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Jun. 30th, 2009 08:34 pm
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The last time I updated AVG, it tricked me (..okay, probably it prompted me and I didn't notice, but still!) into accidentally installing the Yahoo toolbar onto my Firefox browser (the only one I use), and then just recently (I could swear it happened in the last 24 hours it suddenly changed my built-in search box in the top right corner of my browser over to Yahoo instead of Google.

I detest Yahoo with an unthinking but blinding passion. I want my Google back, and I want this stupid Yahoo toolbar (which has the annoying habit of showing any words I highlight up in the search bar, as if I want to search for something just because I've highlighted it, ARGH!) GONE. I want them gone yesterday, in fact. However. I don't want to just uninstall and reinstall AVG, because when The Boy reformatted his computer a few weeks ago, we discovered that AVG no longer makes it easy to get their free version.

The Stupid Yahoo Toolbar (tm) is not listed in my uninstall/install stuff, because it's under AVG. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of the damned thing?

(Yes, I work for an internet company, and yes, it's ironic that I can't figure this out on my own, but... seriously, it's not like we troubleshoot browsers at work!)

Edit: Managed on my own to get rid of the freaking toolbar, but my search box is still Yahoo. Argh! ...Horrible thought - is it possible this is actually not AVG's fault, but Firefox? Did they all of a sudden decide they're pairing up with Yahoo or something? o_O

.....EDIT: Oh, for crying out loud. It's a drop down. I must have bumped it over to Yahoo sometime yesterday. Crisis averted, Google restored, and me feeling like a total moron. Ignore me please, everyone. Please. It's been a long day - I'm going to go take my contacts out, make some food, and try not to do anything else stupid.
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...And I have one more reason to Hate Dell.

Want to see their computer-marketing website aimed especially at women? No? Well, you should anyway. Because it's appalling.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go bake a pie and finish my boyfriend's laundry before I go to bed early so that I can make breakfast and pack him a healthy lunch. Or just drink a beer and wonder why Dell has to be so god damned stupid.
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So... thanks to a friend of [livejournal.com profile] nightsinger's, I have a beautiful new laptop, and in keeping with my usual naming obsession, I feel the need to give it a name. Having toyed with it a bit, I'm reasonably certain I want a female name, but I'm a little stuck on which of several options to pick. So I thought I'd apply to my wonderful f-list for help.

[Poll #1225861]

Also, if any Doctor Who fan passing by this hasn't seen "Ghostlight" (7th Doctor) or "The Time Monster" (3rd Doctor) they should go out right now and rent both. They're fantastic. ♥ "Ghostlight" features a Neanderthal, Ace in a tux, and some really hilariously obvious sexy subtext between Ace and the female guest star of the week, and "The Time Monster" features almost-canon Tardis sex, the Master flirting with Jo to make the Doctor jealous and then seducing the queen of Atlantis in order to usurp her power, and unexpected naked!Benton. It's brilliant.
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Apparently explaining the results of my trouble-shooting with my computer to one Dell technician in email wasn't enough. Now I have to get called at 7pm tonight by another technician who will probably make me go through the whole "turn it on, try to do the setting thing, oops it shut off, blah blah blah" thing all over again. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Seriously, it's not the technicians faults, but I am getting so very sick of putting up with their shit. I loved Dell back when a problem meant that they sent someone out to help me figure it out. That was great. Now? I'd rather just have a computer that my friends can help me fix when it goes bad, 'cause this shit is just not working for me.

I can't wait to have a niiiiiiice long rant at their customer service survey thing. I will make clear that it's not the technicians faults. But fucked if I'm going to let this whole fiasco go without comment, because it's annoying the living hell out of me.

Fuck this shit. Next time I get a computer, maybe I really will get a friend to teach me out to build up my own. It's gotta be better than having to whine to Dell and then wait around while they make me figure out what part to send me. At least this way, if I figure out what part I need, I could go buy it myself and not have to worry about convincing them of what's wrong. I fucking hate that. I feel stupidly guilty enough that my computer doesn't work right, because it's like I made a mistake in buying the wrong one or something. I don't need to spend vast amounts of my free time convincing someone in Bangalore of what my problem is... and then convincing another person in Bangalore because the first person is out for the day! What. The. HELL.

Shit. And I just realized that I told the tech to call me at 7pm, because that's when I would normally be at home, but thanks to a fucking ralley in Downtown this evening I probably won't be home by then. Fabulous. Just what I need. DAMN IT.
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It seems that my thumb-drive has officially doinked itself. Damn it!

I like my thumb-drive. It is a nice thumb-drive, and it was a present from [livejournal.com profile] zinjadu's dad. But now the silly thing thinks that it is write-protected and won't let me save over files on it... which makes writing just a teensy bit tricky. I can still access the content, but I can't add to it. Not very helpful.

...I wonder how much memory is available on a decently-priced thumb-drive, nowadays? In the lemons-to-lemonade category, I ought to at least be able to swing an upgrade out of this, I suppose...

Also, why is it that ALL my library holds always come in on the same day? I really need to get over there and pick stuff up.
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] aris_tgd: Tell us what the name of your computer is (or your hard drive, whichever is more interesting) and how you chose that name.

Old laptop's name is Lennier (sweet, very eager, slightly hapless and ill-starred), which led to me naming my mp3 player Marcus (bright, enthusiastic and cheerful, with a sleek black look), and my work laptop Corwin (functional and hard-working, if occasionally dippy, and doesn't have much of a life outside the office ;) ). And then there's my PC/'main computer' - Susan. I originally meant the name in honor of Susan Ivanova, but it's become a three-way pun of sorts, referring also to Susan Sto Helit, Death's grand-daughter in the Discworld books, and to Susan Foreman, the Doctor's grand-daughter in Doctor Who. The confluence of which brings me to the conclusion that there's something in the name "Susan" that says to writers "I'm very cute, entirely too practical for my own good, I'm more than a bit dangerous, and I could probably kill you. Also, my family is terrifying." Or something like that.

...On this subject, my mp3 player decided this morning that he is feeling ill and doesn't want to work anymore. And no, I haven't hooked him up to my PC, lately. But he won't turn on, won't take a charge, won't recognize being plugged in... *Sigh* Looks like I'll be taking a trip up to Best Buy this weekend to see if my warranty is still good. :(
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I have my new computer! She was waiting in the living room in her box when I got home... with Theo lounging on top of her, of course. So now she's all out-of-the-box and (presumably) happy. She's... very sleek and shiny, unnervingly silver compared to my old black Dell box and... oh, yeah. She's noisy. Noisiest fan on any computer that I ever have heard. It's highly disconcerting.

I appreciate the whole "not dying of computer heat-stroke" aspect of this, but at the same time... dear gods that's going to take some getting used to. Also, takes getting used to the fact that I don't have all my usual settings, files, etc. installed. I had a near panic-attack when I realized that I had to actually download Firefox and Winamp again. ;)

So, long story short... relatively happy. I'm sure I'll get used to the noisiness in time. At the moment, it just makes me sort of twitchy.

...Incidentally, I've been feeling the itch for a new layout, so here you have it - another of the "style contest" layouts. Brighter and more summery than my old one, which was exactly the change I felt like I needed. One of these days I'll figure out how to make real LJ layouts all on my own. But for now, I'm focusing on normal HTML in my computer-hobby lessons.
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thought computer was fixed when i got home. then it did same thing again once i relaxed. seems to be completely random.

just bought new computer off dell's outlet site. am now panicking to some extent. but was a very good deal. still kind of going 'ack.' and... y'anno... not using caps. 'cause... random computer shut-down very off-putting.

six years is a good run for a computer. it was bound to start dying soon. even if i'd been able to fix this... of course now it seems fine. but... yeah.


Edit: Oh, sure! Right now you'll let me use the shift key all I want! But you're not fooling me, computer - as soon as I start to trust you again, you'll do the exact same thing as last time - I'll innocently hit 'shift' and it'll all be over. Again. As soon as I least expect it.

There's no more trust in this relationship. I have to go. We'll always have Paris. Or at least Livejournal. I'll have someone new in my life soon... someone shiny and new. Sure, it'll be hard. But we'll have a two-year warranty to try to make it work. So... there.

I'm going to go play with my laptop. He still loves me.

...At least I hope he does.
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So, the last few days were like "the revenge of the inanimate objects." First, my cat did a jig on my keyboard and poured water all over it, so my keyboard was all messed up.

Me: Types a "w"
Keyboard: eopt897!
Me: Ummm... "space-bar"
Keyboard: *b?
Me: Shit.

And then, of course, when I attempt the standard "turn off and then turn back on the next day" solution (while the keyboard attempted to drain), the computer informed me that no, that wasn't an option. It didn't want to talk to that disgusting, soppy keyboard anymore. No. It refused.

So... new keyboard. Shiny, new, and has a lovely warranty on it in case the cat decides to have more fun. I plan to find some way of making a cover for it. Preferably out of plastic. Or maybe iron. :P It's entirely possible that the old one, once it's dried out for a few weeks, will once again be usable... but honestly? The damned thing is something like seven years old. I figure that's probably past the standard lifespan for a keyboard that's constantly getting crumbs and cat hair and all that gunk in it.

Speaking of which, my mouse is still mad at me, too. Argh. Must clean. Must consider getting a new mousepad for it. Technology is such... fun. *Twirls finger*

In order to make this entry a complete hash of randomness, I'd like to note that apparently, Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear are completely cursed. Their new show, 'Drive,' has been canceled with only four episodes shown. This is where I hide from the rest of Firefly fandom, because stuff like this can only bring up bad memories...

Reading List from March 2007 onward! )
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The electrical short that's been plaguing my laptop's power cord finally decided to go well-and-truly splut. No more power cable. And as the poor little squishy was much ill-used by the sales executive to whom he belonged in his prior life, that means no power, because the internal battery can't seem to run more than a few minutes without the cable. *Headdesk*

So now I have a laptop, but no way to use it. Fabulous. And I was just getting used to the whole "writing upstairs where it's warm and there are people" thing. I had even made a nice new desktop wallpaper for him. Guess it's time to start looking into the price of AC adapter cables for Inspiron series Dell laptops. Argh.

Edited to add: Looks like the official Dell site offers refurbished Inspiron 4150 external adapters for $15.95. So that's a place to start, then, with figuring out where else I can get the thing, possibly for cheaper.


Aug. 16th, 2006 10:19 am
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Iiinteresting. So, I'm sure everyone and their dog has heard about the recall on specific models of Dell laptop batteries, by now. I didn't think much of it until I realized in a dream last night that, hey, if they're recalling the batteries, that'd mean they'd give me a new one, if it's one of the affected models. This is perfect, because Lennier's battery is kind of screwed up already - it doesn't hold a charge very well, probably because of how much abuse he took as a work computer for the sales guys.

Update: Curses, foiled again. A couple of our other laptops are in the listed models, but my computer is not. Yay for computer databases. Might as well check through to see if any of the other comps could be affected, though... *Sighs* It was a nice thought while it lasted.
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Okay, who on the f-list uses Rough Draft?

It (my favorite word processor in the whole wide world) is being a total butt lately. Every time I use the "File" sidebar to try to open... oh, let's say my thumb drive (you know, that thing on which I keep EVERYTHING I WRITE), it gives me this error message:

This file cannot be opened.

Possible reasons for this are:
The file name has been misspelled.
The file has been deleted.
The file is in use by another program.

Help? My programs seem to be hating me the last few days...

Oh yeah. And that fic I was worried about? Sure enough, I really did save over the work I did last night. Insert angry and poorly-pronounced Mandarin here. And the reason for the weird double-file thing that caused me to save wrong? This same file problem I just described. Sonofabitch.

media woes

Apr. 21st, 2006 02:50 pm
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Freaking WinMedia player. I'm trying to fix the fact that in the whole wiping of the hard-drive about a year ago, I accidentally lost a few of my computer files (backed-up from my rather expensive 2-disc set) of the 10th anniversary cast of Les Miserables... and what does it do? It gets the freaking track names wrong!!! I thought I was losing my flipping mind until I realized what'd gone wrong!

The main songs I was upset about missing were "On My Own" and "A Little Fall of Rain" (Yes, I'm a sap-whore - I love Lea Solonga's voice, and I love the character of Eponine. I could pretty much not care less about Cosette. But Eponine... oh, her I love. ♥), and "One Day More." Which was actually the first one I noticed missing, 'cause it's one of my all-time favorite songs from the show. But those first two are tracks 3 and 6 on Disc 2 of this set. So says the insert. And the insert, in cases like this, is pretty much God.

But when I rip the needed tracks off Disc 2, I end up with track 04 being listed as Building the Barricade/On My Own, and track 07 being listed as A Little Fall of Rain. I figured this wasn't a big deal... til I played them and found that no, those were not the songs I was looking for. Sure enough, I back-tracked and discovered that what WinMedia oh-so-helpfully titled as "Javert's Arrival/Little People" is, in fact, "A Little Fall of Rain."

Now that I've got it figured out, it's really not that big a deal. But before I realized what was happening, I was soooo horribly confused. And now I have the tedious task of retitling all the songs that I had to recopy, too. Grrr.
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Never name your computer after a snarky 5,000 year old man unless you're prepared to suffer the consequences.

Methos' sound-card appears to have never really been broken. He just didn't like what I was trying to play.

Since I had it stuck in my head, I used "Princes of the Universe" as my test today.

It played. No problem at all.


Jul. 16th, 2003 01:52 pm
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I don't suppose any of my wonderful friends have a spare keyboard they want to be rid of at a moderate price????

I (stupidly, moronically, with my typical display of poor judgment) spilled almost an entire instant cappuccinno (how the hell do you spell that, anyway?) on my keyboard last night. I drained it out as fast as I could and dabbed as much as possible from the keys... but it shows signs of still being too sticky to use. Although the good news is that it's getting a lot better as I use it. So maybe this isn't quite the crisis that I thought it was and I really just need to sit around for a while and practice my typing, using all the keys in succession, not just the alphabet ones (which now seem to be mostly unstuck). One of the shift keys is a bit sticky still, though..... damn.

The other good news is that my keyboard smells wonderful... which I guess is a small consolation.


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