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Oct. 9th, 2011 07:46 pm
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Many thanks to everyone for the wedding well-wishes!!! I promise to respond individually as soon as we're all the way back from Hawaii - at the moment we're ine the last night of our stay on Kauai, and "looking forward" to a long pair of flights home tomorrow.

The big and little highlights:

We're married! The wedding went off without a hitch, despite leaving the iPad with all the music at the hotel (groom and his buddies had to run back to retrieve it, blessedly leaving me none the wiser since I'd already hidden myself and my girls upstairs), the food was good and everyone seemed to have fun, and I even managed to hit my entrance with my dad at exactly the moment in "The Shape of Things to Come" that I had pegged as the perfect entrance cue. I had a beautiful shawl, three beautiful bridesmaids, and I actually managed to remember my vows so I didn't have to read them. Win! The venue staff even praised our taste in dance music, particularly after the Portal Song. XD

In Hawaii: a beautiful little striped gray dove landed right on my hand to steal a bit of my toast, we went kayaking and busted the asses of everyone else on our tour except a sweet couple from SF, we drove around and saw pretty much the whole island, we indulged mutual passions for shaved ice, ate barbecued wild boar bought at a mini farmer's market in a guy's yard and starfruit straight off a tree, went on a catamaran cruise and sat on the bow with our feet hanging off, saw dolphins and sea turtles and flying fish... And lots of other stuff, including a fairly awesome luau, but now we're pretty much ready to be coming home. Which, considering our flight is tomorrow, is a good thing. I'll try to hit more detail day after tomorrow when I'm on a proper keyboard, bit for now, that's about what I've got. There's some pineapple wine in the fridge that I want to finish before we leave, and it's getting late (for here). Love to all, be back soon! ♥
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Support Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders / MSF's current news from the field in Japan.

Particularly for Japan because, hell, I've been there, I have friends who live there. More than anything, I remember how absolutely kind and understanding everyone in Japan was, from the waiters and baristas and shopkeepers and hostel and museum staff who very kindly put up with my six-word vocabulary and probably-abominable accent, to the old woman who was absolutely determined to make me understand that someone had refilled the teapot I'd just found to be empty (after asking if I spoke Japanese and receiving a negative answer she made a little huff and just grabbed my elbow and led me over to it to show me) to the security guard at Narita airport who made sure that I actually got to my flight home (the gate had changed, and I was utterly lost) - everybody we met in Japan was wonderful, polite, and patient. Nobody deserves the stuff we're seeing out of Sendai the last few days, but this one does hurt me particularly, I admit, because I remember how wonderful Japan was to me.

More links about how to help Japan via the Huffington Post.

Note: Doctors Without Borders / MSF is always my choice for giving in times of disaster, largely because I'm leery of the fact that a lot of relief organizations are (overtly or covertly) faith-based - that doesn't necessarily mean anything about whether or not they're giving fairly at the right times in the right places (I think most of them are), but as a person who is not Christian, I feel like it's my duty to try to help out the alternative organizations, if only because I think people need to know that it's not just Christian groups who want to do good things and help the world. More about Doctors Without Borders / MSF, who they are and what they do. As always, what works for me might not be what works for you - there's plenty of options.
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Watching BSG again now that we're home, and O.M.G.♥♥♥

Reminder: I am almost-totally-unspoiled and loving every minute of it! Plz to be not telling me how things turn out! ♥ Everybody's been really great, I just thought it was worth posting a reminder, just 'cause.

Live-ish-blogging 'Six Degrees of Separation,' and a more normal response to 'Flesh and Bone.' )

Also, there was Vegas. It was good. We saw Cirque du Soleil's "Ka," and it was mind-blowingly insane, and we had far too much good food and saw lions and tigers and dolphins and sharks and I petted beautiful little sea skates and horseshoe crabs♥, and [ profile] shadawyn and [ profile] irishninja got married and it was all very awesome. ♥ Additionally, I did not even get a little bit of sunburn (although I did manage to get the world's worst dehydration headache because I am so not designed for the desert. Very happy to be home where there are trees and the air has actual moisture in it. Also, where my kitties are, because they were very happy to see us. Mostly because they'd eaten all the food in the bowls we left for them, the little piglets, but they were happy nonetheless.
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Apparently the nose tip of our plane needs to be replaced. IF they have a spare, this s 20min or so. If not, plane switch. For now, we're stuck on plane in Salt Lake City. Hoping for no further problems on arrival in Las Vegas.

On Seattle to Utah flight, boy across aisle vomited. Poor kid. His mom left it in a sandwich baggie on the floor when we left. Feel bad for kid that his mom is rude with his vomit.

Nose cone is apparently off, now, and we're waiting for the new one from the hangar. That's how long it taes me to type on my phone. :P
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Heading out tomorrow for Las Vegas, and will be gone until Saturday. May or may not have internet at hotel, not sure.

Be good while I'm gone (for whatever definition of good pleases you), and if you haven't yet please consider dropping me a request on my Halloween fic request post. I like my silly little traditions. ♥
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Vintage Tokyo Subway Posters.

They're awesome. And sometimes really hilarious. Also, Japanese has so many better puns than English. I'm jealous. ♥ Wish they'd still had posters like these when I was over there last year.
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I probably should have made this post several hours ago, but a shower seemed more vital than the internet, and then I briefly broke my jetlag-fighting rule by taking an hour nap which really seems only to have made the situation worse, but hey! I'm home! I've been awake for over 24 hours straight (minus the hour-long-nap)! I'm totally brain-dead! It's kind of awesome how spastic I feel, seriously. But I made it through security and customs and all that (despite at one point going through the scanners with a double-handful of change and my metal belt-buckle still on, oops), and I didn't even murder the annoying teenagers on the light rail or the gaggle of tourists who prevented me from going up the stairs out of the transit tunnel. There was definitely muttering, though, oh, yes.

There will be more pictures when I am not exhausted, and there will be fic as well, because I did actually manage to write things on this trip! But suffice to say:

1. Even (especially?) in another country, I cannot escape constant reminders of Certain Things I Should Be Writing. Seriously, this got a bit silly toward the end of the trip. Not to mention surreal. And also Not Just Me. Pictorial evidence will follow, but I think at this point that [ profile] ryunohi and [ profile] maymargaret can vouch for me that, yes, the universe wants me to finish this stupid fic. And also that I do, actually, have slightly more random-crap-purchase-avoiding willpower than might otherwise be obvious. (I swear, I will make this make more sense at some point - at the moment typing complete words is enough of a challenge.)

2. Shinjuku may be a very nice area, but all in all if I'm going to get lost in a high-class shopping district with Eddie Bauer, the Gap, Starbucks, Tully's, Lush, and Krispy Kreme all within a four-block radius and while getting mildly drizzled on out of a pale grey sky... I might just as well be at home in Seattle where the street maps make sense.

3. Asakusa Kannon temple is awesome. Asakusa in general is awesome. Despite having, for no apparent reason, the highest bead store per capita rating of anywhere that I can possibly imagine. And a lot of scary Christmas stores.

4. Little old women don't care if you don't speak Japanese - they will just boss you louder and more vehemently. I literally got pulled by tiny old women a few times on this trip. It's adorable, if slightly scary. Although I will add that I was tickled the one time one of these women actually asked me (in Japanese) if I spoke Japanese. I can understand just well enough to tell what she was asking. And that, at least, made me feel ever so slightly less pathetic about having to make my now-patented "I'm a stupid gaijin, I'm so sorry" smiley-embarrassed face and shake my head.

5. Inevitably, yes, the adorably nice nurse-and-physiotherapist couple from Britain with whom we've been having a lovely multi-hour conversation in the hostel will turn out to be alt-med supporters. Seriously, where do I go to print out a handy pocket-size "This stuff is shit and here's why" pamphlet for passing out? Because 11pm in a hostel, my brain is not quite up to explaining to the very sweet couple "no, there so is not a lot of scientific evidence - you're mistaking 'lots of crap' for 'scientific evidence,' and that makes me sad!" I was good, though. I was polite. Really. But geeeeahhhhh.

6. My cat just knocked over the recycling. This is his idea of telling me he's glad to have me home, I suspect.


Oct. 31st, 2009 02:17 am
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Pictures from today's rambling are here.

It's just a few so far, but it's a start. :) I have a lot more, but it takes a while for me to go through them, and my contacts are driving me nuts, so that's as much as I can handle at the moment.
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Today was a day for temples and shrines.

After working out some initial disorientation (I swear, maps around here are so weird, because of the streets being un-numbers) and breakfast, we headed up to Asakusa proper and the Senso-ji / Asakusa Kannon temple complex. Absolutely gorgeous area of temples and shrines, although we were slightly put out that the garden was closed. Lots of pictures taken, which I will hopefully put up somewhere in a while (when I can find the camera cord and so on) as well as having a fabulous lunch at a little noodle place, and then walking back via the river and another park with another really pretty temple.

We also found some exceptionally pretty hair ornaments, fabric, cloth things... all sorts of pretty shopping. Lots of pretty things. And a lot of randomness.

And now I have tea to drink, so I should get to that while it's on the way from absolutely scalding to too-tepid-to-enjoy. Right now I'm just happy to be off my feet after a day of walking. But it's been a very good day.

i live!

Oct. 30th, 2009 04:42 am
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I made it, I live, and I'm sooooo tired.

It's 8:30 here in Japan, but as far as my brain is concerned, it's 4:30 in the morning... which means I've been awake for 23.5 hours, not counting a few naps on the plane today. But we got in, figured out the trains after a bit of wandering and confusion, found the hostel after a bit MORE wandering and confusion, and even eventually found dinner after a LOT more wandering and confusion, and with the bonus of a lot of mute pointing and other slightly frantic attempts to communicate with the nice restaurant staff, none of whom spoke more than a few words of English.

Assorted complications and adventures in food and language barriers, among other things. )
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Forgot to ask this earlier because I managed with my towel and sweater, but... am I the only idiot in the world who can't figure out how to blow up one of those damned inflatable neck-pillow things they sell for travel, or is there some kind of trick to it? It's got a... er... inflate-y-bit just like if you're blowing up some kind of inflatable pool toy, but no matter how hard I puff, I can't get the slightest inflation. Tried biting the... mouth-bit thing and all, thinking maybe there was a catch or something... nothing. Anybody?

Off to find correct terminal so that I can wait without worry...

Edited @ 9:25am Have successfully found correct terminal. The international stuff is all in a different building. Apparently this is meant to somehow be intuitive. Sorry, I come from a city where the airport only has one building. Although this does explain why the other building I started out at was so damned chintzy-looking. I thought that seemed a bit bizarre for a big international airport. :P This building is much nicer, albeit also under construction in parts, and with excessively long empty halls in others. Quite strange. But the terminals themselves are very nice.

I'll probably be dropping communication soon, to save my battery for the trip. Next time you hear from me, I'll be in Tokyo!
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Turns out that, while not exactly easy, it is actually possible to get a moderate night’s sleep in an airport. Admittedly, it does help if it’s the middle of the night and the terminal is pretty much completely empty, and also if you don’t mind looking like a complete imbecile while you’re at it. My method turned out to be curling up on one of the annoying bench-chairs, legs over my backpack and upper body around my purse, with my hood pulled up, sleep-mask on, and my wool coat wrapped all the way around myself (or as much as possible in whatever contorted position I ended up in).

Why the coat, you might ask? Well, partly to keep out sound and light, but mostly because it turns out that it’s freaking freezing in airports at night. I’m sure SeaTac would probably have the same problem (large space, no people filling it with their body heat, lots of windows, etc), but still. Cold.

As it is, I’m sitting here with my hoodie zipped up and my wool coat on, wide awake and wondering a) why the hell it’s so cold in here, b) where the hell this airport keeps all its reader boards and electrical outlets (Jack’s fine, but I’d like to charge up before getting on the plane), and why it is, exactly, that their Starbucks is not open yet. Maybe it’s just because I’m spoiled by SeaTac (or maybe just really naive - I realize I’ve never been in SeaTac at this hour before), but I truly expected that whenever I woke up, the Starbucks would be open. Especially given how damned cold it is in here. Bleh.

Still - 6.5 hours of sleep, not half bad all things considered. Definitely better than I expected to do, given the circumstances. If it hadn’t been for some maintenance guy setting off an annoying beeping alarm, I might even have done more, but the terminal’s getting more populated, so I suppose being awake at this point isn’t a bad thing.

A little over 5 hours til my plane boards. Oh, and look - it seems the Starbucks is now open.
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I went out shopping for books for my trip this weekend (last night to Elliot Bay Book Company, and today to Half Price Books), and... I think I may have slightly over done it? I have this thing where I sort of get out of control with books. It's like any other addiction - if you allow yourself to take even one drink (or, in my case, buy one book)... it just leads to going nuts and overdoing it. Sooo... I'm a lot more poor, but I have a lot of awesome books. Yay.

I'm also having occasional teensy-tiny little nervous breakdowns about OMG LEAVING ON WEDNESDAY. Well. Technically, going to LA on Wednesday night, and then omg leaving-for-real on Thursday morning. But still. Same diff, in a general sense. Either way, it's all very suddenly immediate and I'm only freaking out a tiny bit, really, of course. Really. Hah.

Expect a near-constant state of panic between now and Thursday. And then silence, hopefully followed by a triumphant "News From Tokyo!" kind of post on Friday night. Well... assuming the hostel really does have Wifi. If not, the triumphant post might have to wait until I can find a local internet cafe. :D

But that's not yet. Not until Friday. Until then.... yeah. Until then, it's all over but two more days of work, and a lot of packing and panicking and general fuss and worry. Wheeeeee.


Jul. 31st, 2009 12:36 am
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Forgot to post yesterday - we're home from AZ. Unfortunately, we came home just in time to hit the hottest day of the heatwave Seattle's been going through. Yesterday was the hottest day (and night) that Seattle has seen in, I've been told, 118 years.

It's been nice having time off at home to work on things and get things done around the house, but I kind of wish we'd stayed in Arizona, honestly. At least there, we had a rental car and a B&B room that both had air conditioning. :P

Postcards that were promised will be going out tomorrow - our trip to the Grand Canyon was on our last day, so since that was where I'd wanted to buy postcards, the cards didn't get written til on the plane home. Yeah, I'm lame like that. Still, despite the Seattle postmark, they shall be genuine. Pictures and more details on the trip will follow, too, once I have time to upload them. ♥
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Just a quick update, as my contacts are currently attempting to fall out of my eyes and I have to get up early tomorrow morning to go to the Grand Canyon (!!!), but the trip's been wonderful so far. We got all The Boy's old stuff sorted and the stuff he wanted to keep packed and shipped up to us back in Seattle, helped his mom with some stuff, drove around and saw a lot of beautiful scenery. Last night after all that was done we went out to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which was exceptionally pretty and well-directed but with which I took a few serious issues, which I'll take up in a moment. And then we drove out to (somewhere in the middle of nowhere) to do some stargazing, which was fantastic, particularly because we had a bit of a meteor shower and we saw a bunch of big, beautiful bats, one of whom decided that he wanted to come up barely a foot away from my head. I admit, though I adore bats, I did find that slightly unnerving, because in my experience wild animals are not supposed to behave as if they might land on your head. But I was completely enchanted anyway, particularly when said bat did not actually land on me, and I do admit that as soon as I'd recovered from the shock I sort of wished another would show up and come as close again, so I could appreciate it, but alas, such was not to be.

Today, I got to visit with the lovely [ profile] theladyfeylene, who I haven't seen in way too long, and we spent a good few hours doing some wonderful catching up before we (the Boy and I) had to run off and finish with packing and sorting and shipping, and then return to the B&B for re-application of sunscreen and water before running off to a family picnic up at Granite Falls (or some place-name very like that). Met the aunts and uncles, all of whom were lovely and fun, and also a crazy woman who wanted to tell us all about the time someone stole her house from her and so on and so forth ad infinitum, to the point that the Boy and I escaped under the pretext of a bit of a walk, and got to see a hilarious little squirrel who ran like a bunny-rabbit. We also saw some very scary-looking hornets and wasps (I survived without being stung, so I count that as a win), and I discovered that there is mistletoe on the trees down here. I had no idea that it grew in the south, to the point that I spent several minutes craning my neck and staring at it before admitting "that looks like mistletoe up there," probably convincing his adorable aunt that I was some kind of complete idiot who thought mistletoe only came in plastic, when in actuality it was just that I was flabbergasted to see it in the freaking southwest. I don't even think we have it in Washington, so I'm honestly not sure I was aware it grew in America. Anyway, I appear to have made a good impression, and thought his aunts and uncles were all adorable, so it's overall been a good run.

Tomorrow, Grand Canyon, with possibility of Jerome and Sedona on the way. The B&B is lovely, and there is liquor in all the stores here, which is novel and bizarre to me, coming from a state where the strongest thing allowed to be sold in grocery stores is wine coolers. Have not managed to see any javilina (sp?), but have seen a kangaroo rat, several golden eagles, and a skunk. Am hoping tomorrow will include further exciting wildlife. Also hoping to actually remember to use my camera, as I have a nasty knack for forgetting its existence in the excitement of everything I'm seeing and doing. Further, will hopefully go stargazing again tomorrow night - if I come home smuggling a fruit-bat, do you suppose airport security would notice?*

*I ask in part because I inadvertently smuggled a jar of face cream onto the flight with me on the way here. We'd just got through security (which is much more lax than they used to be, although I was upset to notice that they patted down a very nice-looking older Indian lady in front of me and waved me and the Boy both through without a second look, so BAD on them), when I went to put my tickets back in my purse, as we had about an hour and a half before our flight would board... and was horrified to see the jar nestled in with all my other stuff. We are still not supposed to have liquids/creams in carry-on, but I apparently got confused and packed it there (in addition to the two jars (yes, I'm crazy - one of them is a different kind) in our check baggage). I was convinced one of the security guards would come tearing after me, convinced I was going to blow up the plane with a jar of Burt's Bees daily moisture cream, but no such disaster befell us, and I was allowed to travel comfortably with the dangerous, illegal substance. Almost makes me want to push my luck and try to bring aboard hand lotion on the way home... almost, but not quite. I do, after all, quite like the idea of getting home on the correct flight, without undue harassment or sighs of long-suffering exhaustion from security guards as they explain to me, poor benighted moron who has not traveled major airlines since 9/11, that we are not allowed the simple pleasures of non-dry skin on planes anymore.

Anyway, the stuff I'm using right now is hemp hand cream from The Body Shop, and I'm a bit afraid someone might misunderstand that. :P

Quick, tired and SPOILERY review (mostly random thoughts and fussing) of 'The Half-Blood Prince' )

Okay, so I lied about the "quick" part. Going to bed now.
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Last night, I helped to goad [ profile] tavern_wench1 into buying possibly the most bizarre album either of had ever seen, purely because the band name was "Timelord" and the album title "Regeneration." There's something about the image of a bunch of Doctor Who fans doing death metal that just warms my fannish little heart, even if the music was kind of... shall we say, not to my taste. I like to imagine they spend hours screaming about Satan and all that at gigs, and then rush home so they can watch old Doctor Who. It's just a cute mental image.

In my defense regarding the goading, she goaded me into buying no fewer than four Sarah Brightman CDs, in addition to Aerosmith, No Doubt, Yo Yo Ma, a collection of French cafe music, and probably the last Sarah Maclachlan CD I didn't actually own. What can I say, I'm weak when I'm buying CDs for about $4 each. So it was even, in a way. Either way, it was dreadfully entertaining.

Aaaand, the Boy and I leave for Arizona tomorrow! It totally doesn't seem real at the moment, but I'm sure it'll feel a lot more pressing tonight when we're trying to pack, particularly since I still haven't managed to unpack a lot of my stuff, so... there will be a lot of digging through boxes in a panic, muttering "But I need my (mp3-player-charging-cord/makeup/travel shampoo bottle/book/really good sunscreen/what-have-you), it must be in here somewhere!" So wish me luck in finding everything and not forgetting anything really important. ;)

Speaking of which - who wants postcards from AZ? I'll buy postcards for the first 10 people who comment, let's say! Comments are screened, so be sure to leave me your address!
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The Boy and I rented a car (an awesome red PT Cruiser, no less!) to get out of the city and run a few errands this weekend, and ended up, among other things, going hiking at Lake 22 by Mount Baker. Totally awesome place, despite the weird name - the lake is up in the mountains, so it's still surrounded by snow and beautiful and blue. Yes, I said snow. And I mean snow. The weird thing was, despite the snow everywhere, it was hot up there, even after we'd recovered from the hike up. So I had a lot of fun fooling around in the snow... in a t-shirt. ♥

And now, we are both totally exhausted. Pictures will be forthcoming, once I'm not-tired for long enough to hook up my camera and dig through what I took.
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Why are weekends so short?

Looks like I'm going to be taking a trip to Arizona in a few months, to meet The Boy's mom. I'm really excited, but at the same time I can't decide whether I'm more nervous about meeting his mom... or about spending time in Arizona in June or July. o_O I have a hard enough time with heat in Seattle. I understand that it is a dry heat, though, and theoretically that will make a big difference? I hope?

It'll be really fun, really it will. It still means I'm going to be doing a small amount of panicking and shopping for heat-friendly clothes and so on. While still trying to look like a good girl to take home to mom. Wheee. ;)

In other news, does anybody know anything about gardening in boxes on balconies? We're going to try to build a box-garden over the next few months, and I realized that neither of us really know a damned thing about it. I mean, I've had gardens before... but always in the ground, you know? Kind of a different thing.

Lastly - it is totally unfair that the Fandom Wank headline "Ye Olde Time Travelling Urinal Wanke" is not about Doctor Who. Can't you just see it? ♥
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So! Pictures so-far-uploaded from [ profile] aris_tgd's Camera of Awesome (tm) are here! I would particularly point out the amazing gorgeousness of both the first Romanas that we found, the Pair of Eights, and the ungodly-disturbingly-perfect Ten, but everybody was so awesome. And how about that line up of all ten of the Doctors? Sooooooo freaking amazing. Those fellows did a totally awesome masquerade skit that I'm hoping will turn up on YouTube in the next few days - I'll be sure to link the minute I find it. :)

Anyway. My slightly insane review of the Con as a Whole!

Cut! I meant to CUT that! )
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We've made it back from Gallifrey as far as Portland, and will take the last leg of the trip tomorrow, and we didn't kill each other or go insane or anything! And the convention was awesome!

Details to follow soon, once I've got pictures (most of the good ones are on friends' cameras), but for now I'll say that I had a fabulous time. ♥

Update! Pictures so-far-uploaded from [ profile] aris_tgd's Camera of Awesome (tm) are here! ♥♥♥ Full review (and more pics!) to follow when I'm a whooooole lot more functional than I am now. ;)


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