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So, as part of my attempt to recover from the woe and angst and whatnot documented in my last post, I returned to a guilty pleasure that I'd picked up some months back--watching select episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. I didn't watch it back when it was actually a new thing, you see (or rather I watched about 15 minutes and decided that I could live without a series who started off by deciding that the Vulcan girl needed to get down to her underwear). Fortunately for me it improved later... sort of.

See, I say "selected episodes," and that is exactly what I mean: I only watch the episodes with Jeffrey Combs' character, Shran, in them.

Partly this is because I've adored Jeffrey Combs in many other sci-fi shows of roughly similar vintage, and partly it's because honest to god that character is the one thing that made me at all interested in watching. Years and years ago, back in college, I was in a bubble tea place that my friends and I frequented and they had the TV running, and an episode of Enterprise with him in it happened to be on and overlaid with Korean pop music. And it was the slashiest thing I'd ever seen. I was delighted to find out that his character was nearly as slashy without the Korean pop, and by informing me of this [personal profile] hearts_blood eventually convinced me that okay fine, I would watch an episode with him in it. And then another. And another. And then write some ridiculously bad fanfic bits just for our mutual consumption. And then watch even more, and write a bit more ridiculously bad fanfic, and so on. I never did get around to watching a single episode without Shran, and probably won't, because none of the other characters particularly interest me.

However that has led to a problem. I took a niiiice long gap in there, so it took a while for me to arrive at this point... but I've now watched all the episodes with Shran in them except for the very last episode, which I have on very good authority is unspeakably terrible. So, uh, there goes my trashy happy TV watching, I guess? And the one thing I've managed to rouse myself to write fic about in the last while?

Can't there just be more of it? Specifically more with Shran, mind - I still don't give a flying fuck about anybody else on the show... but given that it ended as a rather epic failure eleven years ago I have a pretty strong sense I won't be getting anything else out of it.

So, basically... shit.

(For the record, my mood has improved and I am not, like, on the verge of a breakdown or something anymore, particularly not because my trashy television of choice is done. But still! I am sulky.)


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