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Jul. 11th, 2008 08:43 am
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Posted a slightly insane BtVS/Highlander crossover over on [ profile] summer_of_giles. And just typo'd that as Summer_of_Files, which ought to be an X-Files ficathon. Anyway.

Fic is here.
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For [ profile] zinjadu, who asked for X-Files, and got a little bit more because of the specific nature of her prompt. This is such a total piece of crack... but I couldn't resist. Assumes the background of Family Portrait, a prior piece of crack on which this is closely based.

Halloween at Sleepy Hollow, 2001, or ‘The Headless Horseman and the FBI Agents Who Couldn’t Leave Well Enough Alone’ )


Jul. 30th, 2006 11:00 pm
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Well. It only took me a little over a year to finish it, but [ profile] zinjadu, I finally have your birthday fic done.

You guessed it - it's that damned crossover I've been promising.

Fandoms: Highlander and X-Files
Characters: Scully, Mulder, and Maggie, Charlie, and Bill Scully (Jr), and Joe, Methos, Richie, and Amy.
Summary: This is a bit of an AU for both series. Basically, blip out the whole Ahriman situation for Highlander, and forget about that crazy situation where Mulder disappeared from the X-Files. This fic also assumes the background of my "Interference" series, namely that Amy was assigned as Methos' Watcher and things... got a bit messy after that. Forgive me, I have no control over my own characters.
And dear gods, don't squint too hard at the plot. I know it's cracked. o_O

Family Portrait )


Jun. 18th, 2006 08:55 pm
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It's not any of the three fics I've been promising people, but it's something that I actually wrote about a year ago, and forgot about before I could post it. And since I found it again, and today just happens to be Father's Day... well, here you go.

Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Joe and Amy
Warnings: Spoilers for the end of season 5. Deals with character death. Part of the "Interference" series, but probably works okay as a stand-alone.
Summary: Amy visits Joe on an important day.
Title: 'Someday'

Someday )


Aug. 27th, 2005 09:42 pm
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First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you are going to use.

1. Remus Lupin
2. Simon Tam
3. Malcolm Reynolds
4. River Tam
5. Methos
6. Garak
7. Julian Bashir
8. Aragorn
9. Eomer
10. Miss Clara ;)
11. Severus Snape
12. Austin from Summon the Keeper

And the Questions: )
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Only a week later than I'd expected!

Title: Interference, Chapter 4: "Undertow"
Summary: Amy's memories of her initiation bring up issues in the present that still need to be dealt with.
Warnings: There's a teeny bit of swearing in here, nothing that shouldn't have made it through prime-time censors. See previous chapters of "Interference" here, here, and here.
Disclaimer: The characters and concepts involved herein do not belong to me, but the storyline does. No money is being made of this - if it were, it wouldn't have taken me so long to get it finished. ;)
Author's Note: Many thanks to the irrepressible [ profile] zinjadu for listening to me rant, helping me edit, and providing much-needed moral support in the writing of this chapter. It was intended as a sort of Father's Day gift but, as usual, the writing process got a bit out of control. Hopefully Chapter 5 won't give me so much trouble.

Undertow )
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WHY??? WHY would they do something so... WHY???!!!

What the fuck kind of tag-line IS that? What the hell are they thinking? Why the hell can't they just leave well enough alone?

First, they choose my second-least favorite style of animation. Then they fill the world with mechas, which I also don't like. Then they apparently decide that Duncan wasn't good enough for the damned katana ("For the first time, the MacLeod katana blade will find itself in the hands of a Japanese master"... and since when is it the "MacLeod" katana, anyway? Silly me, I thought the "MacLeod" sword was the one from Scotland...)!

Who did they get for their copy-editor, Babelfish? "Have we wet your appetite?"

After "a few thousand years" I would expect this bastard to be... hmm, METHOS. Or possibly Cassandra. But that's an entirely different nightmare.

And, last but not least... how many MacLeods are there, anyway? And why the hell are they ALL IMMORTAL?! I'm waiting for the day someone decides Rachel was immortal, too... and then maybe Duncan's cousin, the one he killed, for good measure. Just wait - I bet you it turns up in "The Source" as the big climactic shocker.

The more I think about this, the more I realize that it's too funny to bother being annoyed by it.

Oh yeah. And when they say "two successful television series," do you suppose they mean the second to be The One Season Wonder, or what I'm told was The Animated Horror? Ah, the burning questions this ad conjures....


May. 13th, 2005 09:31 am
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I didn't really stay up til 2:20am last night. Not at all. >.>

Okay, so I did. But it wasn't my fault! I was totally exhausted when coming home from work ([ profile] narsilion can corroborate this - I almost fell asleep in the van), and then I was all snoozy at home and planning to just take a really fast shower, eat something, and go to bed. And then I chatted with [ profile] coramegan for a bit, and it was decided that she needed to see a few episodes of Highlander. And by that point, I was starting to get a second wind... and you can't just make someone watch your favorite show without you! So I took my shower, had a grilled cheese sandwich, and we watched "Chivalry." Then I was completely awake, so we watched "Timeless." I love that episode so very much, even though the main plot is kind of bleh. Claudia amuses me, but there's way too much of her pretending to play the piano (you never notice how horribly fake it is until you've got someone next to you who really plays). And Alexa's hair in the first scene is horrid beyond belief, but I love her anyway. And Joe!!! Anyway. Then we chatted. And then I had to brush teeth/clean cat box/do the usual night-time stuff.... yeah.

It was soooo much fun, though. But now I need to get ready for class.
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Kari and Fey... you're gonna want to look at this.

All I'm saying is that Vancouver BC is not that far away.
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I think this is the last of the requested drabbles - [ profile] tiffangelwings requested Happy!Ed from FMA, so here it is.

Late Night )

ETA: I forgot one! [ profile] narsilion requested that I see what might happen if Duncan, Methos, Joe, Mulder and Scully were allowed to briefly meet up. Scary as it is, I had to try... and it kind of morphed. I meant to add in Duncan and Methos, but it's a double as it is, and Amy fit better... so I apologize. I'll try to add a few more later as Mulder and Scully continue their investigation. *g*

Thursday Night at Joe's )

Damn the drabble format... I had more I wanted to do in that one, but I just can't make it fit.

If anybody else wants to request something or an additional drabble to what I've already written, I'm still keeping it open just because I've discovered I really like writing these things. Expect more of the silly little buggers in the future. ;)

Got a bunch of painting done on the Domesday Book laste night after finishing my homework, and now I think I'm gonna play with the fic for a bit before I head off for lunch and class.
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I should be going to bed... but I'm up finishing some hot chocolate with Frangelico in it, so I might as well be doing something else, too. What a surprise that 'something else' would turn out to be a drabble fic.

Fandom: Highlander
Title: "Unthinkable"
Warnings, summary, etc: Methos!introspection and the beginnings of a chat with Joe. No naughty words and only the vaguest hint of... potential pre-slashiness. Take it as you will, and as it is - just a bit of speculation on Methos' thoughts, and induced by hot chocolate with alcohol in it, at that.

Unthinkable )
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Fey, I just had to make a little drabble of what we talked about last night. It's Highlander, and it's Duncan/Methos (or Methos/Duncan?) and not at all explicit.

Morning After )
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Two drabbles for [ profile] narsilion: Request #1 was Fred and George trying to pick up a Muggle girl.

How Not to Date Muggle Girls )

Request #2 was Joe and Methos talking about one of Joe's bad experiences in Vietnam.

Old Soldiers )

And one for [ profile] zinjadu, X-Files, with the prompt "Mulder, Scully, and an agreement."

The Age-Old Debate )
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Alrighty - I just turned in my commentary for my anthro class, and my archaeology midterm this morning went pretty well, so I get to write more drabbles before getting back to work!

For [ profile] narsilion, who requested "fun and fluffy" Amy and Methos romance. This one's a double, because... well, I liked it a lot, and Methos won't shut up. :D

Tell Me All Your Secrets )

And for [ profile] coramegan, who requested Cho and Luna coming to an understanding:

Mysteries )


Apr. 24th, 2005 01:47 pm
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For [ profile] theladyfeylene, who requested HP or Highlander fluff, with a summer theme, and said I'd get extra points if it was Kronos-centric. She also offered the title, as a joke, and that's what really sparked it. It's a double drabble, because it demanded to be longer than just 100 words. Kronos is a demanding bugger, and he knew exactly what he wanted. *g*

Beach-Blanket Apocalypse )
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Fandom: Highlander
Title: "Interference," Chapter 2.
Rating, Summary, etc: General, with a bit of a warning for language. Takes up directly after the end of "Interference", and continues in Amy's POV as she learns more about her new 'assignment.' See the warnings and summary before "Interference" for more details - here, let it suffice to say that I'm tweaking post-series canon a bit, and that I don't own anybody who's named in here. Oh, right - and a bit of cursing.

Interference, Chapter 2 )
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Went for a (very short) run today, did a ton of archaeology reading, unplugged the sink with salt and hot water (go me!) after plugging it with lard (oops), fixed the cat's favorite toy so he will not progress straight through "pear-shaped" and turn into a huge fuzzy orange peach with white feet, and ate a big bowl of orange sorbet. In the basement. Where it is already cold. *Sighs*

So now I'm cold, but full of orange goodness, the sink is unplugged (although the guilty pan is still soaking in loads of hot water and detergent), the cat is happy, and I'm going to finish the chapter I'm reading in the archaeology book and then maybe work on my fic for a little while. Because I had what might have been a minor break-through on the way home from the drugstore this afternoon. I have new toothpaste, too! That makes me stupidly happy.

Also learned that if you run "Princes of the Universe" through Babelfish enough times, you can get "I have me soul of rice" out of "I have inside me blood of kings." Am still trying to work out what quirk of translation caused this. On a related note, I discovered, while trying to check some names for the fic, that TV Tome thinks the Highlander theme is "Princess of the Universe." Perhaps Duncan has something he needs to tell the guys.

This entry was written entirely without the assistance of alcohol or other mind-altering substances... which is probably the most frightening thing about it.

ETA: The Princess of the Universe, plus a Methos icon )


Apr. 12th, 2005 12:19 am
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Spent all day today wrapped up in my computer chair watching DVDs (the first two episodes of DS9 season six, then "The Messenger," "Comes a Horseman," and "Revelations 6:8" from Highlander - was much cheered by the collarbone of doom in CaH. o.O You know you're cracked when seeing someone's collarbone gets you going "ooooooooo." But... so pretty!!!) and sipping water/juice/broth/Sprite. Had a bowl of soup for dinner, then decided I felt really really warm to the touch and went to bed... and slept from 7pm til 10:30pm.

Woke up, felt pretty good, went upstairs and had a piece of toast, made lunch for tomorrow... and started feeling crappy again while I did that. Tummy still feels nasty, I haven't showered 'cause I'm afraid I'll get dizzy, and I'm seriously considering skipping lecture (at least) again tomorrow. I don't want to get all the way to campus and then feel sick. I really really don't. I'm a little worried about missing class two days in a row, but he posts the lecture slides to the website, and I'm always a week ahead on the reading...

And then the problem after that is anthro, and work. Missing anthro would be Not Good (it's very small and very discussion-based), but we're watching a movie in part of class tomorrow, so it wouldn't be awful. Work would be bad to miss, but I'd rather warn them ahead of time and not go in than go and feel totally craptastic and not be able to do my job.

It really all depends on how I feel tomorrow, but I've been so on and off and just on the edge of really feeling bad that I'm worried I'll get there and put off coming home until I'm really feeling shitty.
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This afternoon, I saw a truly scary thing on Oxygen (the Oprah channel). Among other ridiculous commercials on that channel, there was one for a show called "Mr Romance" - one of those reality TV type shows for picking the best sexy bachelor, or something like that. And at the end of the commercial, Fabio (or possibly just a very Fabio-esque looking guy) appeared, grinned at the camera, and said "There can be only one." Complete with a very scary CG eye twinkle added in.

I'm still trying to convince myself that it wasn't some sort of weird hallucination.

Housemates? I'm not crazy, right? That really did happen, didn't it?


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