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So... The Boy and I are engaged. ♥

Pictures (of the ring, not of us) and a few details under the cut )
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We're up through "Parliament of Dreams" on the big dragging-[livejournal.com profile] ninjascript-through-B5 rewatch... minus the fact that I made him let me skip "Infection." I still don't like Sinclair. I still wish Catherine Sakai had more scenes without him, because I think I could really like her. Oh, and I still love when Delenn gets one of her chances to be scary. They seemed so much more frequent before Things That Happen Later. Poor Lennier looked likely to piss himself when she cornered him about calling her Satai. ♥

It's very strange going into this firmly aware of both how much I love the show... and how weird it looks to someone who's not used to it. I catch myself constantly apologizing. "The special effects are totally crap. Oh, god, the costumes... No, ignore this guest actor... Yes, I'm sorry, that person will eventually learn to act, she just hasn't quite got there yet... Don't worry about him, he won't be around much longer... No, he's not going to die, but... well, you'll see," etc. And of course, my favorite, "They can't help it, they had a really low budget." The poor guy is probably wondering what the hell I love so much about this show, not least because I keep apologizing for it. I just hope it starts to show soon. At the moment, I feel like (while glorious to my nostalgia) the first season is a bit weaker than I'd remembered.

Plus, I've got spoiler-y double-vision now on everything. Like that bit in "Parliament of Dreams," with the Minbari ceremony? Spoilers! )

Afterward, he played a little bit of one of the older Final Fantasy games, to test out the video up-scaling on his new media receiver, and the narrator guy at the beginning was doing a really weird accent. I started to make fun of him, then trailed off. "I really can't make those comments after you just watched two episodes of Peter Jurasik's accent as Londo, can I?" I asked. He laughed, and told me no, I couldn't. He's probably right. ...But it was still a weird, random accent.
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We (The Boy and I) just finished Portal. By which I mostly mean that I played stages 1-15 and then had to admit that I don't play enough video games to actually succeed at the trickier timing and shooting bits and had The Boy play the rest with me watching and providing color commentary (usually "oh god, you can't do that!" "YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!" "I think you just died," or the ever-useful shrieks whenever something shocking happened).

I ♥ this game, and cannot wait to make him play the sequel. ♥♥♥
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1. ZipCar reservations (for the purpose of going to Ikea to get another bookshelf) are only good if the person who has the truck before you doesn't somehow blow out all the lights on the left rear part of the truck, causing ZipCar to call you up and tell you that you can only have the truck if you're willing to drive it to a particular mechanic-place that they use and buy the replacement parts (lightbulbs, they said, but from what the girl said, The Boy and I were convinced it was going to be the fuse) with our own money and then apply for reimbursement. Ha. No. What the hell? Granted, our reservation had been for all day, but what if (as we often do) we'd only reserved it for a few hours? That would have eaten our whole reservation! What the hell kind of system is that? And they didn't even know what was wrong with the stupid thing!

2. Turns out, PacSun actually has awesome t-shirts that actually fit me. Go figure. It's The Boy's favorite shop for clothes, but I didn't honestly think they'd have anything I'd like.

3. Thing that The Boy learned today: If, in the course of talking about conventions, he makes a joke about going to a hardware store, finding a door-knocker, and dressing up as Roger from the Hellboy / BPRD comics and having me dress up as Liz, I will in fact not only agree whole-heartedly to the idea, but immediately start to work on how I can make the costumes. After all, I (unlike him) like Liz, and... well, I wouldn't be the one going around the con in a unitard, a vest, and a door-knocker, would I? Plus, I could probably use it as an excuse to buy an awesome pair of tight black jeans and a long dark red wig. So, win-win situation for me, whereas he... would be walking around a con wearing a door-knocker on his crotch. I'm just saying. ;)
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Links ganked from this morning's SkepChick column...

First, the bad - and I can't do better for my link text than a quote from the article itself: 'Dr Voussogh said that for him, a woman has to be a piece of jewellery [sic] which a man values.' Cosmetic surgeon remakes his wife, who he married for her "potential," into his vision of perfection. With 8 surgeries.

I'll be over here, too fumed at the gall of that man to think of anything actually useful to say.

For the funny crazy: Am I Dating a Werewolf? - Jezebel reviews a book that takes the usual dating types and breaks them up into categories based on mythical creatures. More interesting than your usual dating manual, at least. Quotes such as "I liked the Urban Elf very much. But I was still rebounding from my Satyr and was soon distracted by yet another Satyr; my relationship with the Elf fell away" make me giggle. A lot. Not necessarily in a way that is friendly to the author.

And, lastly - skeptical/scientific jewelry. Some pretty stuff, there. I'm always a bit leery of purchasing ceramic online, because of how variable glazes can be, but I have to admit that some of these are tempting.

In other news, I want very much to be writing, and very little to be working on my homework for class on Saturday. *Siiiiigh*
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So, today's been interesting. Last night we (by which I mean "me" - it was less of a "hey, let's" and more of a "I just did," kind of thing) switched out The Boy's plain comforter (which I only allowed on the bed because of the heat and because when we first moved in I was mildly afraid his cat would pee on mine because it smelled of my cat) for my glorious down comforter. Most glorious comforter ever. I adore it.

...This, of course, means that when our alarm went off and The Boy said "Time to get up," I replied approximately "Ngggggggh, noooooo, I'm comfy," and pulled the comforter back over my head. To which he, quite reasonably, replied that perhaps we could skip going to the gym just this once. ♥

* * *

So, for those who aren't in Seattle, I have to say that this whole H1N1 thing has blown into my fair city in a big way in just the past week. See, last week I was... somewhat guiltily amused to hear that 200+ people had it at my alma mater's rival school, WSU. UW doesn't have any yet! ...Mostly because classes haven't started yet. Ahem. Edit: Apparently, I lied about that. Sorority Rush has started. Let's all be shocked that it's starting with them... And the numbers at WSU are still below 200 confirmed cases. The rest are "flu-like symptoms." But here's the thing - last weekend was also the infamous Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX) here in Seattle, at the Convention Center just by my apartment. And it was packed. The Boy wanted to go, but waited too late to buy tickets, and it was sold out. Which, it turns out, is probably the only reason we are not yet sick.

That's right - there was an uninvited guest at PAX this year - Swine Flu. So, a whole jam-packed convention full of geeks, all holiday-weekend, exchanging germs as only geeks at a convention can do. But we're safe! Because we didn't go! Except some of our friends did... oh, yeah, and where do we work? Oh, yeah - a company full of geeks. Who all went to PAX.

So now, both our departments have received emails advising us that some of our co-workers are out with H1N1. Which leads to the following conversation just moments ago on AIM.

Boy (11:12:14 AM): we just got [company]-branded hand sanitizer :P
Me (1:42:34 PM): ....
Me (1:42:43 PM): WE haven't got [company]-branded hand sanitizer!
Me (1:42:49 PM): they obviously don't CARE about US.
Boy (1:44:28 PM): lol
Boy (1:44:32 PM): I think it was just our row
Boy (1:44:52 PM): the guy who sits across from me is out with H1N1 apparently
Me (1:45:11 PM): hahaha we're going to be sick by the end of the week.
Boy (1:45:18 PM): yeah, no kidding

So, yeah.

For the record: H1N1 is still no more dangerous than a regular flu (so far - so far, it hasn't mutated). We're fine. We're prepared. We're stopping by the store for supplied this evening, just in case, and washing our hands like truly professional neurotics. However. Given the extent to which this shit filters through office environments... I do not hold out much hope of not catching it, honestly. :P

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go try to convince myself that the mild headache and scratchy throat I've had on and off all day is not, in fact, a sign of impending Death Flu (tm).

i live

Jul. 13th, 2009 09:06 am
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I live, I function, and I have a lot of stuff, but most of said stuff is now safely ensconced in the new apartment with the Boy and his cat, as well as my cat, who is currently confined to the bedroom as we try to limit feline territorial aggression. Theo is taking the opportunity to play me for as much sympathy and treats as he possibly can. Keeping the two of them apart is a nightmare, and consists mostly of a lot of me running back and forth from one room to another, feeling guilty when I'm in either place (because I'm either ignoring the Boy or the cat), and even more of me getting halfway to doing something (like getting dressed) before realizing that, oh shit, I left my jeans in the bedroom. Or whatever.

Anyway, I'm taking a mental health day because I have not been sleeping well due to the move (and due to two cats throwing various forms of fits due to being locked on whatever side of the door), and so that I can deal with things like convincing the post office, my bank, my credit card company and so on that yes, I have moved. It will be good to have a day for errands. It will also be a good day for enjoying the fact that I now live right downtown. Yay!

At least it will be, as soon as I sneak back into the bedroom and get my jeans. ;)
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I just listened to two of the Torchwood audio plays while packing (the third I'm saving for next week at work, since I could download it...), and you know what? Miracle of miracles, they were actually pretty damned good. I mean, whatever tiny bits of science crept in sucked (particularly on that last one...), but the writing was actually really good (for Torchwood, at least), and the cast didn't ham it up horribly like they did with the one last year (I can't blame them for that, mind - with that shit script hamming was the only option).

But seriously, these plays read like good episodes, rather than shoddy, cheap-ass junk. Color me impressed - maybe these specials coming up will actually be good, too, even without Tosh and Owen!

In other news, I love my new haircut... so here's one shot of that, and a few other random bits.

Images are thumbnails, but cut for convenience - beneath are pictures of me, the boy, a little local scenery from hiking last week, and, of course, my cat )
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How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl.

It amuses me how many of those are accurate to me and my relationship. With the exception of the video games (I appreciate them, I just suck at them!) and... I actually had to look up Liz Lemon on Wikipedia. Still, good list. ♥

In other news, the Torchwood radio dramas are theoretically available here, but for some totally strange, random and thus totally typical of the BBC and their random decisions, I cannot seem to download any but the middle one. This upsets me immensely. It says I can, so why do I keep getting a nasty little file that says "not allowed?" And if I can't, then why can I download the middle one? *Sighs*

Gwen icon used purely for the Torchwood thing. And now, off to get dressed, get a little packing done, and get out to my stylist's! Wish me luck on not having to have too much of my recent growth chopped off due to how long it's been since I've had a trim!
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The Boy and I rented a car (an awesome red PT Cruiser, no less!) to get out of the city and run a few errands this weekend, and ended up, among other things, going hiking at Lake 22 by Mount Baker. Totally awesome place, despite the weird name - the lake is up in the mountains, so it's still surrounded by snow and beautiful and blue. Yes, I said snow. And I mean snow. The weird thing was, despite the snow everywhere, it was hot up there, even after we'd recovered from the hike up. So I had a lot of fun fooling around in the snow... in a t-shirt. ♥

And now, we are both totally exhausted. Pictures will be forthcoming, once I'm not-tired for long enough to hook up my camera and dig through what I took.
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Even if I don't always like the things he does, Joss Whedon is still good at breaking my heart. After watching most of Doctor Who season 3 with [livejournal.com profile] nightsinger, [livejournal.com profile] darthparadox, [livejournal.com profile] tavern_wench1, and The Boy, yesterday, K and I took a little bit of time this evening (since we were both sleepy but not enough to go to bed yet) to watch an episode of Angel....

Spoilers for Angel season 5, 'A Hole in The World' )

In happy (non-TV) news, The Boy and I volunteered for the KUOW pledge-drive today, and it went very well. We got a little studio tour, and chatted with my friends from the atheist group, and I got to take a call from one of my old college professors, which was fabulously awesome, even if I did go ever-so-slightly fangirly. And then we walked around a lot, because it was sunny. ♥
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Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ciara_belle - your package arrived safe and sound on Saturday! I'm wearing "Kostnice" today, and already in love with "Wicked" as well. ♥

Last weekend was mostly running around on errands with the boy, and this week/end looks to be just as busy. We're trying to plot out a container garden for the balcony, get him through Doctor Who (so far he likes Ten not quite as much as he liked Nine, and apparently thought Four was lacking something... must find a good episode to convince him otherwise on this subject!), and this Sunday we'll be volunteering at the KUOW pledge drive.

He also met [livejournal.com profile] narsilion for the first time last weekend. I think it went pretty well, despite a few embarrassing stories getting aired. ;)

Yesterday was kind of "OMG MONDAY," so I'm hoping today is... less so.

Oh, and I'm 95% finished with watching Blackpool. Absolutely fabulous show!
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Why are weekends so short?

Looks like I'm going to be taking a trip to Arizona in a few months, to meet The Boy's mom. I'm really excited, but at the same time I can't decide whether I'm more nervous about meeting his mom... or about spending time in Arizona in June or July. o_O I have a hard enough time with heat in Seattle. I understand that it is a dry heat, though, and theoretically that will make a big difference? I hope?

It'll be really fun, really it will. It still means I'm going to be doing a small amount of panicking and shopping for heat-friendly clothes and so on. While still trying to look like a good girl to take home to mom. Wheee. ;)

In other news, does anybody know anything about gardening in boxes on balconies? We're going to try to build a box-garden over the next few months, and I realized that neither of us really know a damned thing about it. I mean, I've had gardens before... but always in the ground, you know? Kind of a different thing.

Lastly - it is totally unfair that the Fandom Wank headline "Ye Olde Time Travelling Urinal Wanke" is not about Doctor Who. Can't you just see it? ♥
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  • Watched The Return of the King extended edition for the umpteen-billionth time on Friday, starting at almost 10pm. Managed not to strangle Boy's friends as they talked and made jokes through the movie, or to bite anyeon's heads off due to being sleepy. Go me.

  • Have successfully convinced the Boy that cooking is fun and easy, and something we can do together. Again, go me. ♥

  • Accomplished a little bit of progress on writing while he played video games. Not much, but every little bit helps.

  • Tried to watch The Illusionist, but both agreed that we didn't give a damn and would have preferred two hours of Edward Norton performing CG magic tricks. Gave up and watched "Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog" instead, which the Boy quite enjoyed. This gives me hope for when we finally get through to the Buffy Musical, which, to be honest, I would be heartbroken if he didn't enjoy, because I love it entirely too much for my own sanity.

  • Over the course of the weekend, Boy was a) aware of me writing guy/guy smut behind his back while he played video games, and had no issues with this, b) completely nonplussed when I switched screens abruptly as he looked over my shoulder and I admitted that I'd been reading fanfiction, and c) upon seeing that I had a folder on my desktop titled "UtherMorgana," asked only if I was now crushing on Morgana, as well as Uther. This is love, folks. ;)

  • IT'S FREAKING SNOWING HERE, AGAIN. I know this is normal for some parts of the country, but... but... ack. That said, I got stupidly giddy when I noticed that for a while they were such tiny, neat little flakes that one could actually see that they were snowflake shaped, as in beautiful little stars. ♥ Even when I anticipate it making my life miserable, I can't help loving snow. It's so pretty!

  • Played "Pixel Junk" and... er... some other video game that was apparently coded in Liverpool, and which had stunningly gorgeous graphics. And I enjoyed them. I adored Pixel Junk, and will be forced to play it again until I get, well, at least competent. I don't normally get into video games, but this one is just too damned pretty and awesome. ♥

  • ALSO: Apparently, some kind person nominated my Harry/Sarah fic, "Best Served Hot," for the Classic Who crack-fic category at Children of Time. Much love, and many thanks if you're reading this. ♥
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    This morning, the local NPR station had a little feature on the people of Forks, Washington, and the tourist industry they've built out of the whole Twilight hubbub. I'm happy for them, in a way - goodness knows that teensy little town needed some kind of industry, even if I do think it's a stupid one (hello, people - the writer had never been there when she wrote the book. All she did was search for the wettest town in America, and use the Google results as her location), but... I wonder if it's occurred to any of these poor people that in five years (probably more like three...) barely anyone is going to remember what the hell these books were, anyway.

    They have a "Twilight" themed lunch. What the hell would that be, anyway?

    In other news, I overslept and it's raining (ooo, because I live in vampire country! :P) and... yeah, that's pretty much it. Boy was over last night - we made fish stir-fry, and I made him watch "Rose" last night. So far he seems to approve of New!Who. Woo. ;)
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    Looks like someone finally wrote the 'Guide to Geek Girls' to go with that tired old 'Girls' Guide to Geeks.'

    I am only slightly embarrassed by how accurate most of this is... although they're a bit out of date on their sci-fi. ;)
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    Ah, the bold and vivacious life of a twenty-something Seattleite.

    About the most exciting thing I can say about this evening is that I'm totally digging out a bottle of champagne. And possibly stopping off before home to buy fancy chocolates or fruit or something to split with the roommate. ...And then probably spending a few hours trolling the internet for smutty fanfic, because... yeah.

    Don't misunderstand me - I'm actually not depressed. I'm not even all that cranky, which is something of a minor miracle for me on Valentines'. Mostly? I just feel a great desire for there to be much more and better smut in the world. ♥

    ...I probably ought to be vaguely worried that my expectations have sunk that low. On the other hand, realism is a good thing.
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    Item the first: I had my first rude customer today. Fortunately she was just the socially-inept-and-cranky kind of rude, not the actively scream-in-your-face kind. And she recovered mightily when I started doing my slightly cold but exceedingly polite and ever-so-slightly slow-moving thing that generally tends to communicate to people 'you know, it wouldn't kill you to do the social niceties, and it'd probably make me a lot perkier and more willing to do what you want.'

    Her, at the end of a rather unkindly-worded request: "....Please."
    Me: *Sugar sweet* Thank you. *Goes about work much more briskly*

    More flies with honey, etc. Why do more people not understand this? If a customer is nice to me, I will jump through almost any hoop to get them handled as well as I possibly can. It benefits them to be nice to me. Like the rather cute aeronautical engineering major who I spent something like twenty minutes helping with various questions. Of course, his accent didn't hurt, either... nor the fact that he didn't exactly seem unhappy about me chatting him up. ;)

    Item the second: I should remove Spider Solitaire from my computer, for the sake of actually getting things done. I meant to write on the Resurrection Fic of Doom tonight, as well as continue editing the Damned Redemption Fic and possibly working on the Vague Novel Idea. What did I do? Read Wyrd Sisters through dinner, then came downstairs, turned on the computer... and played an unbelievable string of games of spider solitaire. And listened to the Buffy musical something like three times during that time. Me, obsessive? Never... *headdesk*

    Though it might make up for "Walking on Broken Glass" coming up twice on my mp3 player today, which promptly got it stuck in my head the rest of the day. I ♥ Annie Lennox, but I was about ready to spork my mental ear out by the end of that.

    Item the third: Oh... and I had a date last night, with the guy from the old work. As I had rather suspected from the number of messages he'd left on my phone (not entirely his fault - I leave it off/unattended a fair bit, lately), he'd wanted to ask me out for a while, but had been leery of doing so while we worked together in a teeeeeeny little office. Hee. I'm not sure how I feel about him, but the situation in general is not at all hurting my self-esteem.
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    Yesterday was day one of what I'm now calling "Operation Life Outside Your Apartment House," and so far... not so lively. Went out to Zokas, a very nice (and often crowded) cafe near the house, and settled down with the laptop. No, I realize this isn't the best way to look available... but I honestly can't be buggered to waste an hour and a half doing nothing just to 'look available.' Especially since for the first half hour the place was reasonably empty... and a good thing, that, since my computer has Major Battery Issues. This is what comes of hand-me-down laptops. Even with the AC adapter, it takes ten minutes of me fiddling with the damned thing to get him to recognize "oh... I'm getting a charge."

    I wrote. I listened to Kate Rusby. I broke frequently to stare into space (and at the people around me). I interacted with a grand total of two people: an older (40s or so) guy who settled at the table next to me and asked me to plug his adapter in, since the outlets were next to me, and a cute guy sitting by the window on my way out, with whom I exchanged smiles because, hell, he was looking at me. Figures it'd happen on the way out.

    So... Zokas, kind of a flop. I'm considering Coffee and Comics (local cafe where the price of a drip coffee (or whatever) buys you an hour with their comic collection... and a good opportunity to ask other geeks for recommendations) as my next effort. The theory, after all, is that sitting at home doesn't give opportunity to meet new people... well, neither does sitting in a cafe plugged into my laptop. Duh. Tonight's DnD, though, so that'll have to wait.

    And then trying to finish the damned picture, if I get home early enough.


    Sep. 20th, 2006 02:39 pm
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    The office is dead today, and you know what that means... I'm bored, so I'm pestering all of you. :P It also means I've been reading random articles online, and have gotten through the news sites and out into the scary land of MSN Lifestyle (ugh) and, even worse, iVillage. OMG so. frigging. bored. And depressed about my utter lack of dating life, because that's what I get for reading those damned lifestyle sites. Must find ways to meet people. Absolutely must. Otherwise will wither away into Bridget Jones style prose and old-cat-lady-hood much too early. *Headdesk* Still, though... it's remarkably hard to think of places to meet either women who wouldn't freak out if I tried to flirt with them or men who I wouldn't want to smack upside the head. I'm afraid of clubs and bars as meeting venues, largely because... it never seems to work, or I end up with guys who I want very badly to Leave Me Alone. I've heard coffee shops claimed as great places to meet people, but I think Seattleites are too locked into our own little social groups for much of that. And of course there's the added thought that going out to bars/coffee shops/etc = money, and my last credit card bill was... ahem. A bit more than usual. And that wasn't the one with the seaplane ticket. o_O

    Moving on from that series of complaints...

    So I open my notebook, figuring I can at least make some notes on stories I want to work on when I get home or something... and the first thing that hits me in the face is the 12+ hand-written pages I wrote over my little sailing-vacation... which have been dashed into tiny little pieces by later revelations in canon. The worst of it is, aside from one stupid-big-hurking plot device that I had to use, I really liked that fic. Alas.

    Also, there's a big paddle-wheel boat (don't actually know what to call them...) passing through Seattle waters today - she was sighted up in Portage Bay earlier, and about half an hour ago we saw her pass through the channel here at Shilshole. Her name is Empress of the North - apparently she cruises Alaska in the summer, and comes down here for the fall months.


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