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Theo is completely healed up from the surgery to remove his tumor, so now it's time for the other cat, Random, to have an eye infection of some kind. Yay, more vet visits! (Booooo.)

And this time won't be with the cat who turns into a melted marshmallow at the vet, but the one who makes even experienced vet techs and veterinarians think that we picked up an angry feral on the way to the clinic.

In unrelated news, American Gods is predictably (and, occasionally, unpredictably) fantastic, iZombie continues to be delightful, and I got a part time job as the administrator for the editing guild that I've been on the board of for the last few years, which means I can continue my freelance editing career with slightly less guilt and panic about regular income.

Also, I had a very cute but slightly harrowing tour group at the museum today. It turns out that it's very difficult to run a tour for a group that runs the gamut from three late-teens all the way down to what I would guess were second graders. Super nice kids, really lovely, but trying to gear the tour to such a broad group really put me off my game. I'm very glad the tour next week and the two the week after that are supposed to be more traditional single-age groups.

And now, back to the transcription client.

(I am very glad that Mother's Day is going to be over soon. I'm hoping someday it won't be a thing I dread, but... so far, definitely still a dreaded thing.)
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Interesting. I seem to have forgotten my keys and my cellphone charger at home today, and only noticed the absence of the keys just as I was leaving the office. Meaning I did not have a chance earlier in the day to tell The Boy "gee, maybe I should borrow your keys so that I can go home, since you have a meeting off-site tonight and don't expect to be home until about 7:30."


So, I'm just going to hang out here in the office for a bit (too bad we have construction right now, complete with jackhammers, but... eh, that was going toward the end of the work-day, as well, so it's not the biggest deal), and I might stop by the Tully's to pick up a stupidly sweet drink of some kind to keep me company on the walk home and in case he's later than expected. Fortunately I can get into our building. ...Just not into our apartment. :P

ETA: All fixed. The Boy got my email and stopped by work after his meeting to find me still at my desk. "I bet you want to go home." To which I answered YES, PLEASE. ♥ And all was well.
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My new office is straight across the way from a fabulous Asian grocery called Uwajimiya (locals should all know it!), and in the food court there are a bunch of little bakeries, delis, grills, and so on. I don't usually eat there, because it's easier and healthier to buy a few packages of veggie steam buns at the beginning of the week and heat up a few every day for lunch, but yesterday I stopped by to replenish my stash of satsumas and buy a little candy... and I noticed that the little frozen yogurt place in the food court, which has looked exceptionally sad lately because it's been too cold for people to think of buying from them, has avocado lime listed as one of their flavors.

I'm kind of obsessed with unusual flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt and sorbet and things like that. It's a Thing. As long as the flavor is not meat-based, I'll probably try it (no, no horse-meat ice cream for me, and if you think I'm making that up you really ought to do yourself the favor of Googling "japanese ice cream flavors"). There's a place in my neighborhood that rotates all kinds of unusual flavors, and out of them, Cardamom, Spring Garlic, and Cucumber have been some of my favorites.

So I couldn't possibly resist Avocado and Lime. There was no way.

I came back today and happily rang the bell and ordered Avocado and Lime. But they don't have it. They rotate their flavors by the day. Tragedy!

So I had coconut instead, with pecans. It's very good. ...But I'm going to have to come back every few days and check what flavors they have available that day, because I'm determined to have my avocado and lime frozen yogurt.
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I know it's Friday, and I know it's 2pm, but can the week be over now? Seriously? Can we just be done and have a weekend and have everything stop existing on the scale of mild suck?

I'm tired. I would like to go home and do useless things, and maybe work on the baby blanket I'm crocheting for my cousin, and poke more at the fic I'm trying to write. If I really get excited, I could try to figure out how we can have a Christmas tree with our three obnoxious fuzzballs and their tendency to create disaster. Really, that's all I want to do. I'm tired of the rest of it.
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Office closed for snow. We have ventured out to get coffee, slipped around a little on the ice, enjoyed the beautiful, frigid sun, and returned home. The Boy has to work from home for at least a little bit. I? Am taking this as a day to do some beta-reading for a friend, and then see how much further ahead I can get on NaNoWriMo. And maybe work on a drawing I started last week.

I ♥ Seattle winters.

Lest you non-locals think my office is being totally stupid, I've been collecting stories of 3 and 4 hour commutes last night due to snow-related stupidity on the freeways. And just this morning, in the 1-block walk to get coffee, we saw a bus smashed into a car, which, in turn, was smashed into a light pole. Yeah. East coast and midwest cities may function perfectly well on three feet of snow when Seattle crashes under three inches, but I suspect east coast and midwest cities have infrastructure prepared for this sort of thing in ways that we don't (because it happens about once every other year). Also, you don't have our hills. :P
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I have neck- and head-aches (unrelated, I'm pretty sure - neck is from tweaking a muscle last week, head is either a cold or from the weather changes we've been going through) that respond to ibuprofen, and a... kind of an "eugh"-feeling wisdom tooth/jaw that only sort of does. Daaaaaaaaammmmnnnnn. The tooth is the least of it, IMHO, it just makes me go "AAAAAHHHHHH MY TOOTH IS GROWING INTO MY SINUSES AND NECK" sort of. *Headdesk* Because I'm hilariously paranoid when I'm in pain.

The good news is, our queue at work is about half of what it was last week, thanks to some lovely people who worked over the weekend. That's a very good thing. And after hating my NaNovel with a passion on Saturday, I discovered Sunday that I actually sort of like it. Oh, NaNoWriMo, you are so very crazy-making. It just drives me crazy to have to rush through things quickly - I'm always left thinking "god, this stinks," when (most of) it's really just that I don't have enough time to think clearly about how I ought to be accomplishing the goals of a scene, and I can't go back and actually delete the parts I don't like, or edit as I'm going or anything. Always makes me twitchy.

...Well, that and that I think part of how I tweaked my neck is the way my laptop is set up. Urgh. Must see if I can change the arrangement of the monitors tonight, in order to cut down on the oh-god-pain. :P
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Man, I feel like crap today. Not in a "sick" kind of way, just in a "dear god, get me out of here" kind of way. I felt great all weekend, and then last night my uterus attacked me and left me feeling faintly miserable, and then unable to fall asleep, and, consequently, totally assed this morning when I got up. Work's been one tedious long stupid thing after another, and I can't even go to the gym tonight because they're closed for yearly maintenance this week. Woo!

I was happy yesterday, damn it. My quietly awesome weekend, and how it does not at all fit with all the stupid stuff that I'm annoyed with right now. )

I'm going to go take more pills, make some tea, wish people would actually answer the voice-mails I leave them requesting important information on their stupid tasks, and then eat the Snickers bar I bought myself to go along with my lunch, because, damn it, short of "going home," "screaming at everyone to leave me alone," and "bursting into pointless, stupid, frustrated tears," chocolate seems to be the only available answer at the moment. And now I only have four minutes left of my lunch. ARGH.
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Survived meeting. Did not so much see Obama as was stuck in a stopped charter bus in the middle of a bridge for about 20 minutes experiencing the fact that authorities had shut temporarily closed off the freeway in order to allow his motorcade to pass (an understandable inconvenience), and heard after the fact that someone in a seaplane accidentally violated the no-fly zone over his visit and was forced into an emergency landing by fighter jets that appeared with a sonic boom. At the very sea-plane harbor that I frequent (ish) for my occasional jaunts to the San Juan Islands, no less. Kind of sorry I missed that, I'm sure it caused no end of confusion for the very nice folks at the little airline there.

Anyway. We're bought (or is that owned, now?), we have a lot of paperwork and other HR stuff headed our way, and they gave each of us little welcome goodie bags with a nice new coffee cup and an anti-grav pen (the kind that can write upside-down, I mean) and a notebook and stuff, all branded with their logo. Which is... kind of odd, now. Equally odd that our company colors have changed. And that (apparently unrelated, but a change that also went through today) I have a different manager than I did yesterday. It's all a little confusing, but... so far, so good?

Anyway, I'm just working on some editing, and since my brain seems to be trying to melt out my ears I thought I'd throw out a meme, from several people but most recently [livejournal.com profile] alto2:

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or literary or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Fandoms, books I might get around to writing one day, women in my fandoms, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs. And I will answer them all in a new post (or in comments).

I can't promise I'll have clever answers, but I'll try to at least have answers.
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Happiness is a complete, unabridged audio collection of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to listen to at work. ♥ Good audio books make me so very happy.


Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:57 am
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Why does the writing only start cooperating when I can't keep going on it? Last night at 11:30 was bad enough, but this morning on the bus? I finally get two characters who usually won't even talk to each other agreeing on things, and suddenly - time for work. Arrrrgh.

This post brought to you by Twitter, which is, as usual, over capacity.
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I have a Starbucks peppermint mocha. I'm probably going to regret this later (hahaha, hyperactivity!) but it's only a tall, and I have to go back to the university after work tonight to use their library so that I can access a non-public website for my final project. Which... is progressing. Slowly, but sort of surely.

I will not be sorry when this Saturday is over and I get a break from the class for a while. It's been fun, but it's also nice to, I dunno, have actual 2-day weekends like a normal person. And not have to do homework in addition to regular work and all the other stuff I love to do.

still at it

Nov. 8th, 2009 11:06 pm
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Following the (happily unanimous) advice of the poll in the previous post, I can now officially say that I'm at 9,375 words for NaNoWriMo so far. Nowhere near where I "ought" to be if I really expect to make it, but... hey, progress!

Better yet, I seem to be actually approaching something that looks like an ending for this dratted fic, which means I might actually get to write other stuff this month, too! Maybe even something original once I've knocked out the rest of the fic that's due for various things!

In other news, ye gods I'm sleepy, and ye gods I have about zero desire to go to work tomorrow. This whole class thing really makes my weekends feel soooo much shorter than they ought to. Which is sad, given how short they felt even before I started taking the class. *Sigh*
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Am up too early this morning. Going to work early so that I can go see Richard Dawkins speak at my lovely alma mater this evening.

Hoping for no falling asleep at work, no stupid protesters at speech, and, perhaps most importantly, for him not to make one of his occasional blindingly awkward statements that make me go "oh, dear, I do like you, but could you maybe stick to things you know, or at least not phrase things you don't know quite so stridently?" Every now and then, as an anthropologist, he does hurt my head a bit.

Aaaanyway. Must go catch bus. *Shuffles*
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So, today's been interesting. Last night we (by which I mean "me" - it was less of a "hey, let's" and more of a "I just did," kind of thing) switched out The Boy's plain comforter (which I only allowed on the bed because of the heat and because when we first moved in I was mildly afraid his cat would pee on mine because it smelled of my cat) for my glorious down comforter. Most glorious comforter ever. I adore it.

...This, of course, means that when our alarm went off and The Boy said "Time to get up," I replied approximately "Ngggggggh, noooooo, I'm comfy," and pulled the comforter back over my head. To which he, quite reasonably, replied that perhaps we could skip going to the gym just this once. ♥

* * *

So, for those who aren't in Seattle, I have to say that this whole H1N1 thing has blown into my fair city in a big way in just the past week. See, last week I was... somewhat guiltily amused to hear that 200+ people had it at my alma mater's rival school, WSU. UW doesn't have any yet! ...Mostly because classes haven't started yet. Ahem. Edit: Apparently, I lied about that. Sorority Rush has started. Let's all be shocked that it's starting with them... And the numbers at WSU are still below 200 confirmed cases. The rest are "flu-like symptoms." But here's the thing - last weekend was also the infamous Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX) here in Seattle, at the Convention Center just by my apartment. And it was packed. The Boy wanted to go, but waited too late to buy tickets, and it was sold out. Which, it turns out, is probably the only reason we are not yet sick.

That's right - there was an uninvited guest at PAX this year - Swine Flu. So, a whole jam-packed convention full of geeks, all holiday-weekend, exchanging germs as only geeks at a convention can do. But we're safe! Because we didn't go! Except some of our friends did... oh, yeah, and where do we work? Oh, yeah - a company full of geeks. Who all went to PAX.

So now, both our departments have received emails advising us that some of our co-workers are out with H1N1. Which leads to the following conversation just moments ago on AIM.

Boy (11:12:14 AM): we just got [company]-branded hand sanitizer :P
Me (1:42:34 PM): ....
Me (1:42:43 PM): WE haven't got [company]-branded hand sanitizer!
Me (1:42:49 PM): they obviously don't CARE about US.
Boy (1:44:28 PM): lol
Boy (1:44:32 PM): I think it was just our row
Boy (1:44:52 PM): the guy who sits across from me is out with H1N1 apparently
Me (1:45:11 PM): hahaha we're going to be sick by the end of the week.
Boy (1:45:18 PM): yeah, no kidding

So, yeah.

For the record: H1N1 is still no more dangerous than a regular flu (so far - so far, it hasn't mutated). We're fine. We're prepared. We're stopping by the store for supplied this evening, just in case, and washing our hands like truly professional neurotics. However. Given the extent to which this shit filters through office environments... I do not hold out much hope of not catching it, honestly. :P

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go try to convince myself that the mild headache and scratchy throat I've had on and off all day is not, in fact, a sign of impending Death Flu (tm).
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Question: I cannot possibly be the only hetero- or bisexual girl in the world who doesn't find Zach Quinto attractive, can I?

Insert obligatory "not that there's anything wrong with that" clause here. I just don't, and it bemuses me because... well, because he's kind of got My Type written all over him, and yet I am so unmoved.

So... stand up and be counted, ye other 'nope, not seeing it!' people... because I'm feeling very alone in this right now, and slightly afraid that if I keep up with this whole 'sucked back into the old fandom' thing, I may just develop some sort of... backhanded attraction-by-association thing. o_O Sort of like how the more you watch Doctor Who, the more likely you are to eventually find yourself completely un-bothered by the idea of any of the Doctors? And to even sort of find all of them attractive? Or maybe that's just me... There but for the grace of 'dear god, no' go I, I suppose, anyway.

Anyway. Humor me, people. I'm feeling sullied and unusual exhausted and crummy from a messy day at work and a nasty bout of hormones.
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I don't have my hand lotion, and my hands are so dry that I've resorted to using lip gloss on my knuckles. Woe. My science podcasts are all swine flu all the time, so... I've heard more about that in the last few hours than I really want to think about.... so of course I'm more compulsive than usual (!) about washing my hands right now, which is just making the hand-dryness thing worse. *Sigh*

On the plus side, I bought a new backpack at REI yesterday, and I love it. It's small (but large enough to fit my work laptop, although I suspect my home laptop will not fit in it for traveling), and I can fit all my work stuff in it without it killing my freaking back like the one that the company gave me to use. I was exhausted this morning (not enough sleep, still stuck with the death cold that lingers forever), but I still could totally feel the difference in how well the pack carries weight. And that's including a bento full of granola and yogurt, a burrito and an apple for lunch, a banana and an energy bar, one of those fancy new Sigg aluminum water bottles, a book, my work laptop, wallet, keys... yeah. Everything I need. ♥
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Damn it. I've been chronically exhausted this last week (probably coming down with a cold, but at the moment it just feels like no matter how much sleep I get, it's never enough), it's 27*F and very very icy out, and the stupid commuter bus-line that I take to work has been horribly unreliable in all this weather, meaning I'm probably going to have to zip out early just to be sure that I can catch a bus back to civilization Seattle.

On the plus side... it's Friday? Thank god. I think I need to sleep for twelve hours or so tonight, just to start feeling human again. Stupid pre-illness. :P
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The sky outside my (southwest-facing) office window has the most amazing cloud formations right now. We've got a lot of wind today, so there are all sorts of little low wispy clouds zipping by against a background of lovely grey, yellow, orange-sherbert (yes, that's a color, even if LJ says I'm misspelling it...), and the tiniest bits of blue peeking through the jumble, all hovering over a horizon lined with pine trees so green they're almost black. The whole thing looks like the inside of a particularly spectacular agate. And if I scrunch a bit, I can't even see the freeway going by the office.

There are definitely some perks to this office, now that I've got my semi-permanent seat by the window.

One thing I miss about the city is having a proper horizon to look at. I guess if I get that at the office, that's an okay trade-off for being so far out of the city. I wish I hadn't taken my camera out of my work bag. I'm not sure this would photograph well, but I'd sure love to try...
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Had a great weekend hanging out with the boy, but that did also mean not nearly enough sleep. :P I got very little done, but we had fun nonetheless.

First day in the new office today, and everything from my desk seems to have survived the trip intact and arrived correctly, including my Dalek and my coffee cups and so on, all of which I was a little worried about. So now I'm bopping around trying to figure out all the new-office stuff, and wishing I wasn't going to be moving desks again at the end of this week, moving up to a different floor. Bleh.

My calico goldfish (the one I call the Doctor) died over the weekend - he'd been acting really weird and lethargic for a while, so it wasn't a surprise, but I was still sad for the poor little guy. The red and white one, Romana, is still fine... and the trapdoor snail, the Master, has regenerated reproduced. I was looking in the tank on Friday night and all of a sudden I noticed that there was a little rock on one of the plants. Except it wasn't a rock... it had antennae. It's a tiny trapdoor snail, about half the size of my pinky fingernail. So now "The Master" is officialy "Delgado," and the new little guy is "Simm." Because he's little, and unexpected, and his shell is all pretty light-brown colored. And also because I'm a total dork. ;)


Nov. 6th, 2008 09:10 am
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Went out to sushi last night with the boy, then up to his place to hang out and meet his cat. She's adorable and obviously well-cared-for (yes, I judge people by their cats), and all seems still to be well and happy. We're going to see Othello at the little theater by the lake this weekend.

That said, being out late last night on top of the drunken revelry of election night, all on top of the daylight savings' time switch-over, has me in a severe energy lag. Particularly since I'm reasonably sure I wasn't all the way recovered yet from Halloween weekend. :P I'm trying not to overdo my caffeine, listening to bouncy music, and trying to focus, but... damn. I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home tonight, before going out on Friday for [livejournal.com profile] maymargaret's birthday, and then a nice quiet, lazy weekend. ...With lots of writing. Apologies to the people I still owe stories to, I promise they are getting worked on.


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