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Theo is completely healed up from the surgery to remove his tumor, so now it's time for the other cat, Random, to have an eye infection of some kind. Yay, more vet visits! (Booooo.)

And this time won't be with the cat who turns into a melted marshmallow at the vet, but the one who makes even experienced vet techs and veterinarians think that we picked up an angry feral on the way to the clinic.

In unrelated news, American Gods is predictably (and, occasionally, unpredictably) fantastic, iZombie continues to be delightful, and I got a part time job as the administrator for the editing guild that I've been on the board of for the last few years, which means I can continue my freelance editing career with slightly less guilt and panic about regular income.

Also, I had a very cute but slightly harrowing tour group at the museum today. It turns out that it's very difficult to run a tour for a group that runs the gamut from three late-teens all the way down to what I would guess were second graders. Super nice kids, really lovely, but trying to gear the tour to such a broad group really put me off my game. I'm very glad the tour next week and the two the week after that are supposed to be more traditional single-age groups.

And now, back to the transcription client.

(I am very glad that Mother's Day is going to be over soon. I'm hoping someday it won't be a thing I dread, but... so far, definitely still a dreaded thing.)
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More re: the announcement about Del Toro stepping away from 'The Hobbit' If necessary, PJ says he will step in as director if that's what it takes to ensure the film happens.

Assuming, that is, that the studio greenlights the project.

Full article is here.

Kitten is lounging on the couch with Theoden, on whom she appears to have a little bit of a crush. He's ignoring her. This seems to be suitable progress.
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Kitty (still unnamed) spent all day locked in the bedroom with her food, water, carrier, and litter box, and some new toys we bought her, because we felt guilty that she'd been living in the bathroom for a week. She was friendly and happy and ate some wet food, and survived her first meeting with Theoden with nary a moment of panic (despite his being a big rude monster and hissing at her twice when she tried to touch noses with him). All in all, it was a Good Day... until about 10:30pm. We'd just decided that it would be nice to let her stay in the bedroom overnight, and The Boy was going to go in there to read before bed... and she'd had an accident on the bed. A messy one.


So we scramble, get her back into her carrier and into the bathroom with her food and water and toys, and then strip the bed and run everything down to the laundry. Let it never be said that having had bedbugs isn't good for something - our bedclothes and mattress all have nice thick, tightly-woven covers that are well-nigh to waterproof, so the mattress itself was saved, thank goodness. But Kitty's Bad Evening was not done yet! She puked a ball of fur from her mouse-toy in the bathroom, and had a little blood in her urine. Searches on the internet indicate that one time seeing this isn't too much to worry about, but if we see it again it may indicate urinary tract or bladder infection. Luuuuuvely.

...Aaaaand now to go find something to entertain until we go downstairs to switch the laundry into the dryer. I think I'm too sleepy to continue my earlier reading of The Two Towers in French, right now. :P
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I'd forgotten the kinds of crazy disappearing acts kittens can do when they're scared.

See, I wanted to take a shower. Which required locking our boys in the office, and removing Little Dudette from her Safe Place in the bathtub. (...Side note: Our apartment's bathroom has almost zero ventilation, so we have to keep the door open while we shower if we don't want it to totally fog the tiny bathroom.) We thought if we moved her carrier (where she's been sleeping) with her in it, she'd probably be okay because she could always retreat to the carrier where she feels safe. Unfortunately, we did not do what I now realize would have been the sensible thing and put her in the bedroom and close the door behind her. Instead, we put her in the living room.

The living room, which is a total mess because we've been putting up shelves and things. Boxes everywhere, etc.

Apparently, I had no sooner gotten into the shower than [livejournal.com profile] ninjascript realized he didn't know where kitty had gone.

So now, missing kitty. I keep having this vague, uncomfortable sense that I've dreamed her and she was never here to begin with, except there's still a makeshift litter box in the bathroom, and there's a kitty carrier with a towel in it in the living room. I'm right now so freaked out that I just caught a moth moving out of the corner of my eye and jumped, thinking it was her. Understandable, as [livejournal.com profile] ninjascript pointed out - "she's about the size of a moth."

Updated: Found kitten behind drawer in bedside table. Took apart drawer to get her out. Returned her to her carrier/house in the bathroom. Let boys out. Going to bed. Hallelujah.
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The kitty previously known around our house as "Little Dude," turned out, in the course of a visit to the vet today... to be Little Dudette. Yes, after 25 years of cat ownership, I am apparently still not reliably capable of sexing young cats. My one mitigating plea is that she was not cooperative about my attempt to check under her tail, and that she wiggles a lot whenever I tried. Ahem. Anyway. The really great news is, she's healthy, and she was apparently spayed at some point (which is good, because although the vet gave us a really wonderful steep discount for having rescued her, as soon as [livejournal.com profile] ninjascript told me "she's a girl," I thought "oh, crap, that's going to make getting her fixed a lot more expensive and please tell me she isn't pregnant, she's way too skinny and malnourished to be pregnant..." She's not. Everything's fine.

She did break her leg at some point, and it healed weird. I'd thought there was something funny about the way she stuck out one leg while she slept, but I've seen perfectly healthy cats with weirder sleeping habits, so I hadn't paid much attention. No harm done, she'll just a bit walk funny all her life.

The Boy also spoke with one of our neighbors while he was taking her out to the zip-car, and they recognized her and said they'd seen her around for a few weeks. A few weeks. In the parking lot of an apartment building right next to one of the busiest streets in Seattle. This poor cat has been starving and living in a dangerous area, and has been ignored for weeks by people who saw her, but apparently couldn't be assed to do a thing about it. Seriously? If you're afraid to deal with it on your own, call the Humane Society. They will send people out with humane traps to catch her, and they'll do their best to take care of her. I can't help thinking it's better than leaving her alone, hungry, and cold on a city street. I did not have a hard time catching this cat, all things considered. It took me maybe 15 minutes of quiet determination and patience. On some level, she wanted to be caught - she was desperate to be touched and petted. I can't believe people saw her and didn't do anything.
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The kitty whose arrival was described in my previous entry is doing pretty well this morning. He started crying a little after we woke up, and has eaten all his food and I think used his litter box as well. As soon as we have the 3 hour window in which our furniture is arriving from Ikea, I'll call the vet and see if we can get him in for a check-up. I don't have immensely high hopes of availability on such short notice, but it's worth a shot. And either way, I've decided the little guy's getting a bath today. He's so dirty it's hard to pet him.

The update to our plan is that we're going to temporarily give up on the idea of turning him in to a shelter in favor of trying to find a home for him ourselves. So if anybody knows anyone in the area who wants a cat, please let me know!
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So! Today after class, [livejournal.com profile] ninjascript (aka The Boy) and I got a ZipCar and went out to Ikea for some shelving units to outfit the office and living room. We stopped off at Fry's, too, to get thumb-drives. After that, we pulled into our parking lot to pick up some boxes we'd promised to [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban for her upcoming move... when we saw a tiny, skinny grey cat dart out from under the truck next to the ZipCar spot. We stopped, kitty zipped back under the truck... and I began to panic. Our apartment building, particularly the side that part of the parking lot faces, is on a very busy city street, and this kitty had no collar and looked like he hadn't eaten in days, if not longer. I got out of the car to try to see if I could see him, and he walked toward me, cried, and then walked away... and then walked back, crying again. Definitely no collar, but definitely not feral, and we definitely couldn't leave him there.

Details of the Slightly Panicked Efforts to Rescue Kitty, and PICTURES of the Resultant Kitty )

So now we have a teenage-kitten-type-cat in a little carrier in our bathroom with little bowls of food and water. He's crying on and off, but he quiets down whenever I go sit with him for a while, so I think it's more that he's upset about the cage than anything else. So far, we think he's eaten a few of the treats but not the actual food. Unfortunately, we're at our cat limit for the apartment, so he's going to have to go to the shelter tomorrow. I'm relieved to know he'll be off the street, but I can already tell it's going to break my heart to hand him over to a shelter - he's a gorgeous little guy, still almost a kitten, and he's so desperate for love and attention.

I'll be good of course. Can't have an illegal kitty in the apartment, no matter how cute he is. I just really hope he finds a good home. He looks like a really great little guy.

Important Question, though: I've never had to keep a cat overnight if they weren't... you know, my cat. We've given him food and water, but I don't know how we're going to give him a litter box. I think we're going to want to keep him in the bathroom, so we'll need to be able to go in and out without letting him out (or our cats in), so to me that sounds like Kitty gets to stay in the carrier. But what can we possibly use to give him something to use the bathroom on in there?

Problem solved. I gave up on keeping him in the carrier and gave him a shallow cardboard box with litter in it... in which he immediately flopped over to beg petting. I think that had more to do with being desperate for petting than not knowing what the box is for, but we'll see. And he has a towel in the carrier, now, for him to sleep on.


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