:48 pm
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There's a trailer for Star Trek: Discovery!

An actual realfax trailer, not the bullshit teaser crap that they put up last time! This one has actors! Speaking lines! In costume and makeup! This show might actually happen sometime!

Okay, while the excitement is still real and hasn't yet again been replaced by a gnawing sense of dread and the certainty that no other Star Trek will ever be what Deep Space Nine was to me...

Dear CBS:

Please, for the love of all that's holy, don't fuck this up.

The world has kind of gone to shit, lately, and I could really use having a Star Trek (no, the movies don't count - the movies, to me, have never counted) to look to for hope. Also, you've delayed so long that you're once again going to be coming out around my birthday, so for my birthday, I would very much like you to not fuck this up.

Love, Me.

So, friends - what do YOU want from the new series? And how much do you think your tiny little hearts are going to be crushed and broken by the reality that we shall inevitably experience come "sometime in the fall?" And what the fuck is up with those "Klingons," anyway?

Edited to Add: For my first specific request, I would like this tweet to be some kind of stupid joke. Because that shit looks like their redesigned Klingons got really drunk and saw Tom Cruise's new The Mummy movie and got some kind of bizarre resurrection idea and no fucking way am I putting up with that kind of bullshit.

Oh god, it took them all of ten minutes to poke a hole in my enthusiasm. This going to be a nightmare, isn't it?
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Lucius Malfoy has now joined the new Star Trek cast that already included Abe Sapien from the Hellboy movies, Sasha from The Walking Dead, Yu Shu Lien from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Marc Cohen from RENT.

Somewhere, my college self doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. My current self is just about as confused.
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Stolen from [personal profile] selenak, the End of Year Fannish Meme!

1. Your main fandom of the year? Old Star Trek: DS9 and ENT. I had a huge personal loss and massive life-change this year, as well as some resulting depression, and the combination sent me scrambling for comfort in the form of both the familiar and long-beloved (DS9) and the familiar-but-slightly-new (ENT).

2. Your favourite film watched this year? I'm terrible at picking only one favorite, so instead I'll list a few: Arrival, Moana, and Hail, Caesar! come to the top of my mind.

3. Your favourite book read this year? Again, terrible at picking only one, but I developed a passion for Georgette Heyer this year, and probably my favorite of her books is either Arabella or Frederica.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year? I'm going to go with "favorite new to this year," so that would be the short-lived but marvelously underrated BrainDead. Seriously, check this out if you missed it, it's hilarious, has a marvelous cast, and is perfectly delightful.

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year? Meh, I have honestly not been that terribly involved in online fandom this year, apart from individually with a few friends. Mostly I love that there are still fans of the old stuff floating around putting up occasional new things.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year? Uh... The Force Awakens taught me that sometimes I really like Star Wars?

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year? Uhhhhhhhhhh... does the ENT finale count? Because wow, that was a piece of shit. I was prepared, and I was still horrified.

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year? 2016 shall go down in my fandom history as the year that I coped with my messed up life by falling head over heels for Commander Shran, and Jeffrey Combs in general.

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year? Hmm, let's say Mary Elizabeth Winstead, because I loved her character in BrainDead and was thrilled to see her doing something better than Scott Pilgrim.

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year? Seeing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Globe Theater in London, and then watching the same production several months later when its final performance was streamed by the BBC. That was fucking fantastic.

11. The most missed of your old fandoms? The most missed would probably be Babylon 5, which I've been somewhat restraining myself from (just the thought of the DVD menus is enough to keep me from pulling them out, even though I'd love to rewatch some of my favorite episodes, and I'm a little afraid of falling face-first back into all that madness) and whose online camaraderie I really missed from the old days of LJ.

12. The fandom you haven’t tried yet, but want to? Hmm, dunno. We've been trying Leverage, but it's not really clicking yet? I know, that doesn't totally count. Uhhhh... I might watch Rogue One once it's on Apple TV? I'm afraid it'll be too Saving Private Ryan for me.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year? American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery. I suspect the former will surpass my usual levels of accepted violence/gore and the latter will disappoint me in some way, but I am still ridiculously excited for both and will do my best to stick them out regardless. Also looking forward to the as-yet-untitled (as far as I know) spin-off from The Good Wife, because damn but I miss that show. Oh, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Man am I excited for that game.
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So, after seeing yet another of those "Hey, we're tired of Tumblr fandom's shit" and a lot of people commenting with basically "I would love to go back to Dreamwidth/LJ but it doesn't seem to be active," I decided, well, hell, if that many of us feel that way maybe we should just flipping try to post here again. Because hell yeah, I'm sick of a medium that doesn't allow the kind of conversation that made me interested in fandom to begin with.

So anyway, this is me, putting myself out there to say hey, I'm still here! I would totally still be here all the time if other folks were still here, too!

As far as fandom stuff goes, I'm mostly just waiting with bated breath for Star Trek: Discovery. Will it almost certainly disappoint me? Yeah, now that Bryan Fuller isn't leading it anymore I'm resigned to the fact that after the first few episodes the amazingness may taper off and I might not actually like it, and also it is going to be a giant return to the usual Klingon obsession, which is sad. But freaking Doug Jones is playing an alien regular, Michelle Yeoh is playing a Starfleet captain, and Sonequa Martin-Green is the lead character. I can't miss the possibilities represented there, even if they wind up not being quite everything I'm hoping for.

Also, Moana and Arrival were both fabulous movies. And [personal profile] hearts_blood is currently doing a fantastic job of dragging me back into our old Minbari headcanon universe. She also got me the Crimson Peak artbook for Christmas and it is flipping gorgeous.

How's everybody else doing out there?
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Dear Santa Bryan Fuller:

I've been a very good girl and I have been a loyal viewer of your shows (we can talk later about my reasons for only having actually seen a few episodes of Hannibal, but suffice to say I was a devoted fan of the show anyway, and did everything I could to support the social media campaigns and whatnot to save it), and I can't wait for American Gods, but I have a few requests, sir, for when you get around to the new Star Trek series, which I'm told is now officially called Star Trek: Discovery. These are, of course, only my personal opinions, but since they're based on watching the entirety of TOS, TNG, and DS9 at least once as well as watching about half of VOY and, well, eleven episodes of ENT (I'll come back to that in a minute), not to mention a good portion of the old and new movies, I think I know whereof I speak when I talk about this franchise. So. My requests, in no particular order: )
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So, as part of my attempt to recover from the woe and angst and whatnot documented in my last post, I returned to a guilty pleasure that I'd picked up some months back--watching select episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. I didn't watch it back when it was actually a new thing, you see (or rather I watched about 15 minutes and decided that I could live without a series who started off by deciding that the Vulcan girl needed to get down to her underwear). Fortunately for me it improved later... sort of.

See, I say "selected episodes," and that is exactly what I mean: I only watch the episodes with Jeffrey Combs' character, Shran, in them.

Partly this is because I've adored Jeffrey Combs in many other sci-fi shows of roughly similar vintage, and partly it's because honest to god that character is the one thing that made me at all interested in watching. Years and years ago, back in college, I was in a bubble tea place that my friends and I frequented and they had the TV running, and an episode of Enterprise with him in it happened to be on and overlaid with Korean pop music. And it was the slashiest thing I'd ever seen. I was delighted to find out that his character was nearly as slashy without the Korean pop, and by informing me of this [personal profile] hearts_blood eventually convinced me that okay fine, I would watch an episode with him in it. And then another. And another. And then write some ridiculously bad fanfic bits just for our mutual consumption. And then watch even more, and write a bit more ridiculously bad fanfic, and so on. I never did get around to watching a single episode without Shran, and probably won't, because none of the other characters particularly interest me.

However that has led to a problem. I took a niiiice long gap in there, so it took a while for me to arrive at this point... but I've now watched all the episodes with Shran in them except for the very last episode, which I have on very good authority is unspeakably terrible. So, uh, there goes my trashy happy TV watching, I guess? And the one thing I've managed to rouse myself to write fic about in the last while?

Can't there just be more of it? Specifically more with Shran, mind - I still don't give a flying fuck about anybody else on the show... but given that it ended as a rather epic failure eleven years ago I have a pretty strong sense I won't be getting anything else out of it.

So, basically... shit.

(For the record, my mood has improved and I am not, like, on the verge of a breakdown or something anymore, particularly not because my trashy television of choice is done. But still! I am sulky.)
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Okay, fellow Star Trek geeks, I have a good one for you - check this out. Sometimes (not very often, but it happens) genderswap seems to me to be mostly an excuse to draw (or show) even more cheesecake than the original canon has, but in this case, not so much. In this case it's an excuse to show a female (new!canon) Kirk who is exactly what the male one is, and a female Pine who is exactly what the male one is, too, thereby showing up the standards of what women can and cannot be shown doing in movies and TV.

I grant you, if they'd done this, the battle would have been sexed up like nobody's business, and I'd probably dislike female Kirk about as much as I dislike male Kirk. But if it was done well (as in, not a Charlie's Angels cheap wank-fest for the boys with faux grrl power to appease a couple women who can't tell the difference between empowerment and sex symbols masquerading as empowerment), it would still be kind of bad-ass. And this video gives a taste.

Check out all of the Rule 63 Rules Tumblr for more awesome genswitch, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] miss_arel for the tip!

And now I'm back to pretending to write, since I spent most of my evening watching Chuck, drinking wine, and playing "Plants vs. Zombies." How evil are the bungee bastards? Not what I'd planned to do with my Sunday night, but I can't say I regret a minute of it. ♥

fic rec!

Feb. 8th, 2011 09:30 pm
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Link snagged from [livejournal.com profile] cassildra: This fic is freaking awesome.

It's called "Heel Turn," it's New!Star Trek, and it's about Sulu. And knitting. And Kirk being a kind of adorable frat boy. And the whole ensemble being cute. Go. Read. ♥
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Fandoms: Doctor Who, Star Trek XI
Characters: Ninth Doctor, Spock Prime.
Summary: On an icy planet, two outcasts discuss planets. Specifically their own.
Notes: SPOILERS FOR STAR TREK XI!! Also, it's all [livejournal.com profile] tavern_wench1's fault. And un-beta'd, so forgive any glaring mistakes, please.
Rating: Suitable for all audiences, if slightly sad.

Title: Ice and Fire

You know this isn't right. )
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Question: I cannot possibly be the only hetero- or bisexual girl in the world who doesn't find Zach Quinto attractive, can I?

Insert obligatory "not that there's anything wrong with that" clause here. I just don't, and it bemuses me because... well, because he's kind of got My Type written all over him, and yet I am so unmoved.

So... stand up and be counted, ye other 'nope, not seeing it!' people... because I'm feeling very alone in this right now, and slightly afraid that if I keep up with this whole 'sucked back into the old fandom' thing, I may just develop some sort of... backhanded attraction-by-association thing. o_O Sort of like how the more you watch Doctor Who, the more likely you are to eventually find yourself completely un-bothered by the idea of any of the Doctors? And to even sort of find all of them attractive? Or maybe that's just me... There but for the grace of 'dear god, no' go I, I suppose, anyway.

Anyway. Humor me, people. I'm feeling sullied and unusual exhausted and crummy from a messy day at work and a nasty bout of hormones.
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Oh, blast, curses, and damnation.

How did I manage to not only go for my one bathroom break during That Movie (Star Trek of course) at the same time that my previously-improbable OTP decided to make itself known as suddenly canon, but then to only find out because I link-hopped to a community for the pairing and found pictures and a fanvid? ^%#@^%$@#@$^$#!

*Shakes fist at an unforgiving sky* I knew it happened because of a later scene, but I thought that was all we got - apparently I missed all the good bits! Argh! This means I will have to see it again! (Oh, woe!)

On the other hand... keep it quiet so that my muse doesn't notice (I'm convinced right now it could be scared away by a loud noise), but I'm writing! Writing! Again, writing! I've written almost a whole scene tonight! And I really really really hope it's not about to dry up!!! ...I should have known that seeing this movie, if it was good, was going to faceplant me back in my oldest of fandoms.

Edit, 2 seconds later: And now I'm panicked that the bit that I missed somehow negates what I've written. Hellfire, disaster, doom, and lamentation. And also, woe.
I'm going to go cry watch the damned sappy fanvid that revealed that I'd missed something and try to fucking lipread to see how screwed my story is to bed. Maybe. Or maybe try to force myself to finish this scene in hopes that it's not completely jossed by the bit of new!canon that I stupidly walked out on, gods damn it.
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Saw the new Star Trek movie last night Friday. I am pleased to say that it was the best ever, IMHO, and that the fandom of my childhood is back and out of its nasty little funk of late. Woooo.

There are, naturally, SPOILERS for the movie in this cut. :D In which things are not lame! Or at all annoying! Also, in which I fangirl Leonard Nimoy even more than usual. )
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Apparently, Bill Shatner has recently noticed that George Takei gets more attention than he does. This does not make him happy.

And, in order to show exactly WHY he's more popular,
Takei responds with his usual cool and calm. And then (the ultimate diss) changes the subject to something much more important than Shatner's blatherings - California's Proposition 8.

In your own words, Shatner - get a life.

I'm sure, after all the time they've known each other, that both have been at fault at some point. But for goodness' sake, Shatner's ranting just makes him look like a spoiled child (like that's a surprise...).
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] zinjadu (and all other Sean Bean and/or Shakespeare fans)...

Take a look at this.

♥ ♥ ♥

Update: Oh, and while I'm linkspamming... I did a little checking at the official Star Trek site (www.startrek.com, as though any of you couldn't have guessed it...) and found this: So... Abrams is refusing to say what the movie would be about, actually. )

I'm a bit relieved by this, honestly, mostly because the Starfleet Academy plot idea seemed even further from the usual Trek movie than I'd expect. Still very interested to see what comes of this.
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Just when you thought the franchise had finally died... they're planning Star Trek XI. With new actors cast as Kirk and Spock. So, apparently they've given up on the more recent branches and are trying to get back to their roots... not a bad choice

What do you think, folks? Will this resurrect a dying dinosaur, or will it be the last godawful blow that makes all of us who were once fans wish we'd never heard the name Star Trek?

Also, casting thoughts? Because it's fun to make silly stuff up for things like this. XD
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Tonight, I have to rewrite a little bit more of that essay I've been whining about, but I'm feeling pretty good about it, as the workshopping went well and it turns out I got a 4.0 on my last paper (woohoo!). But before I do that, I have a 'meeting' for the Senior Gift Council... at one of the local pubs. And when I checked my email to double-check the time and place, I saw a notice from the UW library. I thought it was just a double-notice for the held book I picked up today (which I'll get to in just a second), but it turns out that the copy of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is ready for me to pick it up!

Just in time, too, since I'm more than halfway through Jingo. XD

Oh, and because I know some of you will appreciate this, the book I picked up today is called Fantasy Girls: Gender in the New Universe of Science Fiction and Fantasy Television. I'm not quite sure how science fiction television is new, but I'm really excited to read this.

The most interesting (to me) chapter titles:

"The Cartesian Novum of Third Rock from the Sun: Gendering Human Bodies and Alien Minds."
"Scully Hits the Glass Ceiling: Postmodernism, Postfeminism, Posthumanism, and The X-Files."
"Feminism, Queer Studies, and the Sexual Politics of Xena: Warrior Princess."
"To Be a Vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Race and ("Other") Socially Marginalizing Positions on Horror TV."
"The Construction of Feminine Identity in Babylon 5."
and, last but not least,
"No Ramps in Space: The Inability to Envision Accessibility in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

I can't remember who I was talking to a while ago about this ([livejournal.com profile] cassildra, was it you?), but they're talking about Melora, of course. I practically bounced up and down and mentally screamed "I thought of that!!!" when I saw that title. ♥

...Damn it. I'm going to have to spoil myself if I want to read the damned B5 essay. Or rather, I should say, I just did spoil myself just by glancing at the damned thing. *^$%#^@~! But still. Happy!


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