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Professor Corey Olsen (AKA The Tolkien Professor) talks about the big Hobbit Movie casting spoiler that came out today, and why he's pretty okay with it, here at the LA Times website.

And in my continuing effort to reverse opinions from "oh god this thing is cursed" to "OH GOD THIS IS HAPPENING!" every single time some piece of news is released (seriously, the movie itself will be nothing to the roller-coaster of Serious Feelings I have had regarding the production, if the history up to now is any indication...), I am officially psyched about this most recent development. Spoilers! And also my Petty, Shallow Opinions, as well as the slightly deeper ones. )
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And with the addition of the latest actor rumored to play the voice of Smaug, the complete cast and production design list for "The Hobbit," comes just a few people away from needing to be retitled "Almost every fandom that [livejournal.com profile] rivendellrose loves most working together on a single project just this once."

Yeah, sure, it's only a rumor - but I squeed so hard I think I scared the cat.

Please, please, please PJ? Can we please have this rumor be true? I promise to be a good little geek and stop making nasty comments about how you'll probably make it too dark and serious, if you just make this one little casting choice the truth... ♥

Hmm. Awkward, though - I'm pretty sure they're missing one casting choice that was confirmed on TheOneRing.net a few weeks ago, which... makes me wonder about the validity of their "rumors." Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. But, still, a fangirl can hope!

...I'd better go do some of the work I swore I'd do tonight. My sideline projects have all decided to collide at once, lately. Oops.
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More re: the announcement about Del Toro stepping away from 'The Hobbit' If necessary, PJ says he will step in as director if that's what it takes to ensure the film happens.

Assuming, that is, that the studio greenlights the project.

Full article is here.

Kitten is lounging on the couch with Theoden, on whom she appears to have a little bit of a crush. He's ignoring her. This seems to be suitable progress.
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Del Toro is no longer going to be directing The Hobbit. He's still going to be helping to co-write the script, but will otherwise not be directly involved, it sounds like.
Also, the bitter cynical side of me says that Del Toro leaving means that he doesn't think the project is going to get the green-light from the studio anytime soon.

I'm torn between "OH GOD NO, NOW WHO WILL MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T SUCK???!!!" just in case it does actually go through, and a tiiiiny little voice that immediately says "...So, does this mean we might get the third Hellboy movie after all?"

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kusanivy for the link.
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My far-too-frequent checking of the IMDB page for the upcoming Hobbit movie (hush - I'm just so damned curious who they'll cast that I can't resist checking back every week or so! They said they'd be announcing casting in spring. It's spring! Well. Almost...) has turned up...

That IMDB is the latest source to drink the kool-aid buy the rumors about David Tennant. See?

Me, personally? I have a hard time saying "David Tennant couldn't possibly play ____" for just about anything, but Bilbo Baggins? Is a definite "David Tennant couldn't possibly," in my book. Honestly. No offense to him, I love the man and think he's a fantastic actor, he's just not right for the part.

On the other hand, what do I know? I thought they'd cast Joseph Patterson as the next Doctor. So clearly I am not the one to listen to on things like this. :P

oh, forbes

Feb. 13th, 2010 09:52 am
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Forbes completely misses the point of the box office success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, by saying:

Yes the film was about Frodo's quest to throw the Ring into Mt. Doom. But the coupling of Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler convinced a lot of girlfriends to sit through more than nine hours of orcs and wizards and hobbits.

Screw off, asshats. I know a fuck of a lot more women who care passionately about those books than I do men, myself included, and most of us were dragging everyone we knew to see that movie, not the boys. And while I'm happy to admit that I loved Viggo as Aragorn and, yes, do happen to like the story of him and Arwen, Liv Tyler is a useless twit who can't act. Also: Eowyn. So there. :P

Ahem. Sorry, I'm rereading the books right now for the first time since The Thesis (tm), and am consequently going through a major bout of "omg I LOVE THESE BOOKS. ♥♥♥" Asshats who persist in thinking that they're either only for boys or that girls are only in it for Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen make me want to scream.
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New pictures of Eleven's outfit and companion are floating around. I, personally, only find myself capable of caring that there were so many people posting bits of information out of cuts over on [livejournal.com profile] doctrwho that I had to go ahead and look at the pictures because, what the hell, I already knew half of it. :P

And, at the risk of restarting an old argument, they still both look about 12. The outfits are fine, although I will say... CUT! See, community? This is how you do it. )

Now... does anybody know what day the 'Hobbit' casting controversy was rumored to be cleared-up on? I keep right on hearing there'll be an announcement at ComicCon (although, for the record, I don't believe it'll be That Person Everyone Says It Might Be, even though that would be the most awesome thing ever... if bizarre in terms of "type" for the character), so... which day is it exactly that I should be hovering over TheOneRing.net, refreshing every five seconds? :)


Aug. 27th, 2005 09:42 pm
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First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you are going to use.

1. Remus Lupin
2. Simon Tam
3. Malcolm Reynolds
4. River Tam
5. Methos
6. Garak
7. Julian Bashir
8. Aragorn
9. Eomer
10. Miss Clara ;)
11. Severus Snape
12. Austin from Summon the Keeper

And the Questions: )
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Dear idiot who wrote "The World of the Rings":

Now, I'm no great student of Old English, but the last time I checked Westu hal was a well-documented, easily translated phrase in that language. I'm almost certain that it means "be-thou well." It's possible that Tolkien meant it as a bit of a punning double meaning, but you quoting it as though it is nothing more than a direct reference to the Rohirrim under Theoden's command riding directionally west is pure stupidity, and makes me want to throw your book across the room for being trivial and poorly-researched. In addition to the fact that most of your writing sucks ass, it makes me wish I'd never read this tripe you call a book, and wonder how the fuck you got published.

~ * ~

My life is reading. Endless reading. And stress. Lots of that, too.

At least when I'm reading the crap, I feel a sense of "Hell, I can do better than that!" As opposed to some of the other writers, who leave me wanting to curl up and whimper about not being worthy. More than anything, I find that I just... want to read the books again. And watch the movies. And that's it. So at least this whole thing hasn't done anything to my love of the original sources... it's just left me thinking "holy fucking shit, what was I thinking when I decided I should do something so gods-damned broad and huge????"

Also, it is cruel that Yahoo radio keeps playing songs that remind me of my fic. I do not have time to write fic.
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I have just been subjected to the worst piece of what might generously be called literary analysis that ever saw the sunlight of the printed page.

The title, "No Sex Please - We're Hobbits" seemed like it might be a promising ray of sunshine in what has so far turned out to be the most dismal damned collection of essays ever written on The Lord of the Rings. The collection (J. R. R. Tolkien: This Far Land, edited by Robert Giddings), was working so hard to disgust and horrify me that I was starting to despair of ever finding anything worthwhile in it, so I skipped to the back, to the one promising title in the table of contents. However, this article, written by a Brenda Partridge who was, at the time, a professor of English at some technical college in Bath, is horrifically BAD. As in, I've read better literary criticism in people's livejournals. Much better.

Her arguments, broken up neatly into sections, and omitting the first argument that Tolkien was a misogynist, which just kind of makes me go "well, dear, he was an Oxford don in the early part of this century. No, he didn't think too highly of women's intellects. Get the fuck over it."

OMG Tolkien was so GAY! )

Frodo and Sam are so GAY!!! )

In which Sam and Shelob have metaphorical sex, and Crazy Lady casts Sam as the evil male oppressor. Or something. )

I'd say something about her interpretations of Eowyn, Goldberry, and Galadriel, but, honestly, they're so typical that I can't be bothered. Yeah, we get it, they're made into goddesses. No one with a brain could miss it. Yup, we understand that Eowyn's desires to go be a warrior are eventually explained by her unrequited passion for Aragorn, then sublimated into her marriage to Faramir. Fascinating. *Yawns* At leat the rest, though poorly-written and insane, was kind of amusing.
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God bless Launch radio on Yahoo. I adore their "Adult Alternative" station - it's become pretty much all I listen to. And I'm finally finding out what bands produced a lot of songs that I adore - I'd never been able to figure out who did "Blurry," (or, for that matter, what the title was) before. Good ole Puddle of Mudd. ;) Now if they'd just play "Ordinary" by Train, I would be a very happy Jen.

Had coffee with [livejournal.com profile] erynn_lasgalen this morning after my first class - it was great getting to visit with her again after so long. And I forgot to mention that I ran into [livejournal.com profile] stormwolf and [livejournal.com profile] jyuu_chan on Sunday night, on the way to work - that was a wonderful coincidence! I've been such a bad little hermit, living almost exclusively in my house lately. Must get out more and see more people more often. *Nods firmly*

I am a Bad Person for working on the infamous ethnography-fic in my seminar class and Modern Poetry. But notice that this does not stop me from doing it just about every day. XD Hey - at least I'm not drawing, and I do pay attention and respond to questions and stuff. I just get so boooored, I have to keep my brain going somehow.

On the other hand, writing the ethnography-fic is preferable to writing any other sort of fic that might be coming to my mind right now, and I find that reading the sagas is really adding some good depth to the ethnography idea. Very fun stuff.

Must remember to visit my professor from last quarter and get my paper back, and also to visit an English dept. advisor and... well... basically beg them for ideas about who might let me write my honors thesis on Tolkien. *Winces* I'm sure that'll be a big hit. I have this dreadful fear that pretty much any professor in the department will hear That Name and automatically lose all academic respect for me. Eeep. I hate that feeling. But damn it, that's what I really want to write on, and I have the proper background for it and... and... I can't think of anything else I could write on comfortably, either. What else would I do? Shakespeare?? As if there's anything new I can offer on that subject - there's only four hundred years of previous literary analysis to try not to copy!

Shit, I'm gonna be late for Modern Poetry if I don't leave now.
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Here it is, as promised - the first chunk of my current fic. As I said before, it's LotR, it's post-War, it's trying very hard to be canon-accurate where possible. It's also sort of pre-het, so if that annoys/bothers/offends you, don't bother. However, it is also totally G rated, and essentially, at this point, conversation and the like. And un-betaed or edited, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or typos.

So... whee. Be gentle, I beg - this is just a fluffy little bit of work that sprang out of my love for the books and characters, and the first piece of fic I've posted anywhere, for anything, in a very long time.

Part one - Untitled as yet )
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This is just a short link for those of you who can't understand why I call Amanda's Lucius "adorable." Sure, it's IB, not one of the RPs that I'm in - but that's just so wonderful.

Who could read that and not love him at least a little bit?

Also, I have been bitten by the fanfic-bug. Hopefully tomorrow I will post the first chunk of a fic I'm writing. I figure that posting it here will actually ensure that it does *something* other than just molder in my computer files, forever unfinished. It's Lord of the Rings, book canon, and set after the War of the Ring. It focuses on Eomer and, more generally, the Rohirrim, through the eyes of Lothiriel, the daughter of Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth.

No, I am not making this shit up. And no - she's not a Mary Sue. I'm actually doing my best to stick to canon... where it's possible... ;)
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Among the latest news from TheOneRing.Net (one of the most reliable sites for news about Lord of the Rings in all possible incarnations):

"Annie Lennox To Sing For ROTK!
7/21/03, 9:56 am EST - Xoanon

Sven writes: I've just been watching an interview programme in Oz called "Enough Rope" with Andrew Denton. This evening one of his guests was Annie Lennox of "Eurythmics" fame. It was an engaging interview but of particular interest was her mention of spending the "last couple of days in studio" recording music that she's been invited to work on for "the next Lord Of The Rings film..". Looks like we'll be hearing her beautiful voice in ROTK. Can't wait!"

Gack. Now, I'm not too well-versed on Annie Lennox and her singing... but I can't think that someone from the Eurythmics would really have the right style for these movies. Any thoughts from those who might know her work?
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*is now extremely happy, not to mention eager for December*
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"Jackson Seeks Extras For Re-Shoots
5/03/03, 1:27 am EST - Demosthenes

Peter Jackson is seeking 200 blondes as extras for additional shooting for Lord of the Rings, Stuff.co.nz is reporting. According to Casting Director Liz Mullane, the extras will get between two and six days' work from May 20 till the end of June."

Damn. If only I were taller. And more distinctly blond/red-haired. And in New Zealand.

*Shakes head.* Ok, so it probably wasn't meant to be. *Sighs*


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