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Just finished watching the latest Merlin... Spoilers for Merlin, through episode 4.09 under the cut! )
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Just got ourselves up-to-date on Merlin. I still can't believe we managed to quit in despair last season just before things got better. Seriously - the very next episode after where we stopped started to fix my complaints (and also brought in the newest contender for my favorite character!). That... well, probably won't teach me, but I can at least hope it'll humble me for a little bit.

Spoilers for Merlin through 'The Wicked Day.' )
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SyFy proves once again that they are worthless bastards by describing Angel Coulby as Gwen with the following completely clueless and insulting words: With her wonky teeth, uncooperative hair and glasses, not even the most charitable person could call her beautiful.

No, seriously. Here's the original. I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote this bio has never actually seen the show. If nothing else... um... glasses? What? I actually had to read that one a few times to make sure I wasn't somehow making it up in my head, because it's just so freaking bizarre and off the mark.

Fortunately, Merlin fandom (specifically [livejournal.com profile] such_heights) know better than to listen to any of this nonsense.

For the record, I checked the other bios, and while they're not quite as absurd as saying that Gwen couldn't possibly be considered beautiful (again, wtf?), there are definitely some other... interesting commentary. Like referring to Camelot as "the fort," in Arthur's bio, and managing to spoil a major plot-point for the first season in Uther's. (...I realize after the fact that my definition of "major plot point" as regards Uther may be ever-so-slightly biased. But seriously, it was a Thing What Was Meant to Be Surprising, so... whatever. Too tired to be too coherent. Going to bed.)
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Well, that was a bit underwhelming, all things considered.

Merlin 2x12: The One Where Morgana Finally Does That Thing We've All Been Expecting, Sort Of )

In summary? The Morgana in my icon... she's still bored. :(
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In which Arthur falls in love... again... and again... )

See Morgana in my icon? She's bored. Please let her do something fun and interesting next week, instead of just wandering around like some kind of zombie.
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[livejournal.com profile] nekokoban introduced me to the music of Heather Dale, who writes a lot of Arthurian-themed music. One of her songs is a loose concept of the funeral of Arthur, and of course things being how they are, I couldn't not end up thinking of the BBC Merlin's Arthur and the people around him... and then [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban sealed the deal by saying she liked to think of the song from Merlin's perspective.

Well. Naturally that ended up slamming me with a huge, unrepentant fic-bunny, which I'm now foisting on her as a late birthday present.

The Death of the King )
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Today, the Boy and I went to a Sounders F.C. (soccer) game, and it was way too much fun. Doesn't hurt that we had great seats and that it was a high-stakes game for both teams, but despite ending in a draw, the game was fabulous, and we both had a really good time. Even talking about getting season tickets next year. And since I've picked up my knitting again and have been rather wanting to do a striped scarf, I'm considering doing one in Sounders colors, just for the heck of it - mostly because I'd feel silly doing one in my university's colors (I was never into sports at my school), and I already have a first-movie style Ravenclaw scarf, made several years ago. I might still give that one another go instead of the Sounders colors... but I'm not sure. I'd switch to Gryffindor for benefit of a) easier recognition and b) better colors, but, alas, they are the colors of my university's rival school, and while I'm not enough into school pride to wear my own schools colors, I'm sure as heck not letting anyone think I'm wearing theirs. :P

I had a point there, but I think I lost it.

Also, have not seen Merlin yet, what with being in the wrong country. Will catch up ASAP, but for the moment am avoiding spoilers!
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So, I've been on a bit of an Arthurian kick lately. I believe the start of it was the mutterings of Merlin coming back soon (someday? oh, BBC, how you love to tease....), and then [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban enabled me by getting me absurdly hooked on the music of Heather Dale, whose 'The Trial of Lancelot' album has pretty much been my near-constant soundtrack for the last few weeks. And then the Boy clinched the deal by leaving Mary Stewart's The Crystal Cave on the bookshelf. :P

That last is a bit 'interesting' when, thanks to the BBC Merlin, one can't quite shake the idea that this version of young Merlin is entirely too competent, well-spoken, and, well, functional. Off he goes, inadvertently intimidating or fascinating everyone he encounters! ...And, while I grant you that I'm enjoying the book, I can't help thinking "damn, I think I like Merlin better when he's an adorable little spaz."

So, because of all this, I've been thinking a lot about the ways the BBC version has been twisting my impressions around, and the ways the story will, of necessity, be very different this time around. Nattering about Merlin, Arthurian legends, and so on. )
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Last Merlin review of the season! )
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Unbeta'd, embarrassingly self-indulgent, and probably a bit pretentious, particularly given the subject matter. I have committed Merlin-fic. I should probably feel somewhat less pleased with myself about this, but oh well.

Title: Frozen
Characters: Morgana, Gwen, and Uther
Pairing: Morgana/Uther
Summary: Morgana has trouble sleeping, and finds that someone else in Camelot is awake, too.
Author's Note: This is probably a first draft - I'm hoping to fine-tune it a bit, or maybe just give up and rewrite the whole thing, but I'm feeling impatient right now and want to post it anyway. So there. :P At the moment, this is pretty much me figuring out what I think of the characters... but I'm having fun while I'm doing it.

Frozen )


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