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rivendellrose: (Delenn)

The Rose's Grove

Finding Peace For the Moment

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Created on 2009-05-02 05:01:29 (#200750), last updated 2019-04-12 (6 days ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 15
Location:Washington, United States of America
Basic Stats: Mid-thirties professional freelance editor/writer/non-profit administrator. White, liberal, pissed off about the current state of US politics, but I try to keep that pretty low-key here, because I have anxiety issues and it stresses me out if I let myself get focused on it. Preferred pronouns she/her, proponent in my professional life of the singular "they" (it frustrated the hell out of me in my copyediting courses to have to rewrite sentences to avoid it, so glad that style guides are now coming around). Bisexual and married to a very nice fellow generally referred to around here as The Boy. Geek and nerd, religious leanings can best be described as pantheist or pagan with strong animist tendencies, but follow absolutely no specific path or structure.

School: Bachelor's degrees in English and anthropology, joyously elective background in history, comparative religions, and natural sciences. Certificate degrees in Museum Studies and Editing, also studied with the Author-Editor Clinic and various editing courses with the EFA and similar.

Random Facts:
  • Owned by a 13 lb ginger tom-cat named Theoden, adopted from the Humane Society, and The Boy's vicious teddy-bear of a blue-eyed grey-and-white mackerel tabby, known very aptly as Random Cat.
  • 14-year veteran of the pedestrian-and-bus urban lifestyle, although we recently (gasp) bought a car for weekend use.
  • Volunteer docent at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, where I teach school groups about immigrant history and related subjects.
  • Currently in docent training at the Seattle Art Museum.
  • Member of the Editorial Freelancer's Association and Northwest Independent Editors Guild.

    Most, though not yet all, of my fanfic is available on Ao3.

    My layout was made by [personal profile] aroceu, and [personal profile] nenya_kanadka helped me to customize it.

    A serious comm for a serious show
    [community profile] spacefungusparty: A Star Trek: Discovery fan comm

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