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Yesterday, The Boy and I went to the art store to pick up some stuff, and I said to him "I need to draw again. I always feel like I should use my free time to write, but I miss drawing."

And then I came home and, after getting in my few hours of writing work, settled in and went absolutely insane. You all know what happens when I draw - something fannish, of course!

Fandom: B5
Character: Delenn (pre-series)
Medium: Mechanical pencil on bristol board, followed by Photoshop & Wacom tablet and some convenient stock photo and texture work (I knew that picture of the giant freaking ginko tree in Tokyo would come in handy some day...)
Notes: For (and all the fault of) [livejournal.com profile] hearts_blood, who gave me the idea in some stuff we were tossing around for the Neroon&Delenn AU of Doom yesterday.

Teaser / Thumbnail:


Full picture behind the cut: a tasteful (but probably NSFW) half-nude. )
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It's very warm (for Seattle) today - 91 F at the moment and supposed to stay that way through Tuesday, and in a sure sign that Seattle is still Seattle, the National Weather Service has issues a heat advisory to remind us that Seattleites are not adapted to temperatures above about 80 F. I know this isn't a big deal for a lot of people, and honestly I feel pretty comfy about it as long as I'm in my airy apartment, but we walked to the International District for breakfast and a little shopping this morning, and I definitely did not enjoy the hill (and the slightly mistaken detour we took) on the way home. Phew. I think I'll stay close to home for the rest of the day, probably.

While I'm at it, I thought I'd put up a quick re-post of the Secret Project that I posted to [livejournal.com profile] babylon5_love yesterday. With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] icepixie for the idea - I've been working on this ever since we talked about the Art Nouveau influences of the visual style on B5.


Transformation )

Now that I'm done with that, I have one more day next Friday, for which I hope to finish something else I've been working on for quite a while (we'll see... it keeps fighting me). Writing this time, I'm afraid - as much as I want to do more complete art projects like this, they take a lot of time, and I feel like I've been letting myself get a little rusty with writing lately. I've been working, but things haven't necessarily gelled the way I'd like them to. I feel very much as though I'm in one of those awkward growth periods where nothing quite seems to come out right, and the only way I know to get through those is to keep pounding words and hoping that they start sounding better. So, we'll see.

In other news, I finally scheduled an appointment for a hair trim today. Totally new salon, just one that's a block away from my apartment, so I hope they don't... I don't know, chop off all my hair and give me a mohawk or something. It's just a trim, so it ought to be fine. Just a little unnerving.
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Sometimes I think I draw purely so that I pay full attention to details on things. :P

How long did I spend staring at pictures and video of Nuala, when I was working on designing my version of her costume, or figuring out her makeup... without realizing until I got it into my head to draw her that, hey, they really did have dark mascara on her? *Headdesk*

And of course, being the attention whore that I am (and apparently not needing sleep, as I'm wide awake and now want nothing more than to play with this image in Photoshop...), here's the drawing that brought about this fascinating (albeit 1-year-delayed...) revelation in my head:

It's just pencil for the moment... )
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Why I Love Photoshop - one moderately large image )
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Stuck in my writing again, but for once the drawing end of things is going well for more than a day at a stretch... so that's good! What's bad is that it means that I a) spent $27 on new pens last night, because I realized I was short on shades and hues of blue and I needed them for my current project, and b) stayed up late last night completely ignoring the episodes of Coupling that [livejournal.com profile] maymargaret and I were theoretically watching while I beat my brains over how to BLEND DAMN IT with these stupid pens, because even with a fistful of new pens I apparently don't have enough gradations of color, despite now owning most of the "blue" spectrum sold by the brand I use. Alas.

The project is going well, though. I am embarrassingly obsessed over it, given that it's nothing but a character sketch of Abe from Hellboy, and that I already realized that I managed to give the poor bastard a slightly hump-back all the way back in the line-drawing stage, and now am not able to fix it. Might be able to tweak it in Photoshop later, though... hmm.... I'm also getting the vague notion I should have saved a line-art-only version, so that I could try doing all the coloring in PS, and see how it compared with my pen work (and also because I like looking at different stages of my work, so that I can improve on it later if possible), but... alas. Too late to go back now. I hope to have it decently finished (ie, enough for me to post pictures) tomorrow. And I wish there were more/better pictures out there. Whine, whine, whine... ;)

I did find this while I was hunting for more drawing references. "Abe" and Neil Gaiman. Like both of them weren't cute enough on their own...

As [livejournal.com profile] miss_arel said after the movie, this film is no help for those of us who are cursed with a bit of a xeno-kink. Ahem.

I swear, there are things in my head other than this stupid drawing... but I'm not sure what they are.

Listening to "The Golden Bird" by Elizabeth Peters at work, and quite enjoying it. Good book. I really do like mystery novels, just so long as they happen to focus on one of my obsessions... and archaeological mysteries definitely qualify!

Also, there was Random Greek Food in the break room today, so I am full of gyros and baklava. Yay. ♥
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I found my thumb-drive! Yay!

And because of that, here are pictures - one for [livejournal.com profile] beam_oflight for her birthday, and one of my kitty, requested in the photography meme that I swear I haven't forgotten. ;)

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And so begins the Day of Trying Not to Read Spoilers for Voyage of the Damned.

Good morning so far, though - the buses were quiet due to most people taking the day off, I'm wearing one of the pretty new shirts my mom got me, really neat-smelling new lotion, and eating a huuuuuuge Asian pear for breakfast. Also, I did not finish fic, but I did finish a couple of new drawings, one of which I feel sufficiently pleased with that I did a very ghetto job of getting it onto my computer (hello, digital camera...) to show off a little. XD

No posting a direct cut, 'cause I'm at work and while it is technically work-safe, it's a bit... ahem. If you take issue with the idea of Sarah Jane wearing The Scarf and nothing else, please don't click. PG-13, probably no worse... but definitely carrying Implications.

And yes, that's the tip of my finger at the bottom. As, er, proof that it's really my work. And not just that I couldn't figure out how else to hold it up to the light and take the picture. >_>
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It wouldn't leave me alone until I got it (the drawing from this previous entry) at least most of the way finished.

Fandom: B5
Subject: Lennier. I swear, it was the worst kind of rabid art-bunny.
Medium: Mechanical pencil, colored in GIMP 2.2.
Warning: Not entirely work-safe, so just... yeah. I'll post it as a link to spare any possible... I don't know. Maybe just to spare myself horrified embarassment if I clicked onto the entry at work. Everything 'indecent' is covered, but it's still a nude sleeping alien.


I'm hoping to get the colors and shadows a bit more settled tomorrow, and figure out a few other little details, but for the moment I'm pretty darned pleased. If folks are interested, I can post the original sketch as well... but I figure the colored one looks nicer. The shading really worked out well on this one. *g*

Oh yeah. And if I've totally misconstrued Minbari biology and they actually have... oh, hell, I don't know. If it's supposed to be different, I beg indulgence for my ignorance. Added: Something's really wrong with the proportions, I think. And that's one thing I totally can't fix at this point. Argh.

Also, why am I still looking at this thing and not in bed?

Updated with slightly better contrast.
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I've been working on coloring things in GIMP. It started out with a lovely bit of fan-art that [livejournal.com profile] maho_kiwi made for my birthday last year (sooo pretty!), and once I realized that it worked, I started messing around a bit more. Eventually, I got brave enough to try it with something of my own.

It's easier to make something really look good colored if it really looked good to begin with, so naturally Meggie and Jessie's stuff that I've played with looks better. ;) But this one's mine, so I feel okay showing it off a little bit.

So... everybody here knows that I love Garak, right? )

Also... why can't I get LJ scrapbook to show me a direct-link URL for images? I'm sick of having to upload shit to my many GJ accounts just to show the picture here!


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