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Seattle's 14 year-old superhero died this morning.

From the Seattle PI article:

Last April, hundreds of volunteers in Seattle and Bellevue came together to make Erik's superhero story come true, in an elaborately-choreographed event created by the Washington chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Wearing a handmade superhero costume that he helped design, and riding in a DeLorean sports car, Erik rescued the Seattle Sounders from "Dr. Dark" and "Blackout Boy." He saved a Puget Sound Energy worker stuck in a bucket truck, rescued a group of people trapped on the observation deck of the Space Needle, and captured the villains, played to the hilt by Edgar Hansen and his sidekick Jake Anderson, both of Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch."

The story of his big wish went viral on the Internet. The foundation was swamped by people pledging money and offering to volunteer.

A group of independent comic-book creators inked and published a real comic book of his exploits. And the "Fans of Electron Boy" page, still active on Facebook, drew thousands of members — today, its fans number nearly 12,000.

I love my city, but that day last year was a particularly proud moment in my life as a Seattleite. We did good on that one. ♥ Bler, I'm all weepy thinking about the whole situation.
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Hey, local folks - Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest at SlutWalk and the Pride picnic in Volunteer Park in Seattle this weekend.

If you run into them, do be sure to give them a good concept of how little Seattle cares for having their nonsense peddled in our city.
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So, The Boy and I were hanging out in the International District this evening, and stopped in on an aquarium shop down there, just to look around... and found what looked an awful lot like a juvenile mimic octopus in a little plastic travel tank set within one of their larger salt water tanks. I'm no expert, and I realize it sounds kind of crazy, but I'm pretty sure there aren't any other species with the features you see on these guys - they're pretty damned distinctive. The little guy was about five inches across, "head" roughly half an inch, arms very long, very thin for an octopus and zebra striped, with little "horn" type features above his eyes and the very peculiar stiff movement style that I've only ever seen from mimic octopi, not any other species.

As awesome as it was to see the little guy (and ohmygod, believe me, I was enthralled) I'm all sad and worried now, very concerned that any buyer they find won't be aware of how big these things get (2 feet, fairly huge for a personal tank / private collector), how to care for them, and that they're pretty delicate in captivity. This article talks some about how delicate they are, as well as why they don't make good pets, and, most importantly, how the pet trade in them is causing real problems for the wild populations.

The Boy and I have both emailed the Seattle Aquarium to let them know about this, and suggest that a rare specimen like this would be far better off in their collection being properly cared for and studied than it would in some random guy's private collection, where it has a good chance of dying within weeks from poor treatment. I don't know if it's even something they can handle, let alone whether or not they would, but we figured it was worth a shot, and better than me sitting around feeling faintly guilty and worried. Everything I've read indicates that they're insanely hard to keep in private collections, extremely delicate, and tend to stress themselves to death or die from improper treatment after only a few weeks in captivity. Short version? I hope I'm wrong about what it was. I hope I totally missed turning up some completely inane species that just happens to look like a mimic. Or I hope that the Seattle Aquarium happens to have received a windfall recently and decides they want to try having a mimic octopus in their collection. :P
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Met with photographer last night. Seems like great guy, really seems to know his stuff, pretty sure we're going with him. Spent entirely too much time chatting with him... long enough that Starbucks wanted to close. Well. There went our Cunning Plan of calling a cab from the Starbucks. So we walked Photographer out and said goodbye, and started off back in the direction of home(ish) for lack of a better idea, while we tried to ascertain the best next move. Theoretically, the same bus that brought us there might be running... but it was freezing (literally - it'd been snowing earlier but was now too clear for it), and I hate standing waiting for buses when I'm cold. Better, if you're not too far from known areas, to walk. So we did.

Walked for a while down empty industrial/business area until we found a familiar street that looked like nothing, but which I knew would go through because it was the street address of one of my former jobs at the Seattle Center, walked up that, and followed our noses (and the neon lights) back to a populous strip of restaurants and so on. Had dinner at 10:30 at a pub in Queen Anne, then spent twenty minutes having pub call us a cab, watching for cab, seeing no cab, having cab company call pub to say they came but couldn't find us. Eventually stood outside for ten minutes, watched cab settle in in front of another restaurant a block away. Thought "hang on, that's how they keep saying they've come without us seeing them." Attempt to get cab's attention. ...Cab picks up another fare and drives off, the bastard.

Eventually we gave up on the pub calling them (since clearly the cab company couldn't figure out that this pub with the giant sign proclaiming its name was not whatever that other unmarked restaurant was), and walked over to where bartender said there was a taxi stand. Did not find taxi stand. Did not find anything at all. Suspect bartender just wanted to get rid of us so they have the place to themselves until closing. Started walking back so that we could just catch a cab in front of the other damned restaurant, since it seemed to be such a magnet for them, but fortunately only got halfway down the street before another cab showed up and accepted our hail. Hurray!

Herein came an interesting discovery: When I first moved to the city, I was petrified of cabbies' driving. I mean, really - I thought I was going to die pretty much every time I got in one, because of their habit of speeding and zipping between obstacles and all. But... turns out now that The Boy and I have been using them often enough in the last few years that I'm pretty much over it, and now regard the whole thing with much the same attitude one takes to a roller-coaster. Yes, it seems like you're going slightly too fast and you might hit that monorail pylon, but it's just an optical illusion. Or, you know, a guy who spends his whole working life driving. Same thing, right? Sure.

This realization, I have decided, should not be questioned too much. And should not be applied to cabbies in Las Vegas, who are, in my experience, actually insane and possibly slightly homicidal.

So we got home at about 12:30 (oh god oh god oh god, weeknight), threw ourselves into bed...

And I woke up this morning with a really awful sore throat.


But there were nifty things online this morning, at least: IKEA instructions for a Henge. Yes, like Stone Henge. It's adorable. ♥
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So, hypothetical situation:

You and your spouse/partner/roommate-thing go on a vacation to a nice, sleepy little island full of... oh, artists and writers and musicians and soon-to-be-out-of-work naval employees (...a whole other story, there...). While there, you go for a nice walk on the beach. And on that nice beach, you find... a human skull.

Do you:

a) Immediately turn the skull in to local authorities.
b) Leave the skull where it is and immediately report it to local authorities.
c) Take it home with you to your hoity-toity suburb and then keep it in a plastic bag in your garage for three months before turning it in to your local authorities.

If you guessed "c," you are apparently have a lot in common with the Mercer Island couple who really did find the skull of a murder victim whilst they vacationed on local Whidbey Island. And then brought it home with them. And didn't turn it in until months later. No, really. And I would really like to have a chat with you about a few things, primarily the concept that human remains are not ever to be removed from anywhere by non-professionals, and a little thing that archaeologists (and, I believe, also crime scene investigators) like to call "provenance." Seriously.

The mind just boggles.
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My new office is straight across the way from a fabulous Asian grocery called Uwajimiya (locals should all know it!), and in the food court there are a bunch of little bakeries, delis, grills, and so on. I don't usually eat there, because it's easier and healthier to buy a few packages of veggie steam buns at the beginning of the week and heat up a few every day for lunch, but yesterday I stopped by to replenish my stash of satsumas and buy a little candy... and I noticed that the little frozen yogurt place in the food court, which has looked exceptionally sad lately because it's been too cold for people to think of buying from them, has avocado lime listed as one of their flavors.

I'm kind of obsessed with unusual flavors of ice cream and frozen yogurt and sorbet and things like that. It's a Thing. As long as the flavor is not meat-based, I'll probably try it (no, no horse-meat ice cream for me, and if you think I'm making that up you really ought to do yourself the favor of Googling "japanese ice cream flavors"). There's a place in my neighborhood that rotates all kinds of unusual flavors, and out of them, Cardamom, Spring Garlic, and Cucumber have been some of my favorites.

So I couldn't possibly resist Avocado and Lime. There was no way.

I came back today and happily rang the bell and ordered Avocado and Lime. But they don't have it. They rotate their flavors by the day. Tragedy!

So I had coconut instead, with pecans. It's very good. ...But I'm going to have to come back every few days and check what flavors they have available that day, because I'm determined to have my avocado and lime frozen yogurt.
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Office closed for snow. We have ventured out to get coffee, slipped around a little on the ice, enjoyed the beautiful, frigid sun, and returned home. The Boy has to work from home for at least a little bit. I? Am taking this as a day to do some beta-reading for a friend, and then see how much further ahead I can get on NaNoWriMo. And maybe work on a drawing I started last week.

I ♥ Seattle winters.

Lest you non-locals think my office is being totally stupid, I've been collecting stories of 3 and 4 hour commutes last night due to snow-related stupidity on the freeways. And just this morning, in the 1-block walk to get coffee, we saw a bus smashed into a car, which, in turn, was smashed into a light pole. Yeah. East coast and midwest cities may function perfectly well on three feet of snow when Seattle crashes under three inches, but I suspect east coast and midwest cities have infrastructure prepared for this sort of thing in ways that we don't (because it happens about once every other year). Also, you don't have our hills. :P
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The snow is forecast to get worse here for a while, so [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban and I bailed out of the office at 3:30 to take an offered ride from a team-mate who lives in our area.

I only got home ten minutes ago. It took over an for us to drive the 15 miles from the office to downtown, in part because on that (again, 15 mile) stretch of freeway we passed:

3 jack-knifed buses
3 cars stalled on a bridge, wheels spinning but unable to get purchase
4 accidents (one of which was still actively on fire
1 roadblocked ambulance (with lights flaring)

And tonight it's supposed to get even colder, snow even more, and freeze the slush and snow that's already on the ground. I am so not going in to work unless it miraculously gets a lot better, because I really don't want to get trapped at my office if, say, the buses decide to stop running. It's supposed to warm up on Wednesday in preparation for the traditional Seattle Thanksgiving weather of rain and muck at about 40F. Not so pretty, but a hell of a lot less awkward to travel in.
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Goodness. It has definitely snowed. And is still snowing. Not covering roads yet, but I'd better run and check the transit sites, see if there's any indication yet of how they're handling it...


Nov. 21st, 2010 12:30 pm
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It snowed! Just a little bit, nothing sticking yet, but it snowed! ♥ And there's supposed to be more coming!

...And the low on Tuesday is supposed to be 17! o_O Okay, that last is not so good. But I love snow, and it makes me happy. ♥
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I was just in the break room, making my morning oatmeal and congratulating myself on not taking the last piece of Random Chocolate Cake sitting on the table, when I noticed:

There is snow on the hills visible from our office window.

Y halo thar, winter.
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WSU scientist proposes one-way trip to Mars.

Insert obligatory joke about how once you've gotten used to living in Pullman, WA, Mars really can't be that big a change here.

All joking aside, I agree that we're probably not quite ready yet... but I wonder if planning something like this isn't the only way to get ready. We could say "oh, we're not ready yet!" forever. If it succeeded, it'd be the biggest move the Human species has ever made. I'd have to think seriously about whether I'd want to be in on it right now (that whole radioactivity / childbearing age thing), but eventually? I don't think I'd be able to resist if the opportunity actually arose.
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The Telegraph profiles Seattle as a destination. Quite favorably, I should add.

I would add that I hope the author is aware that Frasier wasn't a real person (and really, since when was he a Seattle icon apart from being the only way people outside the state are aware of us?), and that my fair city pulls that "no rain for your whole first visit" trick on almost every tourist. It's a trap. But it's true that it really doesn't rain all that much during the summer. ...It's just near-constant drizzle for the rest of the year. ;)

I'm not sure why he liked the t-shirt shops so much, though. Or maybe I'm just jaded from seeing them all the time.
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No, Seattle! It's not meant to be winter yet! Stop having lows in the 40s with blistering wind-chill!

I swear, this morning while we were waiting for the bus, it was so cold that [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban and I had a chat about Seattle's apparent forgetfulness regarding seasons, and how it keeps messing up the order. This year has been like "Spring, spring, spring, spring... autumn, oh, no, wait, summer! Summer, I forgot that one. And next is winter, right...?"
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My favorite restaurant has closed.


This wouldn't be such a big deal, except this was the restaurant The Boy and I went to for our first Valentine's Day, and for my birthday last year, and where we'd planned to go for my birthday this week. Bleh.
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I have to go to the Department of Licensing tomorrow to get them to a) change my address, and b) renew my license. I cannot renew online because naturally the address they have on file for me is... quite old. What can I say? I don't drive. It's not like I need to keep the blasted thing updated all the time when it's only getting used to prove my identity at the airport or my legal right to an alcoholic beverage at one of the few remaining restaurants or bars that actually believes me to be under the age of thirty.

(Random Digression of the Moment: Fandom reflexes, I has them. Just overheard a coworker say "Cylons, it's a cylon!" (referring apparently to an image another coworker was looking at? Unless he was talking about his computer...), and immediately grabbed my headphones, jammed them onto my head, and turned the CD I'm on back to its most consistently loud and sound-canceling track. Just in case. I'm having a hard enough time avoiding spoilers lately without my coworkers getting in on the action. :P)

Annnnyway, the need to go do the red-tape-and-bureaucracy thing has been complicated by the fact that apparently Seattle's budget is currently so dire that only one of the department offices in the city limits is open on Saturdays, it's the least convenient for me, and it's only open half a day. Yeah, that won't be busy as all hell. Plus, it's in a part of the city I do not particularly relish going to even under good circumstances, so... yeah. Fortunately, we're going to Bellevue tomorrow anyway, so I found the office there and figured out how to get to it, and am hoping that the suburbs will be a little easier to deal with. Especially if we go first thing in the morning.

Seriously - the office I went to last time this happened, near my old apartment, is now closed on all but 2 days of the week. And even then during business hours of course. And you need an appointment. W.T.F., people.

This time I promise to be good about keeping my address up to date so I can renew online the next time this happens. Because this is just plain absurd.

Moral: Think of The Boy and I tomorrow morning when you're all enjoying a quiet Saturday lie-in, because we'll be taking the bus across the city so that we can sit in a dingy lobby for a few hours and get grumped at by cranky civil servants. Oh yeah. Thank god I have the new Bill Bryon book to get me through the time.
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Well. My evening commute's going to be interesting today!

4-alarm fire at former peanut butter plant in Seattle's SoDo district.

The Boy confirms he can see it from his office. Looooooooovely.
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Outside my window it is grey, very wet, and a tiny bit blustery. Today is a "staying inside" kind of day, and now that we've gone over to the grocery across the street to buy sponges, muffins, and a pizza for lunch, I fully intend to do exactly that.
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Stuck on excessively slow bus as traffic is awful because of rain. That,s rright. Rain. This is fricing Seattle. Posting from phone. Tiny screen shows about 1/2 of text box. Twitter app broken, A have read all news apps and comics. Phone almost out of battery.

Woe. Want to be at home. This week is the longest week EVAR.
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Survived meeting. Did not so much see Obama as was stuck in a stopped charter bus in the middle of a bridge for about 20 minutes experiencing the fact that authorities had shut temporarily closed off the freeway in order to allow his motorcade to pass (an understandable inconvenience), and heard after the fact that someone in a seaplane accidentally violated the no-fly zone over his visit and was forced into an emergency landing by fighter jets that appeared with a sonic boom. At the very sea-plane harbor that I frequent (ish) for my occasional jaunts to the San Juan Islands, no less. Kind of sorry I missed that, I'm sure it caused no end of confusion for the very nice folks at the little airline there.

Anyway. We're bought (or is that owned, now?), we have a lot of paperwork and other HR stuff headed our way, and they gave each of us little welcome goodie bags with a nice new coffee cup and an anti-grav pen (the kind that can write upside-down, I mean) and a notebook and stuff, all branded with their logo. Which is... kind of odd, now. Equally odd that our company colors have changed. And that (apparently unrelated, but a change that also went through today) I have a different manager than I did yesterday. It's all a little confusing, but... so far, so good?

Anyway, I'm just working on some editing, and since my brain seems to be trying to melt out my ears I thought I'd throw out a meme, from several people but most recently [livejournal.com profile] alto2:

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or literary or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Fandoms, books I might get around to writing one day, women in my fandoms, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs. And I will answer them all in a new post (or in comments).

I can't promise I'll have clever answers, but I'll try to at least have answers.


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