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Passing the word along from [livejournal.com profile] ellid: Wal-Mart is now selling t-shirts with artwork that seems to have been ripped off from an SCA scroll.

The original entry and photographs of the t-shirt design are here over on [livejournal.com profile] sca. Folks who are in the society will note that, although the text is chopped up for collage-effect, the date of the original scroll (November, A.S. 33), and the name of the barony (Windmaster's Hill) are clearly visible.

As an amateur scribe, I'm feel badly for the calligrapher whose work has probably been stolen here. The current baron and baroness of the barony are aware of the situation, and the Society BOD have been notified (as has the legal committee), so I imagine we'll be hearing more about this in the coming days.

I know it's a long shot, but I have to add - If you're from the area - "Central North Carolina, primarily from the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill)," according to the barony's website - and happen to know either the scribe who created the barony's A&S champions scroll in 1998 or the recipient of said scroll, Lady Anna Sabyn, please point them in the direction of the post linked above, as their input is needed!
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Note to [livejournal.com profile] ursule and [livejournal.com profile] ryunohi - I've been trying to work out the logistics of actually going to the event tonight, and I'm reasonably sure it's not happening. I don't mind being fashionably late to things, but when the event will be half done by the time I get there, even assuming I make good time on the bus... If by some miracle I'm feeling energetic when I get off work this evening I might still make a go of showing up for the dancing. I miss you guys! I just can't seem to make scheduling work the way I want it to. :(

Just thought I'd warn, just in case you guys were actually expecting me to stop being a flake. Meetings will probably be easier for me to shoot for, for now.

In other news, I was up waaaaay too late writing last night, and still feel as though I accomplished next to nothing. Every time I think I'm making progress on this project, the next time I open it I feel like I'm just flailing at the wind. This damn thing needs to be finished before I go totally insane over it. I don't think I've ever edited and rewritten any other single piece of writing so much. Sadly, I include school work in that statement.
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So, as previously mentioned, today was Spring Fling. At Ravenna Park.

I didn't make it.

Why not? Here - a map will help. )

So, the moral of the story is that I really ought to learn to consult a map before I go someplace. Not after. Because it really doesn't do me a hell of a lot of good when I check after.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] ursule? Can I just buy you coffee sometime when we're both on campus? I'd really like to catch up with you, but me making it to events lately just doesn't seem to be working so hot. :/

I really hope I don't have this much trouble going to Amy's party tonight.


Jul. 23rd, 2005 09:12 pm
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I'm home from Lionhearts, a baronial-level SCA event. I have a purring cat in my lap, a new-to-me down mattress-pad on my futon, new tea in my collection, and, best of all, a brand new necklace and scroll.

I was awarded a Green Leaf today, an award for service. I think I was in shock, and I know that my knees and hands were shaking when I took the scroll. I'm soooo proud. I've never gotten an award before. Hell, I'm still proud when people in the Barony remember my name.

Oh, and I stepped down as seneschal, too. Gods bless Darien for stepping up; I'm happy to not have that weight on my shoulders anymore.
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I survived being Seneschal of the College of Saint Bunstable for a year, and successfully passed on the job to the next victim leader, who I know will do a great job.

More importantly, the College survived my being Seneschal. No, I jest... barely. ;)

Seriously, the next time I raise my hand for a position that actually involves me a) doing paperwork and b) coordinating with a bureaucracy, someone please slap me. Or at least remind me of what a disorganized twit I am. But it worked out well! I don't officially step down until the end of July, but I've gotta say that I'm relieved, and very much looking forward to having the spare braincells to devote to SCA things that I really feel are my place in the society - like scribal work.

Looking at the Madrone Domesday book pages really made me aware of how much progress I've got left before I'm worth anything in this art. I want to do that kind of work, badly, and so I've decided that this summer I will buy the proper supplies for myself, and create at least a few illuminated pages on my own, as a way to practice the art. I want to do them in at least somewhat-period style, but one of the projects I want to do is a passage from either the Silmarillion or the Lord of the Rings, and then the other is a piece from either the Havamal or Voluspa. For the LotR thing, I'm considering the two trees from the Silmarillion, with an associated passage, possibly a bit about Earendil (maybe with the original poem in Old English in addition to text from the Sil? Or possibly something about Varda, or the Rohirrim. I know, lots of possibilities. Hell, maybe even the first page of the Hobbit.

It'll all depend on what I come up with when I start sketching, I expect. But I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

Edit: Oh, and in case anyone was curious, here's my contribution to the College of Saint Bunstable's pages for the Domesday Book. It's our heraldic achievement - Explanation for those who are interested ) It looks a lot more choppy than I'd wanted it to, but it's not too bad for my first piece of completely original page of illumination.

And, to show how far I have to go, here are the pages that show how it really ought to be done. That's the Barony of Madrone's finished pages.


May. 7th, 2005 10:10 pm
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Computer is behaving marginally well (*pauses to knock on wood*), so here's a quick update.

Today was Spring Fling, which went very well, I thought. I only had a teeny bit of frustration getting to the site and met possibly the world's coolest and funniest bus-driver while I was at it, and the event itself was full of good food, chatting with people I don't see as often as I'd like, and generally having normal SCA fun. After I got home, I played with the cat, did reading, made dinner, did more reading... and here I am. Oh, and somewhere in there I learned that the best way to get my cat to not chew on the metal legs of the kitchen chairs (no, I don't know why he does it, either) is to throw water on him. He sulks for a while, but it solved the problem!

Yesterday was 'stay in the lab and try to work' day, followed by a few hours of reading and then a very nice night out with Toby, whose LJ username I keep forgetting to get. We walked around Greenlake park for quite a while chatting and marveling that there are tons of bunnies and baby ducks down there right now, and then wandered back up to the Ave and ended up eating at Kai's, a nice (if loud) little bar/grill thing. And then back to the house, where I pretty much took a shower, and then curled up in bed for some reading and sleeeep.

Tonight, I'm kind of hoping I can get some fic work done... I haven't done anything in a week, and I feel very sad about that. Unfortunately, my brain seems to've somewhat stopped on the fic I was working on, so hopefully I'll either come up with something to do in it, or come up with something else to write.
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Paper #1 turned in. Almost fell asleep while waiting for bus to come home. Finishing paper #2 now, and then will turn in, come home, and... I don't even know, at this point. Sleep, possibly, until Baronial business meeting. Hopefully not sleep at Baronial business meeting, as that would be bad.

Happy Pi Day, everyone.

And a very Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] coramegan, should she happen to see this entry!!!


Mar. 11th, 2005 11:13 pm
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Cue the running around like a chicken with my head cut off - in all the "ohmigod I can't take doing work today!" madness, I now have to also be mad about making sure I've got everything ready for Baronial Banquet tomorrow.

I've actually written a checklist. I feel so organized. And that's pretty damned weird, for me.

Sunday is going to suck ass, pretty much, because I'm gonna have SO MUCH SHIT TO DO. But tomorrow should be fun, at least.

ETA: I am such a fucking idiot. Why? Because I really ought to know to check the fucking directions when I'm going to a local event, because every now and then they're really close. And by really close, I mean that it looks like it would take me longer to get to the house of the person who offered to drive me than it would for me to just hitch the same gods-damned bus in the opposite direction, transfer to another bus in Ballard, and go another five minutes to the site. Or just, you know, walk from the original bus-stop, if I wanted.

I am the most ineffective human being ever. I swear, I just... argh. So now I'm going "dude, can it really be that damned easy???" But if it isn't... for god's sake, it's gonna be the middle of the day. I've done worse in the evening, in worse areas, looking for less obvious landmarks. If I had just looked at the damned directions before figuring I needed a ride, this whole thing could have been made so much more simple. So... yeah.

Such an idiot. Really haven't felt this stupid in a good while. I will be taking the bus. I will have my cell. It will be good.
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Went to July Coronation this weekend, somewhere down past Yelm. The site was huge, and our group was camped WAY at the other side of the site from the eric and court and all, which was kind of annoying. That would have been fine, if it hadn't been so HOT. CT's little thermometer hit it's maximum at 99.9, and I heard somebody else say it was 102, around about 5 in the evening.

The last royal court of Davin and Groa was supposed to start at noon. In true SCA fashion, an announcement went out delaying that to 2:30. Then, things got bad. Court didn't start until 4:30. The part we were all waiting for (Badger becoming Black Lion) didn't happen until.... geez, probably 7 or 8, I think. Misty and Halla and I went wading in the river, though, which was probably the main thing that kept me from passing out from the heat. And then we had dinner, which was nice, and I set up the borrowed tent and went to bed.

Everything today went on-time, since the new king and queen (Gunnar and Gabrielle) seem determined to keep things prompt and on-schedule. I like them already. We packed up, I wandered merchant's row for a while, and then went out to Mexican on the way home. Then I enjoyed a shower, checked up on the internet, and chatted with Derek, Kate, and Feylene.

Only one hour of work tomorrow, and none on tuesday... hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff done, and maybe rent a movie, too. I want to start painting more charters, too, like I did for Tacky Tourney... looking at the scrolls at Coronation reminded me of how much I want to do the scribal stuff. If anything is my calling in the SCA other than just hanging out with my friends, then this is it. And I've got so much time right now... I could get one or two scrolls done no problem, I bet.

Saw a bunch of shooting stars last night, too, and the Milky Way. I so love camping....
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So... yeah. I really did try to update when I got home from May Crown (now being hailed (literally!) as Wealdmeare Snow Crown!).... but Livejournal ate my whole, gigantic entry. So I got mad at them and refused to retry until now.

Anyway, apparently it was 28 degrees out there in Farragut State Park, and I know for a fact that it snowed and hailed. But I made a pretty copper arm-band, and huddled over a fire, and Tiff let me use her soft shawl and sleep in a warm sleeping bag under her down comforter... so I was happy, aside from the times I was bitching about how cold my hands were (granted, that was quite often). Lots of fun, really.

Right now, my world is crashing in on me as I realize how close deadlines are looming. Spring Fling, two term papers, the end of the quarter... it's scary stuff. I'm just hoping to not screw anything up too royally.

But things are cheerful. Derek and I have agreed that we're actually dating, and he's comiing to visit again this weekend. I'm still working on actually saying "boyfriend" when I'm talking about him--it sounds very odd, to me; I've not said that word in a long time. Oh! And I got a 3.9 on my Greek and Roman Religions midterm! *does a little dance of joy*

Also, I spent somewhere around $30 at the bookstore tuesday afternoon. They had the third Keeper's Chronicles book, and The People's Guide to Tolkien!!! How on earth could I have resisted? More Quickbeam. More Austin and Claire. Whee.
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Role-playing last night went very well, and I had a lovely day today trying to catch up on my reading (not going well...) and posting on the online RPG. Loads of fun. Amazingly good angst and emotional stuff going on over on the RPG, in addition to all the fun the other characters are having. I'm totally enthralled....

Quote of the day (from last night's game session):
"I don't tell you how to stab things, so don't tell me how to guide things."

Looking forward to a week of running around trying to get things done... taxes, paperwork for event in June that I'm autocratting, readings for classes, picking up blank for a scroll I'm coloring, getting ready for the con that I thought wasn't until the end of the month.... things like that. Insanity, as usual.
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Well, the masquerade was a pretty bizarre day, all in all. The big moment of the night, for me, was that I cut my finger while helping to cut the bread for snacks. Lots of blood. Very interesting situation, and I now have to run around with a big old bandage on my pointer finger on my left hand, and wear a latex glove in the shower and fun things like that. And I won't be able to play the guitar until the bandage is off. But at least I can still type... and I didn't have to go to the hospital and get stitches or anything (very happy about that, since I've never gotten stitches before and I've got a feeling it would've freaked me out pretty well.) We think the flap of skin might even be salvageable, so I won't have a great raw spot. I'm hoping I get a cool scar out of the deal, personally.... it'd be kind of fun to have a story to tell.

The rest of the night was pretty good. I got to work with one of the local scribes and learn to paint charters, which I've wanted to do ever since I joined the SCA. I'm hoping I'll be able to get into this and learn to do the real stuff, too, like making the original scrolls and all. And I had some good fun dancing and talking to people, too, of course. The bad news is that the guy I kind of like didn't come... very sad. I can't figure out for the life of me whether he's interested in me or not, so I was hoping to chat and dance with him to try to get his attention. Oh, well... there's more time for that later.

Plans for the day: astronomy homework, trying to find a subject for little extra credit project, reading more out of Fortune is a Woman (interpretation of the works of Nicolo Machiavelli), possibly some French homework, and working more on my story. I've got some ideas for one of the scenes that's been giving me trouble, and I want to rewrite it to see if this new take works better.

Quote of the day (in reference to a dream Cora had--she gets all the really good dreams): "Evil bake sales!"


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