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Do you ever get the feeling that you know you're getting close to doing something right (not to mention finishing) when the document keeps getting shorter rather than longer every time you edit it?

Writing, pruning, and writing again... )

Also, does anybody have any truly brilliant theories on how to title a piece? My method tends to be either to come up with something utterly random that seems to me to sort of fit, to read through poetry until I find a phrase I like, or to run a quote search with some word that I think might fit (and really that only works when I've got a particular word that I want to focus the title around, like with some Doctor Who fic when I want "Time" in the title).
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Heeeeee. I've done it before, but I've never managed it this early before.

...And now, I have a whole lot of editing to look forward to. :D

(Note: Ignore the *actual* number on my profile page on NaNo, btw - once I knew by my own accounting that I was past 50,000, I had to pop the whole of the document that I've been working in into the validator. I've been working in so many weird little documents to get this thing done, due to my lovely word-processor hiccup, that if I'd tried to upload only the exact words I'm counting for my word count it would have gotten really confusing. I'm not really at 60,000 this month - that's just the total that I've written on this fic in the main doc, with the addition of one other doc I've been working out of to bring it up. And if that doesn't confuse you... then can I borrow your brain? :P Seriously, though - I've been keeping careful track, and I'm quite sure that I'm over 50,000 this month. So it's all good. :D)
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Nano-ing my brains out today, trying to not only catch up but hopefully to finish this blasted thing so that I can start up on the editing that it so very desperately needs.

Unfortunately, that requires pushing through about 7,000 words (which is totally do-able!) and (significantly less seemingly-do-able) finding 7,000 words' worth of scenes that I haven't actually written yet, not just things that I need to rewrite and edit and change slightly and so on, because, thanks to working in a gigantic document in a program that doesn't like gigantic documents, I've apparently hit a point where I have to write things in other documents to keep things from disappearing. Or something. I really haven't had time to look into exactly what's going wrong with my word-processing program (anybody else who uses Rough Draft run into anything like that at about 40,000 words?). Aaaaanyway, long story short, I'm kind of hitting walls all over the place, but I think it's working, and I'm going to be very happy when this thing is done. And, you know, ready for ungodly amounts of editing.

And thank god for BPAL (perfume of the moment is "Her Voice" - Hyacinth, beeswax, wild roses, vanilla amber, lily of the valley, tiger lily, honeysuckle, carnation, and heliotrope), Sarah Brightman (yes, really - a little light pop-opera mix that's mostly in a language I can't understand was apparently exactly what I needed in terms of music), and white rose tea. Which I'm going to go make some of just as soon as I hit a decent stopping point. Wheeeeeee.


Nov. 21st, 2009 09:16 pm
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I 'should' be at: 35,007 words
I am at: 30,706 words

So... 5,301 words to write for tonight, huh?

I... can probably manage... some of that... ish...
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Tonight, after finally not only catching up over the weekend but getting one day ahead (which I then squandered yesterday, go me :P), I'm having my first official "crap, crap, crap, where are the words?" night of this year's NaNoWriMo experience.

I have no more words. They appear to have all packed up their little wordy bags and left the building. I can only look back with wistful envy at a few days (or, for that matter, weeks or months) ago when my damned muses and my thrice-damned villain wouldn't leave me the hell alone. These are the characters who wouldn't leave me a full day's peace while I was on vacation in Japan. Now, right when I need them most, they appear to have buggered off and left me all alone holding a document full of rambling conversations, tangential back-story and bizarre family dynamics. Real nice.

And yes, I really have given up not thinking of them like people. It helps me to feel that there's someone else to blame. :P
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The logic of magic, folklore and fairy tales always seems perfectly reasonable and intuitive to me... right up until I need to make something very specific happen in a story, and get flabbergasted realizing that I have no idea how to come up with the details of what I'm imagining. It's not exactly as though there's a good way to Google "a spell to put your enemy into a bottle."

Although trying does get some interesting Vodoun websites. :P

Oh well, on with it - I know I'll just get myself utterly distracted by research if I keep going like this, so I'll just have to settle for whatever pops into my head.

still at it

Nov. 8th, 2009 11:06 pm
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Following the (happily unanimous) advice of the poll in the previous post, I can now officially say that I'm at 9,375 words for NaNoWriMo so far. Nowhere near where I "ought" to be if I really expect to make it, but... hey, progress!

Better yet, I seem to be actually approaching something that looks like an ending for this dratted fic, which means I might actually get to write other stuff this month, too! Maybe even something original once I've knocked out the rest of the fic that's due for various things!

In other news, ye gods I'm sleepy, and ye gods I have about zero desire to go to work tomorrow. This whole class thing really makes my weekends feel soooo much shorter than they ought to. Which is sad, given how short they felt even before I started taking the class. *Sigh*
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So, obviously my efforts at NaNoWriMo this year have been slightly hampered by the fact that, um, I spent nearly the first week of it in Japan. However, I'm also running into a bit of a problem because this year I've decided to count whatever creative writing I do... and most of that, at the moment, is work on The Fic of Doom (AKA That Hellboy Fic I've Been Working on For a Long Time). At the moment, I have about 23,000 words on it.

So here's the thing - because of the way I write (editing as I go), I don't really know how I can keep track of what's *new* on the fic, as opposed to what I wrote before. So how should I go about counting the work on that doc into the NaNo count?

[Poll #1482640]

I was going to include "Dear god, you're still working on that thing?" as an option, but since I'm genuinely curious what people think and wanted to use radio boxes to prevent more than one option getting tagged, I decided to leave it off. I promise to do something with fun ticky-boxes later in the month. ;)
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Who's back on schedule with NaNoWriMo? Yeah, that'd be me!

YAY! 40,025 words! And it's only 6pm! I can still get in another few thousand before bed if I'm good and don't get too terribly distracted by fanfic!

Answer of the day to the word-crisis: Get the bug talking. No, seriously. The bug alien is totally my new favorite character. ♥ And I know this makes no sense at all to anybody but me, but I'm giddy with the "yay I don't suck" at the moment.

...Well, the story probably still sucks. But I don't care, because the word count is working out. I can go back later and fix the story itself. *g*
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This is me avoiding NaNo... I'm at about 37,000 words (yes, still woefully behind, but... whatever - a lot less than I was yesterday!), and I've been padding like crazy while simultaneously trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing with this crack-tastic lack-of-plot that I've managed to stick myself with. Right now I have two versions of how the story is going, and I'm sort of... running them both concurrently because I'm honestly not sure which one I like better. And besides, running both gives me more potential for word count.

Back to it. I'd like to hit 40,000 tonight. I even think I can do it, if I can just stop getting so damned distracted by everything in the world.

Watched a bunch of 3rd season Doctor Who with Mom over the holiday, and I was pleased to notice several things that I'd never noticed before. For instance, the quarries in Utopia and Last of the Time Lords. I felt all nostalgic for Fourth-Doctor!Who, after noticing that.

And they were really pressing the whole Lucy thing, weren't they? Wow. Now that I've seen a decent amount of the old stuff, I practically had to eat my hand in order not to start gushing about how hard they were trying to make her look like Romana. (Watch - now that I've said that, it'll turn out that it was sheer accident. But still! So very similar in really random ways!)

Oh, and while I'm at it... I keep saying I need to write this down so that if it happens, I can gloat. So here it is: My theory on what's really going to happen with Lucy Saxon, with spoilers for the last arc of Season 3 )
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All of you who are doing NaNoWriMo this year know that Neil Gaiman wrote this week's pep talk, and that he talked about how most of us are probably at about the point where we think our stories suck ass. Yeah, I'm so there. So far (ie, as long as I'm safely away from my home computer and, thus, any fear of actually having to work on the damned thing), I'm pretty much at the "WHEE! TRIPE! This stuff is all TRIPE!" place. Which is a good place to be.

Unfortunately, if last night is any indication, as soon as I'm actually in front of the computer I will be at the "Woe, pain, misery, this thing sucks, can I go back to my dungeon of fanfic and never ever ever come out again?" point. Or, worse, the "Gee, I really need to get up and clean the cat-box this very minute" point.

You know it's bad when cleaning the cat box sounds preferable to writing.

Did I mention that I actually won a game of 4-suit Spider Solitaire for the first time... during the second week of NaNo? While I was supposed to be writing? Yeah. Well, that means that I'll have accomplished one thing this month... *Rolls eyes*

For the record, Steven Moffat has not been helping. Having two seasons of his show Coupling out from the library has the double-effect of giving me a fantastic show that I need to watch on a time schedule... and also embarrassing me about my writing, 'cause damn but that man is impressive. Even on a sit-com he's doing impressive things. That takes talent.

Word count: About 30,000. So, really only 4,000 or so behind schedule...
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Per the norm, lately, this weekend was mostly a lot of me pounding my head against my NaNo project. I think I'm making progress, though... perhaps most importantly in discovering that this year's project is actually the long-awaited (and mysteriously absent until now) main plot for my last year's project. So, that's a lovely thing, since it means I can start trying to figure out a way to smush the two together and, to my great pleasure, add lots of extra words as I set up this current novel with the background and such of last year's. I'd known from the start that bits of last years were being used in this one (I liked a lot of the characters and some of the concepts), but in mining my old work for ideas the other night I realized the two plots complement each other pretty well. So yay! I suddenly have more characters, a better understanding of my setting, a lot more dialogue potential and such to work with.

Yes, I'm a dork.

Went to the Melting Pot over the weekend with a bunch of the girls and [livejournal.com profile] irishninja, and much fun and delicious fondue was had. And I'm still poking along on three Doctor Who fics, in my 'spare time' - one Sarah Jane/Harry set roughly in the SJA era, one Romana/Doctor fic, about which all I can say without spoiling my own idea is that it involves the Time War, and a final idea that I hope will be a very silly but fun Christmas fic focusing on Ten, Martha, and Donna.

Oh, and I actually managed to draw a little last night, and play with my colored pens. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my really nice thin inking pen, so I have to buy a new one before I can continue. Bleh.
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Aaaand, now I'm behind by a day. *Pouts* Last night after dinner, I wimped out and watched a DVD with Kendra rather than writing. I don't regret it, but I'm still kind of going "Oh, now I have to write 3334 words today if I want to be caught up, and tonight is my group meeting at the Unitarian Church. Oops."

On the plus side, I figured out why I wasn't getting the NaNo encouragement emails - I apparently forgot to reactivate my account this year. I thought I had... but apparently I hadn't. So, folks who might be looking for me over there, I am now activated under the same name as here on LJ.

...And I still need a new writing icon, too. Dang.

In other news, the 3rd Doctor (Pertwee) is an insane, adorable old man. So there. ♥


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