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Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] mimerki: 20 by 20 Room has an awesome review of the Guidebook to the Ingressa.

Two quotes that make me squee that YES, this is our project and this person GETS it (!!!!):

The Ingressa isn’t an empire, and it isn’t a static society. There’s a constant flow of people and groups in and out of contact with each other. History keeps happening...


The cover shows two women, both sensibly dressed, one white, one black, looking like a very effective team. The first picture, on page 6, is a column-high portrait of a Mayan pergressor with garb that combines Mayan tradition with a bit of this and that, in the midst of what looks like getting her bearings for another Step. (And every single person portrayed in the book is fully clothed and sensibly acting. Anyone looking for stroke fantasies would want to look elsewhere, I think.)

(Dunno, I thought that Mayan Pergressor was damned sexy, myself. But I have a funny quirk of personality that causes me to like people who look like people. I very much appreciate what the reviewer is referring to, here, though.)

Hooray! People like us! ♥ (And you might, too! Check us out!
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Royal Archivist has had its website face-lift and is live, with fun columns and an FAQ about the project and the universe!

The official guide book (source of recent comments about how much I love editing) will be available Wednesday, for free download. Because what better hook could there be for a new shared universe than a free guidebook?

Anyway, bookmark the page, sign up for their newsletter, and keep your eyes out for future developments - we've got a lot more coming up soon!

Now to finish my rounds on the net and get my lunch packed away before I'm back on the clock. ♥


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