Apr. 5th, 2017 08:53 pm
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I have updated my icons to remove the old fannish ones I wasn't using anymore, and include some new ones that I think I will get more use out of. Nothing fannish yet, though I might trade a few old ones out for that later. We'll see.

In other news, Theoden (my cat) seems to be recovering nicely from his surgery... mostly evidenced by the fact that he jumps up on my desk to try to find food that I might have left there, and starts chewing on stuff and crying and being annoying about 2 hours before he's supposed to get dinner. So that's... good? For a certain definition of "good." XD

I'm also trying to get caught up to where The Boy is at in S-Town, which is tough because he listens while he's on his commute, and I don't have a commute anymore. But it's a very enjoyable and mind-bending story, and good listening for while I knit in the evening.
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Dear Fancy-Pants Neighbor,

Under most circumstances it would really annoy me that you had your landscaper tearing out your still-blossoming spring bulbs yesterday because that's a serious waste and it makes me sad, but since I was able to snag a bunch of the ones he'd left laying on the sidewalk and hustle them home to an empty planter on my balcony and a day later it looks like I'll probably have a number of cute little bluebells for a little while and possibly some hyacinths (which hadn't even opened yet, you monster), I guess some degree of thanks are in order.

Your neighbor who hates watching plants die

Dear Cat,

I know you hate your e-collar (aka Cone of Shame). I know it makes you miserable and sad, and you don't understand why you can't lick your leg. The thing is, you had surgery. Remember that day when we took you to the scary place and then when you came home you were really wobbly and drunk and sore? Yeah. They had to cut a big tumor out of your back leg. You can't lick your leg because we'd like you to not tear out the sutures and reopen the incision. If you manage not to tear or otherwise damage anything before then, you should be able to have the sutures removed this Saturday, and then we can all go back to life as usual.

Until then, please try not to knock the guard-wall off your litter box and then forget where your fuzzy butt is supposed to be in relation to the box, get litter on your collar, or, worse, get poo on your collar. None of us have any fun when you do these things. None of us.

Your Humans


Feb. 26th, 2016 05:54 pm
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Boy, it's a good thing I'm not any further along in my pregnancy than I am, since I found out at 5pm today that some tree roots have found their way into the pipes and messed up my building's water system, meaning no running water (including toilet flushing) for us until at least 7:30pm.

We're going out to dinner, and maybe to a movie after if we can find something that looks good to us.

Meanwhile, I've already had to mutter "don't flush, don't flush, don't flush," to myself after peeing, and then immediately turned on the faucet, got my hands into it, then remembered (duh, what was I just telling myself about the water system?), quickly turned off the water and dried my hands, then panicked and then ran to find hand sanitizer because, hell, I don't know, and I'm pregnant so every little possibility of contamination is instantly twenty times scarier than usual.

At least the electric tea kettle was still mostly full from earlier, so I was still able to pour myself a glass of non-suspect water to drink.

(Also my poor cat freaked out when the apartment manager knocked on the door because SOMEONE WAS KNOCKING ON THE DOOR, and more than half an hour later still had to sliiiiiiink cauuuuuutiously out of my office like he was afraid the (totally not-at-all) scary man might still reappear at any instant. Dude didn't even come in the door, and the cats have seen him several times since we moved here, but Theo has turned into a huge wimp in his old age and suddenly is afraid of pretty much everyone but The Boy and I.)
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Theo should totally have this cat armor. It would make him look like his namesake!

They have a Samurai version, too, which I'm sure The Boy would want for Random-cat.... which leaves perhaps something Medieval Tournament style for Toaster? Edited to add: No, I lied. Elven princess cat armor. Yup. That'd be the one.

In all seriousness - aren't these just gorgeous? I would totally buy them as display pieces, if I didn't know the cats would just knock them over... ♥
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Early this morning, my cat was a bastard and had to get shut out of the bedroom. Slightly later in the early morning, I heard one of the cats fussing with the door (they reach their paws under the door and pull it with their claws so that it rattles and, incidentally, scratches the paint (and some bits of wood) off the bottom of the door), so I got up to solve the problem. It appeared that it had been Random doing it because he wanted out of the bedroom, so I opened the door for him... right over my left big toe. It hurt, but when I gave it a muzzy in-the-dark look-over it didn't appear to actually be damaged, so I went back to sleep.

'Appear' to be damaged turned out to be the operative part of that sentence. This morning, I awoke to discover that I'd actually bent back a corner of my big toe, causing it to rip a bit and turn white, while the flesh around it was all dark purple and scabbed. Um. Ow.

I went over it with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin and then put a band-aid on, but it hurts like hell. I hope I will not be losing part of my nail, because that would probably freak me the hell out. :P

Anyway. So far this morning we've been to breakfast at one of the really neat restaurants near our place, and then went to Bed Bath & Beyond for some miscellaneous toiletries and to Lush because I was out of the salt scrub that I'm addicted to... and then ended up with a new body moisturizer that I hope will tread the fine line between moisturizing and making me break out. Good times.
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So far this evening, my cat has whined for his wet food even though he still had dry food in his bowl, eaten his wet food, thrown his wet food back up in two places (one, miracle of miracles, on linoleum), hopped on the table to grab a stray candy wrapper, walked all over me while I tried to read a book, jumped back down, hopped back up on the table to steal the same damned candy wrapper that I already took from him, hopped up on the sideboard table to knock down the spray bottle there, and then, once again, stolen the stupid god damned candy wrapper from the table. And now he's left the candy wrapper in the middle of the floor, because apparently it's just not fun when I finally give up and ignore him.

...And he just jumped up onto the dresser in the living room and is trying to figure out if he can climb into the barely-cracked drawer, or if he should just eat my silk flowers instead. Or possibly knock some books down.

.....And I just had to get up and stop him from bending my final project for exhibit design.

It's a really good thing that I love this damned fuzzball.
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Still working on unpacking the apartment, but at least I can say now that two of my three bookshelves are set up and stocked, although they need some serious reorganizing once the full collection is out and available, if for no better reason than that I find it weirdly upsetting to have short paperbacks shelved with taller books in between them, and have been thinking it might be nice at least to attempt to organize by subject.

But! I've been reading a few awesome books lately, so I thought I'd share brief reviews. :)

Recently read the first book of the Temeraire series, and absolutely adored it - dragons and the Napoleonic wars! What's not to love? ♥ Also read Bimbos of the Death Sun, and am now immersed in the sequel, Zombies of the Gene Pool. The first is essentially about an engineering professor who's written a very serious sci-fi novel which his publisher chooses to retitle "Bimbos of the Death Sun" for selling purposes, and then is dragged to a science fiction convention (in the 1980s) where he gets involved in all sorts of insane and strangely accurate-if-parodic fannish events and confusions. It and the sequel are a bit like a novelization of Fandom_Wank, if it had existed in the 80s. It's pretty darned adorable.

And lastly, am currently listening to Oliver Sacks' Musicophilia while working. Wonderfully lucid, intelligent, interesting and symphathetic writing, exactly what I expect of Mr Sacks' work, and the subject matter (neurological and psychological disorders surrounding the perception of music) is fascinating.

And a note on the cats: Random and Theoden are now allowed to be together out in the apartment as long as the Boy or I are home to supervise them, and so far we've had a pretty minimal amount of angry noises and only a few minor swatting-fights. I'm hoping they'll settle down further once they get used to each other more, particularly to the point that they can allow each other on the bed... right now, Random growls and makes aggressive posture if Theoden tries to hop on the bed with us, and that makes me extremely sad. But I think they'll get over it, considering how much progress they've already made. ♥
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I just listened to two of the Torchwood audio plays while packing (the third I'm saving for next week at work, since I could download it...), and you know what? Miracle of miracles, they were actually pretty damned good. I mean, whatever tiny bits of science crept in sucked (particularly on that last one...), but the writing was actually really good (for Torchwood, at least), and the cast didn't ham it up horribly like they did with the one last year (I can't blame them for that, mind - with that shit script hamming was the only option).

But seriously, these plays read like good episodes, rather than shoddy, cheap-ass junk. Color me impressed - maybe these specials coming up will actually be good, too, even without Tosh and Owen!

In other news, I love my new haircut... so here's one shot of that, and a few other random bits.

Images are thumbnails, but cut for convenience - beneath are pictures of me, the boy, a little local scenery from hiking last week, and, of course, my cat )
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So, [ profile] lizbee posted a few pics the other day from a book Lalla Ward illustrated back in the 1970s or so... and of course being that it was a cat book I couldn't resist looking.

It's... a bit like looking in a mirror, actually.

Images under the cut! )
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Today, I accidentally left my brand-new headphones on my desk when I left for work.

Only my roommate and former housemates will truly understand the horror of this statement.

I thought of it as I got to the end of the block, but I was already running late thanks, in part, to a zoomy fit wherein the cat ran out the door and around the hall for several minutes before I could catch him and put him back in the apartment, so I couldn't go back and get them (or put them away in a drawer). "Maybe he'll leave them alone," I thought. Too much optimism, obviously. The poor headphones were strewn out on the floor when I got home, chewed apart in two places. I hadn't even finished yelling at him for that (yes, I know - yelling will do no good at this point, but I couldn't stop myself) when the little bastard set tooth on my laptop cable, which is the absolute biggest of all possible no-no's. I threw him out of my bedroom, and we're now back to him being banned from it if I'm not right there watching him.

I liked those headphones - and this is something like the fourth pair I've lost to his chewing habit in the last few years. I try to buy him chew-toys, and he won't chew on them. I try to put bitter-apple extract on stuff, but I can't put it on everything, and I can't put it on stuff I handle all the time, because inevitably I stick my finger in my mouth or something and damn is that stuff nasty.

I love the fuzzy little jerk, but this chewing thing is just so annoying.

ETA: And just after I posted this, EVE (the laptop) had her first blue-screen-of-death moment. Windows helpfully popped up with a little "diagnose the cause of this failure" when she restarted. Diagnosis of cause? Windows Vista, of course. At least they're honest and don't try to sugar-coat it. :P And I now am downloading the service pack that will supposedly prevent further issues. Yay.
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I know, I just did this a few days ago, but... he was being cute.

Cat pic-spam! )
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I found my thumb-drive! Yay!

And because of that, here are pictures - one for [ profile] beam_oflight for her birthday, and one of my kitty, requested in the photography meme that I swear I haven't forgotten. ;)

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Cat Wake-up Call on YouTube.

Familiar to anyone who has cats. Explanatory for those who don't. Probably hilarious for all.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 02:00 pm
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Spent most of last night mending jeans, because my last good pair decided to catch on one of our kitchen chairs and rip, and then stayed up entirely too late trying to perfect a new User-info header thing, because I felt like I wanted to do something with a pretty new texture I found, and can't figure out for the life of me how to do the coding for personalized LJ layouts. Yes, I do code-monkeying for a living, and I can't figure out LJ. I suck.

In either case, I mean to spend this evening writing and/or drawing, because it's been too long since I've done a decent amount of either. Drawing in particular, but the writing is the bit that really deserves to be worked on consistently.

Am currently attempting to convince myself that I don't need to adopt another kitty to be Theo's friend, because he seems soooo lonely now that he's alone in the apartment all day. He was all snuggly last night, and I felt so guilty about how little attention he gets. I'd love to have another fuzzy, I just worry that it would end up making it more difficult for me to find an apartment when we move out of this place, or they wouldn't get along, or something else bad would happen. :(

I'm really bored and sleepy. Thank god for Bill Bryson audio books and tea, or I would most likely be completely brain-dead.
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Finally took the time to get the software for my digital camera uploaded... so you lot get to be subjected to cute pictures of my cat. What else am I going to take pictures of the instant I get a camera?

In which Theo (and Terra and Jessie) are very cute )

There will be pictures of things other than my cat later, I promise. He's just such a camera-whore, it's hard not to indulge a little. XD
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Theo sauntered back into the house about 5pm today, and thanks to [ profile] narsilion I came home with a bit of hot food and the second season of Babylon 5 in hand, so it's been a pretty good evening, as things go.

Babylon 5 is... a mystery to me, in terms of my reactions. I love it, but there's so much that makes me grit my teeth. )

I still want an Ivanova icon. I'm just waiting to find the right picture. Ye gods, I love that woman. XD

Oh, yeah - one more thing, totally unrelated to the rest of the post. Is anybody else suddenly finding themselves with one of those obnoxious grey toolbars that LJ's been pushing? I didn't order this thing! I don't like them! Why is it on my journal?!
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Got up at 4am, as promised, and went up first to check the two doors. Nothing at the front door, but when I turned on the light at the back door I saw a familiar orange lump hunkered down on our porch. And then I did the thing that proves that even a person who's lived with cats (often in large numbers) all their life can occasionally completely forget how to deal with them: I was so shocked that I moved immediately into opening the door. And he ran and hid somewhere in the jungle of our backyard.

Now, granted, said jungle is currently half-cleared thanks to a lot of work by [ profile] maymargaret, but there's still a fair amount of brush for a kitty to hide in. So I've just spent the last hour sitting on our back steps with his favorite toy and a can of cat food, begging him to come out. No luck so far. As I already knew, the fuzzball is stubborn. So now I'm inside again, figuring that if he doesn't see me he might come out for the food, but I don't know how the hell I'm going to catch him if that's how he's playing the game. If he's sufficiently freaked by this whole experience that he's running away from me, how am I supposed to get him back inside?

There's a brilliant metaphor for the human condition in here somewhere, but right now I'm too busy fussing over how to figure this out. Additionally? Really damned tired. And I have to say, I'm amused by how fast I've been cycling back and forth between "poor baby, he's so scared, I'm so worried about him" to "stupid damned cat, come out of the bushes so I can relax already!" Ah. Human nature.

Update: 1 can of cat food, one toy, one still-panicked human and a half-hour nap later, it's been almost four hours since I last saw Theo disappearing into the bushes. Am becoming convinced there's an interdimensional portal back there, or perhaps some kind of hole in the fence through which his fuzzy butt has made his 'escape' since I am clearly the evil matron of the Screeching Door of Doom, and not warm person who feeds him. Still in a panic over cat, now with added "oh god I'm supposed to be at work in an hour, should I go or should I call in?" It's not like I'm any use sitting here waiting for him to come back, but I think I might be in a worse panic if I didn't have the opportunity to check for him every five minutes. Waugh.


Jul. 11th, 2006 12:34 am
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I can't figure out when it could have happened, but Theo got outside tonight and I can't find him. Thoughts and prayers would be very very very much appreciated. I know he's probably just hiding somewhere close by, but he's not allowed outside and I, stupid as I am, have been letting him go without his harness lately, so he doesn't have his tags on. He's still got his microchip, but that'll only help if he's actually taken to the shelter.

I'm totally not up for sleep, but I'm going to try to go to bed for a few hours and get up again just before dawn, to look for him in the quiet, after he's gotten hungry. We (the whole house, many thanks to the housemates) looked for an hour after we realized he was gone, but no luck. If I haven't found him by the time I'd leave for work tomorrow, I'm calling in sick so I can go around knocking on doors. Maybe he got lost and cried at the wrong door, like cats sometimes do at ours, and someone took him in.

I should have put that stupid harness back on the very morning after he got it off, I was just so confused that he'd gotten it tangled somehow. And then he seemed fine without it, and he wasn't making for the door like he used to, so I figured it'd be okay. Stupid stupid stupid. And I don't even know when he got out - how could I not have noticed that he wasn't around? I'm just so used to him disappearing for naps or whatever, I didn't think of it until it was time for bed, and then... I know he was sleeping in my room at about 7, when I was one the phone with dad.

I really want my kitty back.
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Gods fucking sonofabitch damn it.

My cat. You know, the cute one whose ass I rescued from the evil animal control shelter? The one I feed, play with, and love?


I lost an hour. On a morning when I need to be finishing the last bits of my fucking paper. The fuzzy little bastard made my clock say that it was 7:00 when in actuality it was 8:00. Meaning I traipsed into work completely convinced that it was 8:30. And that I had three hours to finish my diagram, word-work, etc, when in actuality, I have fecking two hours.

No wonder I'm hungry. No wonder the stupid fake-bells weren't playing their off-tune renditions of classical songs this morning. Because it wasn't 8:30. And since I was up until almost 2am, I didn't notice the difference. ARGH.


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